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  1. Jewish-American organized crime
  3. Background Information
  5. Jewish-American organized crime emerged within the American Jewish community during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It has been referred to variously in media and popular culture as the Jewish Mob, Jewish Mafia, Kosher Mafia, Kosher Nostra, or Undzer Shtik. The last two of these terms are direct references to the Italian Cosa Nostra; the former is a play on the word kosher, referring to Jewish dietary laws; while the latter is a direct translation of the Italian phrase Cosa Nostra (Italian for "our thing") into Yiddish, which was at the time the predominant language of the Jewish diaspora in the United States, the number of native speakers have since decreased and is even less in the present day.
  7. Origins
  9. Early ties to Rothstein
  11. According to federal archives, there are details of the emergence of a fairly small independent organization working under Arnold Rothstein's syndicate in New York. Following Rothstein's assassination, the group turned to dormancy in an attempt to separate themselves from any further conflict and even a potential war. Amidst the already-raging conflict over prohibition with street gangs from all over New York City trying to get on this cash wagon, Rothstein's assets and power structure was destabilizing completely. The end result was the ultimate fall of a predominantly Jewish organization which had been considered as the "pioneer" to understanding the "truths of early modern capitalism". In regards to this independent organization and Arnold Rothstein, their background is circumstantial to the progress of Jewish organized crime in the Empire State. Federal investigations further discovered the heads of this organization to have been Nathaniel Altermann and Herman Melamed. One of whom, Herman, had been murdered due to an outstanding gambling debt to Thomas Castiglione who was the leader of a growing Italian street gang at the time. Altermann went on to indirectly work for Ben Siegel's crime syndicate on the west coast, until Siegel's assassination, Altermann later died of natural causes.
  13. Nathaniel Altermann and Herman Melamed
  15. Indictments Hit Los Santos based Criminals Hard
  16. Written by Matthew Rockwell
  17. An Empty Throne?
  21. This faction aims to portray a realistic, modern Jewish American criminal organization. If you have any questions/concerns regarding the faction's background and membership, contact @Lotto or @Dani359.
  22. Screenshot permission must be granted by the faction leadership before posting.
  23. Upon association with this faction, you may be CK'd for any reason at the faction leadership's discretion. This also applies to those who leave the faction unsanctioned.
  24. The breaking of any and all server rules are strictly forbidden and will be met with an immediate exile from the faction and execution of the faction's CK clause
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