Ready, Aim, Fire

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  1. Sergeant D'Onofrio gripped the bar above him tightly as the dropship bucked and shook when it entered the planet's atmosphere. The tactical computer attached on his left arm lit in red multiple times, indication of hostiles roving in the streets below them. They came from all sizes, large and small but the problem lies with the termination of a Lovecraftian entity that hovered above the city.
  3. "X-Ray Squad, do you copy?" A voice spoke over his left earpiece.
  5. Lifting a finger to press it, he replied in a bark. His voice was filtrated by his helmet.
  7. "X-Ray Squad Leader, yes I copy. We're entering North Sanguinius City, we're going to land on the top of the fucker."
  9. "Good luck." The voice said.
  11. "Sarge, ETA four minutes!" The pilot behind them said.
  13. "Buckle up, boys!" D'Onofrio ordered. One by one, the black armored troopers of the Titan Elite Corps stood, hefting their Vulkan Rifles and slapping in fresh new clips.
  15. The ramp of the dropship slowly parted from the middle, revealing a bright blue cloudy sky. Below was the beautiful city of North Sanguinius, its buildings were coated in ruby red and the streets, velvet crimson. The Undead littered the streets, shambling on awkwardly bent bodies. From afar, they were pus yellow, literal cancers in a sea of luscious red flesh. Above the city was a grey colored crustacean crab. Its spine and body were spiked. Just like below, its body was also littered with the Undead.
  17. "Alright men, activate your Jump Packs, we're going in hot!" D'Onofrio ordered and once they were in range, they jumped.
  19. It took only a minute to reach the enormous entity. He landed in a roll and blasted the nearest zombie that tried to reach him. Whirling to the right, he blasted another one, cooking its meat and bones. A fast one managed to sneak up behind him but the loud rattling of a Vulkan rifle pounded against his eardrums and the Undead zombie was pulverized into ground meat.
  21. One by one they landed and wordlessly, they charged at the scores of zombies, blasting their bodies in half. Their destination, the large neural organ in the middle. One tactical nuke, the crab would fall. Extraction wasn't an issue. A Titan Trooper will always be ready to die at any given moment.
  23. D'Onofrio grinned. This mission might be his last.
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