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DragonSCP Rules

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  1. <align="center">[UK]DragonSCP Community</align>
  3. Fun server that sometimes has fun little events when players start to get bored! We also have a discord so that the members of our community and the people that love the server can post memes and have fun with each other!
  4. <link="https://discord.gg/2qf3eTU"><b><u>Join our discord here!</b></u></link>
  6. Rules;
  7. <indent=5%>1) No Teamkilling. You are not allowed to TK on this server.</indent>
  8. <indent=6%>1a) Exceptions to this rule are if both sides agree. This is classed as a mutual TK.</indent>
  9. <indent=6%>1b) You are D-class. D-class are allowed to TK each other since it is a fight for survival.</indent>
  10. <indent=6%>1c) You are SCP-079. You are allowed to TK other SCPs via tesla gates.</indent>
  11. <indent=5%>2) No ear rape or micspam. Doing so will result in a kick or ban.</indent>
  12. <indent=6%>2a) The only time you are allow to micspam is when you are in local chat (so your radio is off).</indent>
  13. <indent=5%>3) No camping at any point.</indent>
  14. <indent=6%>3a) Only exception is when you are playing as an SCP, where you are allowed to wait around corners for a short period of time.</indent>
  15. <indent=5%>4) Hateful conduct (racism, homophobic slurs, insulting/degrading a specific group of individuals) is not allowed at any point on our server.</indent>
  16. <indent=5%>5) No trolling of your teammates. Trolling teammates to death is classed as a TK, and will result in a warn or ban.</indent>
  17. <indent=5%>6) No teaming.</indent>
  18. <indent=6%>6a) D-class and chaos are allowed to team with SCPs <b><u>AFTER</b></u> the first respawn wave.</indent>
  19. <indent=6%>6b) NTF (and by extension, Guards and Scientists) are not allowed to team with SCPs under any circumstances.</indent>
  20. <indent=5%>7) No killing disarmed players. Once disarmed, they are considered to be an extension to your team.</indent>
  21. <indent=6%>7a) If their original faction has spawned, you are allowed to execute them.</indent>
  22. <indent=6%>7b) If they attempt to run after being disarmed, you are allowed to execute them.</indent>
  23. <indent=5%>8) No Hacking/Exploitation. Doing so will result in both a server and game ban.</indent>
  24. <indent=6%>8a) Furthermore, alerting a hacker to the presence of a staff member or global moderator will result in you also recieving a server ban.</indent>
  25. <indent=5%>9) The server staff reserve the right to grant a warn/kick/ban for breaking "common sense".</indent>
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