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DragonSCP Rules

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  1. <align="center">[UK]DragonSCP Community</align>
  3. Fun server that sometimes has fun little events when players start to get bored! We also have a discord so that the members of our community and the people that love the server can post memes and have fun with each other!
  5. Rules;
  6. 1. <indent=5%> No teamkilling! Friendly Fire is on to assist the SCPs so that they won't be completely overrun by MTF/Chaos! The only TK allowed is D-boy on D-boy because its a fight for survival!</indent>
  7. 2. <indent=5%> Playing music loudly down the intercom/Mic spamming can result in a kick from the server staff!</indent>
  8. 3. <indent=5%> No camping rooms! It annoys everyone!</indent>
  9. 4. <indent=5%> Any hacking/cheating will result in a ban! >Don't be that guy<</indent>
  10. 5. <indent=5%> No racial slurs/insults! If its taken to a mod/admin it WILL be dealt with.</indent>
  11. 6. <indent=5%> Mods/Admins can create event rounds to make the game a little more fun; if they constantly mess with commands you can report it to the admins in discord!</indent>
  12. 7. <indent=5%> Extreme trolling of your teammates that result in their deaths can result in a ban from the staff</indent>
  13. 8. <indent=5%> NTF (and by extension facility guards and scientists) are not allowed to team with either SCPs or Chaos at any point. Both chaos and D-Class are allowed to team with SCPs AFTER the first respawn wave. D-Class are allowed to team with all factions.</indent>
  15. <link="https://discord.gg/Wsm3UZF"><b><u>~Discord Link~</b></u></link>
  17. The discord server has a seperate rule system for the members and higher ups! The longer you are active in discord and in game the more likely you are to get a better role in the discord!
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