Robot Sonics are so confusing with their names and I hate it

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  1. -In Sonic 2 for the Sega Genesis, there is a robot Sonic. Most sources call him "Mecha Sonic", with once source going with "Meca Sonic" for some reason. Archie called him "Silver Sonic", but he's almost never been called this outside of Archie, aside from by fans. Lego Dimensions goes with "Robo Sonic".
  3. -In Sonic 2 for the Sega Master System and Sega Game Gear, there is a different robot Sonic. Most if not *all* sources call him "Silver Sonic". Even Archie considered him a prototype of the Genesis Sonic 2 robot Sonic.
  5. -In Sonic and Knuckles, there's another robot Sonic. Nearly every source has called him "Mecha Sonic", save for two odd situations, one in which he was "Metal Sonic" (only ever called that on the back of the S&K box), and one in which he was "Evil Sonic" (Sonic the Comic; more on that later). The prominence of the "Mecha Sonic" title is likely why the Sonic 2 robot Sonic is called "Robo Sonic" in Lego Dimensions (where both of them appear).
  7. -In Sonic the Hedgehog CD, there is a new robot Sonic. This robot Sonic, officially known as "Metal Sonic", is the only robotic Sonic to become a recurring character, and thus the robot Sonic with the least confusion surrounding their name.
  9. -In Knuckles Chaotix, Metal Sonic was given a new body after his defeat in Sonic CD. This body is known as "Metal Sonic Kai" in Japanese. The final boss of the game is this Metal Sonic upgraded into a monstrous form. This monstrous form has never been properly named, though many people have incorrectly given it the "Metal Sonic Kai" title. The closest thing to a proper name is its appearance as both an upgrade of "Metal Sonic 2.0" and an independent being in the Archie Comics, where it is named "Titan Metal Sonic".
  11. -In the intro to Sonic the Fighters, a robot Sonic can be seen floating in space before transforming into a rocket and flying away. The game refers to this robot Sonic as "Rocket Metal (Sonic)" if it is hacked into the game (as it has unused data as a playable character), but written on the robot's head is the title "Mecha Sonic Model No.29". The latter name has been almost completely ignored, and its brief appearance as a one-off joke in the Archie Comics gives it the "Rocket Metal" name.
  13. -In Sonic Adventure, a robot Sonic can be seen inside a stasis tube at one point in the game. This robot Sonic has never been shown again, let alone given a proper name in the games. This robot Sonic is given a bigger role in the Archie comics, where it is called "Silver Sonic 2.0" or "Silver Sonic II".
  15. -In Sonic the Comic, robotic Sonics have a very different line of connection. The robot Sonic from Sonic CD known as "Metal Sonic" who has become a recurring character is known here as Metallix. There are many Metallix robots in Sonic the Comic, one of which is the robot Sonic from S&K. These robots form the Brotherhood of Metallix, which is led by a giant robot Sonic known as Emperor Metallix. Emperor Metallix may or may not be based on the unnamed Metal Sonic form from Knuckles Chaotix, but is a character with a very different lore nonetheless.
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