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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  2. <map map_file="maps/india.swf" tl_long="68.144974" tl_lat="36.930858" br_long="97.384362" br_lat="6.743626" zoom="100%" zoom_x="15%" zoom_y="3%">
  3.   <areas>
  4.     <area mc_name="IN_AN" title="Andaman and Nicobar Islands"></area>
  5.     <area mc_name="IN_AP" title="Andhra Pradesh"></area>
  6.     <area mc_name="IN_AR" title="Arunachal Pradesh"></area>
  7.     <area mc_name="IN_AS" title="Assam"></area>
  8.     <area mc_name="IN_BR" title="Bihar"></area>
  9.     <area mc_name="IN_CH" title="Chandigarh"></area>
  10.     <area mc_name="IN_CT" title="Chhattisgarh"></area>
  11.     <area mc_name="IN_DN" title="Dadra and Nagar Haveli"></area>
  12.     <area mc_name="IN_DD" title="Daman and Diu"></area>
  13.     <area mc_name="IN_DL" title="Delhi"></area>
  14.     <area mc_name="IN_GA" title="Goa"></area>
  15.     <area mc_name="IN_GJ" title="Gujarat"></area>
  16.     <area mc_name="IN_HR" title="Haryana"></area>
  17.     <area mc_name="IN_HP" title="Himachal Pradesh"></area>
  18.     <area mc_name="IN_JK" title="Jammu and Kashmir"></area>
  19.     <area mc_name="IN_JH" title="Jharkhand"></area>
  20.     <area mc_name="IN_KA" title="Karnataka"></area>
  21.     <area mc_name="IN_KL" title="Kerala"></area>
  22.     <area mc_name="IN_LD" title="Lakshadweep"></area>
  23.     <area mc_name="IN_MP" title="Madhya Pradesh"></area>
  24.     <area mc_name="IN_MH" title="Maharashtra"></area>
  25.     <area mc_name="IN_MN" title="Manipur"></area>
  26.     <area mc_name="IN_ML" title="Meghalaya"></area>
  27.     <area mc_name="IN_MZ" title="Mizoram"></area>
  28.     <area mc_name="IN_NL" title="Nagaland"></area>
  29.     <area mc_name="IN_OR" title="Orissa"></area>
  30.     <area mc_name="IN_PY" title="Pondicherry"></area>
  31.     <area mc_name="IN_PB" title="Punjab"></area>
  32.     <area mc_name="IN_RJ" title="Rajasthan"></area>
  33.     <area mc_name="IN_SK" title="Sikkim"></area>
  34.     <area mc_name="IN_TN" title="Tamil Nadu"></area>
  35.     <area mc_name="IN_TR" title="Tripura"></area>
  36.     <area mc_name="IN_UT" title="Uttarakhand"></area>
  37.     <area mc_name="IN_UP" title="Uttar Pradesh"></area>
  38.     <area mc_name="IN_WB" title="West Bengal"></area>
  39.     <area mc_name="borders" title="borders" color="#000000" balloon="false"></area>
  40.   </areas>
  42.   <movies>
  43.     <movie title="New Delhi" file="target" color="#666666" height="10" width="10" lat="29.643895" long="77.116204" fixed_size="true"></movie>
  44.     <movie title="Mumbai" file="target" color="#666666" height="10" width="10" lat="19.58" long="72.8" fixed_size="true"></movie>
  45.     <movie title="Chennai" file="target" color="#666666" height="10" width="10" lat="13.5" long="80" fixed_size="true"></movie>
  46.     <movie title="Kolkata" file="target" color="#666666" height="10" width="10" lat="23" long="88" fixed_size="true"></movie>
  47.   </movies>
  49.   <labels>
  50.     <label x="133" y="153" text_size="18" color="#FFFFFF" remain="false">
  51.       <text></text>
  52.     </label>
  53.   </labels>
  54. </map>
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