Yu-Gi-Oh! Online 8v

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  1. If you need the newest version of something go to their discord page or ask in the thread, but it might take a while for me to response.
  2. ------
  3. YGOPro Percy (PC, fan game with often updates)
  4. Discord:
  5.!4vZ2nKAJ!IlArObfQ5dDWwDrJW1RovgAoOQbUmk6S4cSWGSO1uYk (Links) <----
  6. or Torrent -
  7. (fix-update, put in the one above)
  8. or
  10. HD pictures for Percy - (dead)
  11. (Checkmate server's site/forum) - Shared server between Percy, YGOPro 2 and ChinesePro. (dead)
  13. Percy Android version 1.5.2a (LAST UPDATED ON APRIL 21st 2017, no Links)
  14. (open link on your Android device) or (open link on your computer)
  16. ------
  17. YGOProES (Android with links) - (1.034.8 Multi-Lingual) (December 9th 2018)
  18. Update - (January 19th 2019)
  19. Discord link:
  20. Guides for installing: | | (perhaps they are out of date by now, but I haven't installed the newest versions myself)
  22. YGOProES PC -   (Same servers as YGOPro2)
  23. (January 22th 2019)
  25. Chinese client translated in several different languages?
  26. ------
  27. YGOPro 2 (PC, fan game, shit design, but it has links) -!ZvQwCCTY!8_WQ6Srla9SU-bOM4vN0f9rMl3rJGmDqGT_cZOLc2CY  (Dec 2018)
  28. Patcher (you need to use the newest one here!) -
  29. Discord -
  30. You also need .NET Framework 4.7 -
  32. Android versions (don't seem to be updated a lot currently or maybe they just have autoupdating? Haven't played them.):
  36. KoishiPro (PC): (you must also run the update.exe from the update-koishipro folder)
  37. Supposedly it works with YGOPro 2 servers, but looks like old YGOPro. To change the language to English click on the second option in the main menu, choose a random opponent, then choose the starter deck and start the game. From the options go to the last menu and at the bottom you can change the language. After selecting en-US restart the game.
  38. Server:
  39. Port: 7210 (OCG) 1311 (TCG)
  41. -------
  42. YGOPro DevPro (dead) (PC, fan game, not as often updates and more buggy. You can join ongoing games and watch them which is the only plus, on Percy to watch you have to join before the match has started) - Discord:
  43. -------
  45. All of them are automatic, not manual meaning that they play like any of the games bellow and limit you actions based on what you can do considering the rules instead of having to monitor each other similar to playing with real cards as some older fan games did.
  46. If Percy is running slow for your try removing bg.ogv
  48. Dueling Book - browser, manual, muh Dueling Network. Doesn't have as many users as Dueling Network had, but it does have people. It is the successor of Dueling Network.
  49. Dueling Nexus - browser, automated. Some users. Not sure how up to date.
  50. YGO Salvation server (dead) - browser, manual. First place to have Links. Very little users.
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