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  1. *Blue closed his eyes and let himself become awashed in this feeling, the utter confidence in himself absolutely incredible to him. This wasn't borrowed power like when Zane had taken his ignorance and crafted him into a lethal weapon, this was such surity and doubtlessness that the cocky exterior he'd always previously held melted away, becoming true, lasting confidence.
  3. He'd found bravery in his bravado, doing everything he could to conquer his fear.
  5. Now, his doubts were slain, and with them, his fear.
  7. The ground quaked, but unlike every time previously, it didn't split. He retained control throughout as the world around him rocked, his silent figure not moving even an inch, not so much as the slightest change in his facial expression, merely the reaffirming smirk locked in place. His hair stood on end, blackened strands locked in place with an otherworldly silver glow. He yawned, power arcing throughout his body held completely under control, when previously, this state had taken visible effort to work with.
  9. ...It was time to push it further.
  11. "Show me what you got." Qi'd just said.
  13. With confidence born solely of a silent, unwavering promise that he simply wouldn't allow himself to fail, he pushed. The energy that'd arced throughout his body, all his own, skyrocketed, threatening to edge out of his control as he introduced it to that of an outside source, rapidly drawing in power from any nearby source he could locate. His body trembled with furious power, eyes emitting an azure glow that illuminated the entire of his face, his aura stretching on higher than it ever had previously.
  15. He closed his eyes.
  17. "The thing about being human is, is that when anything fires one of our souls, impossibility vanishes."
  19. Billowing out from him in every direction was a fierce gale, clothes ruffling explosively, static crackling in the space between his fingers, surging down the lengths of his arms. His strength had rocketed to an extent it'd usually take him -dramatically- longer to build up to, merely because he'd willed it, such absolute harmony existing now between his spirit and body that they were in complete sync.
  21. And he hadn't even had to scream like a jackass.
  23. He held his newly accumulated power, vowing that come hell or high-water, with this strength he'd obtained, he'd never allow himself to hesitate. Not once. As the energy slipped, he'd only grab at more, demonstrating rapidly accelerating proficiency at pushing whatever limit he may possibly have.
  25. Something told him this 'limit' wasn't something that'd existed for him, not now...
  27. ...And never again.*
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