[RGRE] Candy Girl (short)

Mar 4th, 2017
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  1. "Bonnie, this has to stop."
  2. >You dab the bright red scrape on your marefriend's face with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball, making her flinch.
  3. >Judging by the way she's grinding her jaw, she's doing her best not to react to the pain that you are, regretfully, inflicting.
  4. >Damn her mare ego; she's always trying to act tough in front of you.
  5. >Bon Bon finally whinnies in discomfort and pulls her face away from you and your cotton ball.
  6. >"Baby," she says with a hint of whine in her voice, "she was calling you a whore again."
  7. >You loosen your grip on Bon Bon's face - to hold her steady while you apply first aid - and caress her cheek; your special somepony contentedly leans into your palm.
  8. >You marvel at how soft her fur feels against your skin as you rub your thumb up and down the length of her muzzle over and over again, doing your best to comfort her.
  9. >She'd never admit it to anypony, but your grumpy little candy-maker is the softest and sweetest mare in the world when there aren't any other mares around to see her.
  10. >[spoiler]It took you two months to get her to tell you out loud that she liked cuddling with you, despite all evidence (aka your countless previous cuddle sessions) making such an admission a formality.[/spoiler]
  11. >You pull back and give your marefriend a quick once-over.
  12. >Her scratches look clean; the bruises weren't serious; and the split lip was already scabbing over.
  13. >She'll be fine for now.
  14. "Bonnie," you sigh, wrapping your arms around her back and plucking her off of the kitchen table, "you can't go picking fights with every mare who thinks I'm a slut, or a whore, or a 'stallion of the night'."
  15. >You hesitate and wonder if you should deposit your marefriend in your bedroom and come back to clean up your makeshift hospital, but then Bonnie horse-huffs and buries her face into the crook of your neck.
  16. >Your mare needs you, Anon; you can clean up later once you're done doing your duties as a coltfriend.
  17. >"Yes I can," she grumbles, her voice muffled because she has her face mashed into your neck.
  18. >Knowing Bonnie (and her perchance for snuggles), you figure that trying to make any kind of headway with her is pointless until you can get her under the bedcovers and into your arms.
  19. >As displeased as you are that your marefriend got into a hoof-fight (AGAIN), you can't help but feel a surge of affection knowing that your mare cared enough about your feelings to fight for you.
  20. >You nuzzle the top of Bon Bon's head affectionately as you walk out of the kitchen and up the stairs, and try to imitate that special horsey method that she taught you when you first started dating.
  21. >It was apparently much more intimate than a standard nuzzle, which ponies could apparently discern since they were so tactile; physical touch has a much broader scope for ponies than it does for humans.
  22. >Bonnie responds by stiffening slightly from the gesture and then twisting mer muzzle around so that she can try to lightly nip at your skin.
  23. >Bon Bon's coat is a little bit ruffled up and she smells like dirt and sweat, but you decide to forgo the usual pre-bedtime ablutions and just head straight for bed.
  24. >A few minutes later, you're under the sheets with Bonnie hugging you protectively against her chest.
  25. >You recognize this gesture from your lessons with Twilight; Bon Bon's trying to rub her scent on you again.
  26. >It's a way to calm down her instinctive worry that you'll be snatched up because somepony can't smell her on you and thinks that you're unclaimed.
  27. >You think it's time to have a discussion, but not before you give your mare a few minutes to rub her stank all over your face.
  28. "Bonnie?"
  29. >You try and pull away so that you can look your marefriend in the face, but Bon Bon tightens her hold on you and pulls you back against her chest.
  30. >"Mm-mmm," she hums 'no'.
  31. "Bonnie..."
  32. >Bon Bon nuzzles the top of your head, mirroring the way you nuzzled her's on the way up to your shared bedroom.
  33. >You don't often like overpowering your pony friends, but these short 3 years in Equestria (or "marshmallow pony land" as would be more accurate a name) have taught you one very important thing.
  34. >If you let a pony get comfortable cuddling you, they'll stay there for hours if you let them.
  35. >You grab Bonnie's forearms and - as gently as you can - pry them off of the back of your head, pulling yourself away so that you can finally look your marefriend in the face.
  36. >Bon Bon scrunches her nose in displeasure, just like she does every time you've had to use ">muh superior human biology" against her.
  37. "Sugar..."
  38. >[spoiler]BAH-BAH BAH BAH BAH-BAH, OH HONEY HONEY[/spoiler]
  39. >Bonnie looks away from you and starts talking, the words spilling out of her mouth like water from a dam.
  40. >"What if you wanted to join one of those dumb gardening clubs?"
  41. >That question takes you off guard.
  42. "What if I what?"
  43. >Bon Bon wraps her hooves around your head again, but she just pulls you closer to her face instead of mashing you against her chest tuft again.
  44. >Due to the difference in mass between the two of you, Bonnie ends up dragging herself a few inches close to you instead of the other way around.
  45. >"Th-Those dumb, stupid clubs for stallions that all those prissy colts in town belong to. You wouldn't be able to join because all the stallions would think you were a whore."
  46. >Bon Bon bites out the word "whore" as though it were a swear word.
  47. >You open your mouth to say something, but Bonnie leans in and aggressively nuzzles your face.
  48. >The nuzzle slows down until it stops entirely, and Bon Bon ends up resting her lips against your's.
  49. >She does the only natural thing and kisses you.
  50. >"Nopony gets away with insulting MY colt," she growls, "Not after I worked so hard to get you."
  51. >"Not the townsfolk-"
  52. >She kisses you.
  53. >"Not the club stallions-"
  54. >Another kiss.
  55. >"And certainly not bucking Roseluck."
  56. >You guess that's the pony that Bonnie got into a fight with.
  57. >You sigh in exasperation, but you can't bring yourself to be all that upset at her.
  58. >Not after she said all that to you.
  59. >Bon Bon presses her forehead against yours, and your anger completely melts away. You guess you'll let it slide.
  60. >You smile against her lips and don't resist when she pushes your head back down and cradles your head against her chest.
  61. >You close your eyes and feel yourself start to drift away, safe and secure in your marefriend's arms.
  62. >You can always talk more in the morning.
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