Yusho Vs. Vector

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  1. Turn 1: Yusho
  3. Summon Revue Dancer, Set 1(Sky Illusion). Turn end. (Hand 3)
  5. Turn 2: Vector
  7. Draw (Hand 5 > 6) Summon Unform, crash unform into Revue Dancer (VectorLP 4000 > 3200). Unform summons Ghoul and Wisp from the deck, Ghoul summons a second Wisp, Wisp becomes level 4 and overlay for Masquerade. Set 2 cards (Xyz Discharge and Trick Buster). Turn end. (Hand: 2)
  9. Turn 3:  Yusho
  11. Draw (Hand 3 > 4). Tribute Revue Dancer for Sky Magician and activate Magician’s Left Hand from the hand (Sky Magician 2500 > 2800 ATK). Sky magician attacks Umbral. (Vector 3200 > 3100 LP). Yusho ends his turn. (Hand: 2)
  13. Turn 4: Vector
  15. Draw (Hand 2 > 3). Activate Don Thousand’s throne or Magical Tomb, your choice, but either way Yusho swaps Left to Right and uses Right Hand’s effect to negate the spell card. (Sky Magician 2800 > 3100 ATK). Vector then uses Umbral Refresh to drop Sky Magician’s ATK back to 2500 (Vector 3100 > 3700 LP). Vector attacks with Masquerade, but Yusho uses his face-down Sky Illusion to prevent Sky Magician’s destruction. (LP 4000 > 1800). Vector ends his turn y setting a card. (Hand: 1)
  17. Turn 5: Yusho
  19. Draw (Hand 2 > 3). He activates Magician’s Encore (Sky Magician 2500 > 2800) form his hand and Normal Summons Performapal Sky Pupil. At that moment, Vector uses Xyz Discharge. The only card left in Yusho’s hand is Magician’s Left Hand, so Yusho discards it and gains control of Masquerade. Sky Magician attacks directly (Vector 3700 > 900 LP). Sky Pupil attacks directly, but then Vector turns around and uses Trick Buster. All of Yusho’s monsters are destroyed and he takes 900 points of damage. (Yusho 3800 > 2900 LP). Yusho ends his turn.
  21. Turn 6: Vector
  23. Draw (Hand 1 > 2). Vector uses Glorious Numbers to summon Masquerade and draw a card. He then activates Rank-Up-Magic Barian’s Force and ranks up Masquerade to Masquerade: Umbral. Masquerade: Umbral attacks directly and wins Vector the duel.
  25. Alternative ending: Vector sets Imperial Broadsword on turn 4. On turn 5, Yusho summons Revue Dancer from the grave instead of Sky Pupil from his hand. Vector activates discharge while Yusho still has two cards in hand, Yusho discards any card that isn’t Left Hand. Still gains control of Masquerade. Sky Magician attacks first dropping Vector to below 1000, then he uses Imperial Broadsword to try and banish all of Yusho’s monsters. Magician’s Left hand negates this through switcharoo. Yusho then attacks again, but Vector still had Trick Buster. The rest goes like the described script.
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