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Dec 7th, 2021
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  2. Majority of meme tokens in the cryptocurrency industry today are simply solutions looking for problems to solve. In other words, they have no real world user purpose. However, for Ginga Finance $GIN, we are different. Holders are rewarded with stable coin $BUSD in reflections for all ongoing transactions. In addition, our team will be introducing a value-added feature called: GINGA Mixer
  5. What is a GINGA Mixer? Blockchain transactions are not 100% anonymous, especially if you use decentralized wallet naming services. Peeping eyes are able to utilize Blockchain analysis to perform forensic studies on your transactions. Our aim is to improve the security of your identity by breaking the link between source and destination wallets so as to enhance your privacy.
  8. Just some basic information and simple steps to start the process.
  9. (a) Provide the wallet address that is to be the destination wallet. Note that the sending and destination addresses cannot be from exchanges or contracts.
  10. (b) Set a time delay if the default of 5 minutes is not what you want. A differential timer is to further increase the privacy level of the link between the sending wallet and the destination wallet. The maximum delay you may set is 1,440 minutes (1 day).
  11. (c) Input the User Secret code and Discount code if you have them available. A User Secret code is for returning users to avoid getting back the tokens that they may have previously sent to our Mixer for mixing. It is just yet another level of redundant security we offer but not necessary as we always have a pool of already mixed tokens for your transactions.
  12. (d) Upon the data entry of the required information, click Mix / Send to send us your tokens.
  13. (e) Write down your confirmation code.
  14. (f) When we receive your tokens, the magic of mixing begins.
  15. (g) The mixed tokens will be sent to the destination wallet after your preset delay.
  17. For now, the Mixer is only available on the BSC network. We do have plans to expand the service to other Blockchains in the near future. The system is secure and we do not log the activities. A randomized Mixer service fee between 1% to 1.5% is deducted from each transaction. The nature of randomized fees further enhances the privacy of the transaction. Half of the fees collected are then used to buy back and burn $GIN tokens. The other half will be used for system upgrades and maintenance.
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