Be Entertainment Application (3)

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  3. username; @J15UNG5PLU5H13
  4. password; Namjoon and Yoongi
  6. birth name; Choi Soojin
  7. other name; Evelyn Choi
  8. nicknames; Evie, Choichoi, Lynn
  9. gender; Female
  10. age; 25
  11. birthday; 11/04/93
  12. birthplace; Daegu, South Korea
  13. hometown; Chengdu, China
  14. nationality; Chinese-Korean
  15. ethnicity; Chinese-Korean
  16. spoken languages; English, Chinese and Korean
  17. height; 168cm
  18. weight; 52kg
  19. blood type; AB
  21. personality;
  22. » Hyper; As a person with ADHD, it isn't really surprising that she's hyper and active. She can't help herself but always be smiling and can't sit still. She loves to let loose and have fun to satisfy her hyper side.
  23. » Intellectual; Though she can seem really crazy, she's actually pretty smart. She's very sensible about her words and actions. She's got smart answers and good ideas to almost everything. Don't judge her by her weird personality.
  24. » Artisitic; She's a really artistic person who likes to have her own say and opinion. She loves Colours and vibrancy as she can express her weird and hyper self. She likes to look at the world from a very different perspective from other people. That's what makes her unique and inspiring.
  25. » Sweet; Shes always thinking about others without putting a thought to herself. She cares about her fans, colleagues and friends way more than herself. She'll buy food for them, help them anytime and be there for them whenever they need someone to vent out on.
  26. » Stubborn; She can be very stubborn sometimes. She always has her own view which she dislikes to be disregarded or ignored. She doesn't mean to spoilt or anything, but she feels the need to have some freedom as an artist to express herself and she sometimes doesn't care about her Idol image if it means pretending to be someone she's not.
  27. background; Anlthough she was born in her father's hometown, Daegu, she grew up in her mother's hometown. Chengdu. She had no siblings but was still happy as her Mother was a housewife who would spend a lot of time with her. She developed mild ADHD when she was 3 years old but it didn't not affect much of her learning or growth. She was able to get into the top class in her school as well as have quite a few friends. She was into Arts, especially performing, and always had a different and unique point of view. She wanted to move to Seoul and audition for SOPA, so left her parents to do so. She managed to get in and after she graduated, she flew back to China to spend some time with her parents after her Long absence. She worked at a cafe, performing for the customers when she's stayed in Chengdu before flying back to Korea to audition for Be Entertainment and managing to get through.
  28. trivia;
  29. » She has mild Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  30. » She has a special stuff toy panda called Xing who she can't sleep without.
  31. » She is close friends with BTOB's Peniel and f(x)'s Amber.
  32. » If she wasn't an idol, she would have wanted to become a make-up artist.
  33. » She loves Swimming, Smoothies, Rubies, ice cream, childhood cartoons and roses.
  34. » She likes to hang out with the other idols under Be Entertainment on their day-offs.
  36. group, solo or co-ed; Soloist (Sunmi)
  37. if group wich one; -
  38. backup; -
  39. position in that group; -
  40. backup; -
  41. face claim; Sunmi
  42. backup; Jisoo (Blackpink)
  43. second backup; Nayeon (Twice)
  44. stage name; EveLyn
  46. self evolution; nothing more than 380
  48. vocal; 80 / 100
  49. rap; 70 / 100
  50. dance; 80 / 100
  51. visual; 70 / 100
  52. charm; 80 / 100
  54. training years; 5 years 7 months
  55. introduction; “ Before anyone else, hello I'm EveLyn! ”
  56. audition link;
  58. requests; none
  59. extra; none
  61. message to the ceos; Thank you for letting me debut after man you years of trainee. As a soloist, I promise to work hard and prove myself.
  62. message to us; My last one!! Thank you for bearing with me and I can't wait to get started! I'm always here to support!!!
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