Sock Wearing Cuddle Slut

Jun 1st, 2016
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  1. >It was a pretty nice day our
  2. >Not too hot, not too cold, not too sunny, not too humid
  3. >You were laying on your back, staring up at the clouds
  4. >It had been a... day, so like whenever you were having a... day you'd come out in the middle of the park
  5. >During this part of the day the park was mostly empty, so you had solitude and quiet in which to enjoy your cloud gazing
  6. >...
  7. >That one looked like a lizard...
  8. >And that cloud over there looks like a snowman...
  9. >And that one looks--
  10. >You continue to stare up at the sky as someone sighs and sits down heavily next to you
  11. >"You know, ponies are going to get idea if you don't pull your pants down a bit."
  12. >You picked your head up to see Bonbon staring down at you with that look on her face
  13. >That irritated, exasperated, I've-seen-some-shit look that she always wore on her face
  14. >And by always you meant ALWAYS
  15. "My pants are fine where they are, thank you very much," you said, letting your head fall back to the grass
  16. >"I can see your socks as clear as day, Anon," Bonbon commented. "And I'm sure if anypony else bothered looking they'd see them too."
  17. >Your face scrunched up as she poked at your thigh
  18. "They're just socks, Bonnie."
  19. >"...You know there's a reason why ponies say you're loose, Anon."
  20. "Says the little horse that doesn't wear any pants to begin with."
  21. >With another sigh, Bonbon flops onto her back and joins you in cloud gazing
  22. >You stare at the little earth pony out of the corner of your eye
  23. >One of her eyes was staring back at you, her nose scrunched up
  24. "...There any particular reason why you're here?" you asked
  25. >You could feel the earth pony's side brush up against yours as she shook her head
  26. >"Nope. I just thought that I'd come out and relax a bit. Maybe keep an eye out for any indecent exposure."
  27. "I'm the most decent fucking person in town, candy butt."
  28. >"Not with those socks on you aren't."
  29. >Puff...
  31. >What was it with ponies and fucking socks?
  32. >It's not like your tallywacker's out or anything...
  33. >Nevertheless, you find yourself looking down at your legs
  34. >You can hear Bonbon chuckle
  35. >The candy mare let out a grunt as she rolled on top of you
  36. >"So the colt isn't as loose as everypony says, huh?" she cooed, rubbing her furry little chest against your face
  37. >Your hands find themselves at Bonbon's sides, your fingers dancing across her ribs as she wiggles against you, the smell of candy and sweat filling your nostrils
  38. "Shut up you fucking duke," you say through a mouthful of fur
  39. >"Why don't you get off your lazy flank and make me, stallion?" Bonbon challenged, leaning down and nuzzling the top of your head. "Come on. Make me you dirty, sock-wearing colt~"
  40. >Bonnie's weight, though a deal heavier than you'd think for such a little pony, was comfortable against you
  41. >You took a deep breath and closed your eyes as she finally found a comfortable position on top of you
  42. >Though you had a feeling that you were getting horse raped, what with Bonbon following you here every time that you came into the park and laying on top of you, sometimes talking dirty into your ear, it was alright
  43. >When ever she did this is calmed you down, so you weren't against it
  44. >Bonbon let out a pleased hum, her marshmallow hoof petting the side of your face, her tail flicking back and forth
  45. >All in all this could be worse
  47. >Be Bonbon, aka agent Sweetie Drops
  48. >It looked like the sessions were working
  49. >He was becoming accustomed to your scent and your touch
  50. >You could tell he was still a little resistant to your dirty talk but you were sure that it was only a matter of time until he got used to that too
  51. >Good...
  52. >Soon you'd have this monkey AND those dirty socks of his
  53. >His sexy, dirty socks...
  54. >AND his butt
  56. >"--Just stop being such a baby, Lyra."
  57. >"We shouldn't be here, Bonbon. We should get out of Anon's house right now. Somepony's going to find out and we're gonna get in trouble."
  58. >You are Anon
  59. >It was late-ish
  60. >You were laying down in your bed, wearing your pj's, staring up at your ceiling
  61. >It wasn't a very nice ceiling
  62. >You didn't like that color of white, and the paint was chipping in places
  63. >"I already told you, that slut isn't going to say a thing."
  64. >Hey! Anon is NOT a slut! He is as pure as a virgin snowflake, missy!"
  65. >"Yeah? Well that "virgin" snowflake let me rub my tuft all in his face THIS morning!"
  66. >"LIES! You're a liar, Bonnie! A big fat smelly, butt-faced lair! Anon's pure! HE'S PURE DAMMIT!"
  67. >You know what else you don't like besides your ceiling bedroom?
  68. >Your locks
  69. >You hated your locked because, for some reason, they couldn't keep ponies, who didn't have THUMBS, out of your fucking house
  70. >You know that you kept saying that you were going to get better ones, you had the money after all, but this time you meant it
  71. >"He's a sock-wearing slut, Lyra. Whether you believe that or not is up to you. Me? I'm gonna go in there and press my tuft right in that slutty face of his!"
  72. >You heard your doorknob being turned, and not a second later your bedroom door was thrown open
  73. "Get out of my house," you said with a yawn, not bothering to look toward your door
  74. >"SEE? Anon doesn't want us here! We gott-Bonnie! BONNIE!"
  75. >You could hear Bonbon's hooves clip-clopping against your wooden floor as she stepped into the room and made her way toward the bed
  76. >"You know what? I don't think I'm going to do that, Anon," Bonbon said matter-of-factly
  77. >Your bed creaked as she hopped into it, wiggling under the covers
  78. >"In fact, I think I'm going to cuddle you ALL. NIGHT. LONG," she continued, rubbing herself against you as she crawled upwards
  79. >Her head opened out of the top of the covers, and even in the darkness you could see the smile on her face
  81. >Howcanmyponybethiscute.jpg
  82. >"I saw them, Anon," she whispered, wrapping her hooves around your neck. "I saw that you were wearing those bucking socks."
  83. "They're just socks, Bonnie."
  84. >"They were the low-cut ones. Good. You know that I like those~"
  85. "If you weren't so fucking adorable I'd throw you out my window for breaking into my house again."
  86. >"You're such a dirty, sock-wearing slut, Anon. You need a mare to keep you on the straight and narrow."
  87. "It's cold in here. My feet get cold, Bonbon."
  88. >As she "forced" your face into her chest fur you could hear Lyra whimpering in your hallway
  89. >"Luckily for you I'm just the mare for the job."
  90. >Bonbon let out a sigh as she held you close, wiggling her body against yours so that the two of you were as close as possible
  91. >"Come on, Lyra. This slut isn't going to say a THING. We can cuddle him all we want."
  92. >You took a deep breath and closed your eyes
  93. >5...
  94. >4...
  95. >3...
  96. >2...
  97. >1...
  98. >You could hear Lyra making her way toward you
  99. >She was trying to be quiet, but hooves on hardwood weren't all that subtle
  100. >"N-Now, I'm just here t-to make sure you don't d-do anything to Anon, Bonnie," Lyra said as she climbed into the bed. "I-I'm not going to cuddle him at all or anything."
  101. >Bonbon chuckled
  102. >"More cuddles for me," she said, nipping your ear. "But, just in case you have second thoughts, you can take his back. Isn't that right, my little sock-slut?"
  103. "What's with you horses and socks? I have to wear shoes and socks protect my feet from--"
  104. >"Hey, hey, hey! Less lip and more cuddles, stallion. I didn't break into your house to hear you bucking yapping!"
  105. >Bonbon tried to bite your ear again but a pinch on the rump straightened her out
  106. >You found yourself sighing again as Bonnie nuzzled the top of your head
  107. >You could already feel yourself drifting off to sleep with this big, soft teddy bear horse cuddling you
  108. >...
  109. >5...
  110. >4...
  111. >3...
  112. >2...
  113. >1...
  115. >With a whimper, Lyra pressed her furry tummy against your bare back, wrapping her hooves around your middle
  116. >"F-Forgive me, Anon."
  117. "Shut up and go to sleep, Lyra."
  118. >"Y-You were pure and now w-we've defiled you. I've d-defiled you."
  119. "You've broken into my house five times with week, Lyra."
  120. >"I w-wish I was a stronger m-mare, Anon but I l-lose control around you."
  121. >Lyra sighed as she nuzzled your shoulder
  122. >You could feel her tail swishing underneath your blanket, even as Bonbon wrapped her's around your leg
  123. >"I-It's just your socks. I-I can't help myself around your s-socks. They're L-lewd."
  124. >You shook your head as you wrapped your arms around Bonbon's middle, making the candy mare hum in pleasure
  125. >These
  126. >Fucking
  127. >Horses
  128. >Mang
  130. >You could hear birds chirping in the background as you took a bite out of your sandwich
  131. >It wasn't a very remarkable sandwich
  132. >Truth be told you hadn't remembered to make your lunch for work the night before, so all you had been able to whip up that morning was a peanut butter sandwich, a bag of chips, and a carton of juice
  133. >The bog boy juice because you were a big boy
  134. >But all in all it was an alright lunch
  135. >Not great, not terrible
  136. >5/10, the juice saved it
  137. >It just needed to do its job and sate you until you got off work and got home
  138. >You chewed slowly, staring off into nothing, not even tasting your sandwich really
  139. >You were about to reach over and grab your juice when you felt a disturbance in the air
  140. >The birds went silent, the wind picked up suddenly and without warning and the sun seemed to dim a little
  141. >A movement at the edge of the bench that you were sitting on caught your eye, prompting you to look over
  142. >You could see a mop of red hair and a pair of green eyes staring back at you, hungry predatory, adorable
  143. "Hello, Rosey," you said through a mouthful of peanut butter, reaching down to grab your juice
  144. >YOUR fucking juice
  145. >Adorable or not this little pone wasn't getting any of it
  146. >Especially since she didn't have anything of her own to trade for it
  147. >"Yeah... Keep him looking right at you, Roseluck."
  148. >Your nose scrunched up as Lily, who had somehow managed to sneak up on you, crawled into your lap
  149. >Daisy, with a husky giggle had somehow gotten behind you, and was not wrapping her hooves around your neck
  150. >She chuckled, giving your neck a squeeze
  151. >"Hello there, colty~" she cooed in your ear. "What's a stallion like you doing alone in a place like this?"
  152. >Your nose scrunched up even more as you looked back at her, taking a sip of your juice
  153. >YOUR juice
  154. >YOUR'S
  155. >Roseluck, with a giggle of her own, climbed onto the bench with her sisters, effectively trapping you in a wall of flower horses
  156. >....
  157. >Goddammit...
  159. >You were just trying to enjoy your lunch...
  160. "Could you at least let me finish my sandwich before--"
  161. >Lily grinned as she leaned up and nuzzled your cheeks
  162. >"You know," she interrupted as Daisy nuzzled the back of your neck. "The girls and I were on our way home for some lunch when we saw you sitting on a bench all by your lonesome
  163. >Roseluck grabbed your hand as she climbed into your lap with her sister
  164. >"Yeah, and, being the gentlemares that we are, we couldn't help but come over and see if you needed company."
  165. >She "sinisterly" giggled as she hugged your arm close against her fluffy chest
  166. >"You see, it's not all that safe in this park, especially for a stallion. Especially for a stallion that's alone and wearing socks like the dirty little slut that he is~"
  167. >You let out a groan as Daisy gives your neck another squeeze
  168. >It's not a hard squeeze-- she was just a marshmallow horse after all--but at least it was the thought that counts
  169. >... Or something like that
  170. >"Yeah~ You never know if some no good mares might come around and try to make a stallion do things that he doesn't want to do."
  171. "...You know that I could get up right now and walk away right?"
  172. >"Yeah, like maybe hold him down and cuddle him on a park bench until he falls asleep."
  173. "I weight a lot more that you guys; it's not very hard to pick you up and carry you around."
  174. >"Maybe they'd make him run his wigglers all over their bodies as they nuzzled his face."
  175. >Daisy tries to yank you sideways so that you're laying on your back on the bench
  176. >Seeing that she couldn't move you an inch, her sisters joined in, trying to overpower you
  177. >Rolling your eyes again, you let them slowly push you down, your juice still in hand
  178. "You know I have to get back to work in like thirty minutes right?"
  179. >Daisy, reaching over the park bench, grabbed your other hand and pressed it against her soft, furry chest just as Roseluck climbs up your body until she's face-to-face with you
  181. You could start to smell the flowery, horsey scent of the flower sisters as Daisy and Lily gave your captured hands a squeeze
  182. >"Don't take all day, Roseluck. I want my turn with this sock slut before he starts crying."
  183. >...
  184. >You look over at Daisy, who's holding the hand that you have the juice in
  185. >...She better not drink that fucking juice
  186. >That's YOUR fucking juice
  188. >Roseluck grinned as she laid on top of you, "pinning" you down
  189. >"You know you should have expected this," she growled, her mane tickling your face. "Wearing your socks for everypony to see like that."
  190. "The socks are not sexual in anyway. I use them to protect my feet."
  191. >"You're lucky my sisters and I decided to come over here and teach you a lesson first."
  192. "Maybe I should just get sandals. Maybe I should look into that."
  193. >"Other mares wouldn't be as nice as we are."
  194. >Lily let out a groan as you gave her chest a scratch
  195. >"Oh I think he's staring to enjoy this girls," she growled, leaning down to nuzzle your fingers. "I told you he was a slut."
  196. >Both Rosey and Lily giggled, grinning down at you like the adorable little horses that they were
  197. "...Can I at least finish my juice? Please?"
  198. >"Ohh, maybe we should just take the little slut home and cuddle him all day and night. I bet he'd LOVE it," Lily suggested
  199. >"Yeah, as much as I'd like to take him out in the open like this we wouldn't want anypony coming around and seeing anything that they shouldn't," Daisy agreed
  200. >Roseluck licked her lips
  201. >"So, what's it gonna be, my little sock slut," she purred, giving you Eskimo kisses. "Do you want your cuddles out here or somewhere... private~"
  202. >You glanced once more at your juice
  203. "...I'd like to finish my juice please."
  204. >"At our house it is!"
  205. >...
  206. >Fucking socks...
  207. >Fucking ponies...
  209. >You could hear the coffee hitting your coffee pot as you stood there, trying to blink the sleep out of your eyes
  210. >There was a coffee mug in your hand as you stood there, wearing nothing but some thick woolen socks and some underwear
  211. >All was quiet; not a creature was stirring
  212. >The sun was just poking over the horizon as, with a yawn, you turned off your coffee maker and poured yourself a cup of the good stuff
  213. >Setting your mug down onto the counter, you went over to your fridge and got some milk
  214. >Setting the milk down onto the counter next to your coffee, you walked over and grabbed your pack of sugar that you had in your cabinet and a spoon
  215. >Walking back over you set it down
  216. >And promptly slide the milk, the sugar AND the coffee into your sink
  217. >Because fuck coffee
  218. >Fuck mornings
  219. >Fuck getting up early
  220. >And FUCK the code
  221. >"--Come on g-girls. I'm j-just trying to take a bath here."
  222. >"Aw, come on, Thunderlane, don't be like that!"
  223. >"Yeah! We just wanted to come over and see how you were doing!"
  224. >"...P-Please leave me a-alone."
  225. >...
  226. >You leaned over a bit so that you could look out of your window
  227. >Sure enough, there were fucking bird horses perched up on your brand new fucking birdbath
  229. >Exhaustion gives way to irritation as you slowly make your way out of your kitchen, walking through your living room and making your way to your front door
  230. >As you walked through your living room you grabbed a boot
  231. >Fucking bird horses...
  232. >That's YOUR fucking birdbath...
  233. >You paid for it with your money and everything...
  234. >Fucking, cunting, pissing, shit...
  235. >Your front door creaked as you opened it and stepped outside
  236. >The cold morning air hit you like a punch in the chest, but you ignored it, stepping out onto your porch with your shoe in hand
  238. >You could see Thunderlane sitting in the middle of your birdbath, covering himself with his wings as he nervously looked to and fro, his ears pinned against his head
  239. >On either side of him, sitting on the very edges of your birdbath, were Flitter and Cloud Chaser
  240. >...
  243. >"Hey, hey, hey, it's alright, Thunder, we're not going to do--OW!"
  244. >CloudChaser fell off your birdbath like a sack of bricks as your boot smacked her on the side of her head
  245. >Both Flitter and Thunder, in their surprise, began to squawk loudly
  246. >Flitter dove away from your birdbath, her eyes wide and her hooves kicking
  247. >As she did this Thunderlane, who looked equal parts terrified and relieved, took off into the air to go do small horse things
  249. >"CLOUDY!"
  250. >"GOTTAGOFAST!"
  251. >You watched the prevailing chaos with a smug, yet tired, smile on your face
  252. >A boot to the face might not stop these little fuckers from coming again tomorrow but at least throwing things at them made you feel a little better
  253. >Yeah...
  254. >You wiggle around in pain little horse
  255. >That wasn't YOUR birdbath
  256. >It's NOT your's you fucking gizzard
  257. >In the midst of this chaos, Flitter watched Thunderlane disappear into the sky, cursing to herself, before her gaze snapped over to your tired, half-naked ass
  258. >"Anon! What the BUCK do you thing you're doing?!" she snapped, her eyes narrowing
  259. "Get off my property, bird horse," you said, yawning into your hand
  260. >CloudChaser stopped her pain wiggling long enough to look up at her sister
  261. >"Flitter! Where did--"
  262. >"He got away, Cloudy! He took off before I could stop him!"
  263. >Cursing, CloudChaser sat up, holding the side of her head
  264. >"Bucking HORSE APPLES!"
  265. >She turned her attention toward you
  266. >"Anon? WHY THE BUCK DID YOU THROW YOUR SHOE AT ME?!" she demanded
  268. "You guys know you can't get up on my birdbath," you pointed out. "I told you guys AND I have those fucking signs up all around my yard."
  269. >Snorting, CloudChaser, With the help of her little sister, got back onto her hooves
  270. >"We were THIS close to getting him," she muttered, looking up at you angrily. "And then you had to go and butt--"
  271. >Her eyes drifted down from your face to--
  272. >...
  273. >Nope
  274. >Not today
  275. >It was too early to deal with this shit
  276. >Shaking your head, you spun around and stepped into your house
  277. >You were just about to close your front door when a hoof shot through the gap
  278. >"Hey now, big fella. Where do you think you're going~?"
  279. >...
  280. >You could slam the door on that hoof...
  281. >You could do it and no one would bother you for the rest of your day...
  282. >You took a step back as both CloudChaser and Flitter opened your door and let themselves into your house
  283. >"Yeah," Flitter said with a husky giggle, giving you bedroom eyes. "Just where do you think you're going~?"
  284. >There was a sway in their step as they ascended upon you
  285. >Their wings were extending and they were crouched low to the ground, as if ready to pounce
  286. >"You know, I think you should make it up to us, Anon."
  287. >"Yeah," CloudChaser said with a grin. "That shoe really hurt, Anon, and it wasn't very nice of you scaring Thunderlane away like that."
  288. >Flitter licked her lips as you rolled your eyes
  289. >Oh here we fucking go...
  290. >"Didn't your dad teach you any manners? Well, luckily for you we're here to teach you all the manners that you need, you sock wearing slut~"
  291. >...
  292. >That didn't make any sense...
  293. >Or did it actually make sense but you were just too tired?
  294. >...
  295. >Holy shit did you need to get--
  296. >With a battlecry, CloudChaser launched herself toward you with a flap of her wings, hitting you square in the chest
  297. >"I got him, Flitter!" she said, wrapping her wings around you. "Close the door! CLOSE THE DOOR!"
  299. "Don't you fucking slam that door," you said, looking down at the little horse who was to desperately trying to knock you down
  300. >Thankfully, Flitter closed the door like a normal little non-rapist horse as you turned around and made your way into your living room
  301. >"Oh I bet you were just WAITING to be cuddled you little slut," CloudChaser growled in your ear, her hooves rubbing against your back as her wings encased your body. "I bet you got dressed up like that just for me and my lil' sis~"
  302. "You know, if you guys weren't so adorable this whole rape fetish thing might piss me off."
  303. >"Yeah, you shake those socks you dirty little slut. Shake them for your momma~"
  304. >You don't even stumble as Flitter flies up and latches herself onto your head just as you sit down onto your couch
  305. >"Don't you worry, little stallion, my big sis and I will--"
  306. >Both of the sisters let out squeaks as you wrap your arms around the two of them and give them a hard squeeze
  307. >Not hard enough to hurt them, but just hard enough that their eyes bug out a little bit
  308. "Quiet. Tired. Sleep. Warm." you say, yawning as you laid down
  309. >Both of the pegasi felt warm and soft against you, their wings being the softest blankets that you've ever felt
  310. >Releasing your bear hug, you reach up and begin scratching both of them under the chin
  311. >Almost instantly both of them melt against you, groans escaping their lips as they snuggled against you
  312. >Flitter, nuzzling the nape of your neck, wrapped her wings around both you and her sister, doubling your comfort
  313. >CloudChaser, closing her eyes, cooed like a bird as she nuzzled your cheek before resting her head on your chest
  314. >You wiggled on your couch, closing your eyes and doing your best to get comfortable
  315. >After this nap you were gonna get up and you were going to the fucking authorities
  316. >All of this bullshit was enough and you were sick and tired of it
  317. >But for now you'd--
  318. >"Hey, Anon, I just wanted to come over and--"
  320. >You cracked open an eye to see Lyra, with a bag in her mouth
  321. >"...A-Anon?"
  322. >Her eyes were huge and disbelieving as she let the bag drop from her mouth
  323. >"M-Muh waifu," she muttered, taking a few steps backward. "P-Pure as the driven s-snow..."
  324. "...Lyra, why did you come through my window?"
  325. >"W-Why did you do this to me, Anon? I was supposed to be your f-first?"
  326. "Seriously, why did you just come through the window? You know I have a door right? You could have just fucking knocked."
  327. >"...Unless... Don't worry, Anon! I'll go and get help! I'll break you free from your curse!"
  328. >You blinked in confusion as Lyra spun around and bolted out of sight
  329. "Lyra! You fucking putz of a horse! This isn't a fucking anime!"
  330. SLAM!
  331. "HEY! Don't you slam that fucking door!"
  332. >Flitter chirped like a bird, her back leg kicking as she wiggled against you
  333. >...
  334. >Fucking ponies...
  336. >"If you just sit here for a moment Mr. Anonymous we'll have an officer come and talk to you in a few minutes."
  337. "Alright, thank you."
  338. >You sat down in the slightly too small chair that the police horse had provided you
  339. >Today was going to be the day
  340. >You were finally going to get all of this nonsense sorted out
  341. >You know that Grandma Anon told you to NEVER tattle but you had had enough
  342. >This weird, borderline rapey cuddle thing needed to stop
  343. >For your sanity if nothing else
  344. >So here you were, in Ponyville's Local Poince Station, ready to give them a report of what was going on
  345. >That whole thing with Bonnie and Lyra, what had happened in the park with the flower sisters, that thing with CloudChaser and Flitter
  346. >You were going to tattle until your tattler broke
  347. >The little pone officer looked at you as you placed your hands in your lap
  348. >There was an... odd look on her face
  349. >Regret? Shame? Fear?
  350. >Did she have to go to the bathroom really bad?
  351. >"...Just so you know, Mr. Anonymous, I think you're brave for coming in here," she said, nervously fiddling with her hat. "Not many stallions have the courage to speak out against their attackers like this."
  352. >Attackers?
  353. >Who the hell...
  354. >Oh right, this was horseland
  355. >You almost forgot
  356. "Well... I'm glad that you think so," you lamely say, since you didn't know what else to say in this situation
  357. >The little officer nodded
  358. >"...Alright. We'll be just a few minutes," she said, covering her face with her cap
  359. >She turned toward the door and placed her hoof on it
  360. >She was about to open it when she stopped to look back over at you
  361. >"And, Anonymous? I'm sorry. Really, I am."
  362. >With that the little horse left you alone in the little office
  363. >...
  364. >Sorry?
  365. >What the hell did she have to be sorry abou--
  366. >"Anon, Anon, Anon."
  367. >You looked over toward the little desk that was in the middle of the room
  368. >The swivel chair that went with the desk had its back to you, so you couldn't see who the speaker was
  369. >...
  370. >No
  371. >No, no, no
  373. >You sighed as Bon-motherfucking-Bon spun around
  374. >"I've heard that my little stallion's been busy these past few days."
  375. "...Bonbon, get out of that chair."
  376. >Frowning, Bonbon leaned back
  377. >"The flower sisters AND CloudChaser and Flitter?"
  378. "That's not your chair. You get out of that chair right now. Bad horse. BAD."
  379. >Shaking her head, Bonbon hopped out of the chair
  380. >"I figured that I needed to keep an eye on you but I didn't know I'd have to go THIS far," she said as she walked around the desk
  381. "...Bonbon, I swear to god if you don't get out of this office--"
  382. >You let out an irritated groan as Bonbon hopped into your lap
  383. >"I never thought I'd have to use bubble wrap again but because of you I had to," she muttered, wrapping her hooves around your neck.
  384. >You frowned
  385. "Bubble wrap?"
  386. >Bonbon nodded
  387. >"It's cleaner and quieter than silly string," she muttered, as if THAT meant anything to you
  388. >Did she...
  389. >Did this little horse BUBBLE WRAP all of those other mares?
  390. >As you milled THAT over, Bonbon leaned forward and pressed her snozzle against your collar bone, taking a deep breath
  391. > "I can still smell them on you," she muttered. "I'm going to have to fix that..."
  392. >She looked up at you as you glared down at her
  393. >Her cheeks puffed out and her eyes quickly narrowed
  394. >"Sock-wearing slut or not you're MY stallion," she grumbled, poking you in the chest. "And if I have to bubble wrap a THOUSAND mares to keep you to myself then that's what I'm going to do!"
  395. >She actually did bubble...
  396. >What the fuck's wrong with this world?!
  397. >Your eye twitched as Bonnie leaned up and kissed your cheek
  398. >"You're MY stallion, MY slut, MY cuddle buddy," she said, leaning up to nuzzled your face. "Nopony else's."
  399. >...
  400. God fucking dammit...
  401. >Sighing explosively, you wrapped your arms around the crazy little horse
  402. >She made happy horse noises as your arms tightened around her, her butt wiggling in your lap
  404. "You ponies are so fucking crazy that it make my head hurt," you tell the little horse in your lap
  405. >Bonbon looked up at you, hunger in those big blue eyes of her's
  406. >"How about I show you WHY you're MY stallion?~" she purred, rubbing her face against yours
  407. "I wonder if I go and live in the forest if everyone will leave me alone? I mean, it'll be a hell of a walk to work everyday but I need the exercise..."
  408. >"I'm going to cuddle you SO hard that you're not going to be able to MOVE tomorrow."
  409. "But then again, I'm not much of an outdoors men, so that probably wouldn't work."
  410. >"I want to hear you say my name, sock slut. I want you to put your face in my tuft and say my name~"
  411. "I wonder what you'd do if I just picked you up and bent you over this table. Do you little horses even have gentiles? Or is cuddling your version of sex?"
  412. >"Oh buck yeah~ You're wearing those socks I like~"
  413. >...
  414. >Fucking dammit...
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