Mom training (TwiggyxAnon, SoL/Kid talk, somewhat safe)

Jul 3rd, 2017
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  1. >You simply can't tear your gaze away from her.
  2. >You never thought she'd be like this.
  3. >You were sure she was the 'Ugh, kids are such a pain in the flank' kind of mare, she would say things like 'Got not time for babies, gotta read books and make friends!'
  4. >But here she is, playing and giving the little one her absolute attention.
  5. >You've been together for almost two years, and known each other for way more than that.
  6. >And you've never seen her like this, it's as if everything else stopped existing, even you.
  7. >A small part of you doesn't like this fact, jealousy trying to take control of everything.
  8. >But a bigger one finds it simply... adorable.
  9. >She'd be a great mother.
  10. "You'd be such a great mom."
  11. >The spoon she was flying to Flurry's face stops dead in its tracks and she turns to look at you.
  12. >The infant stares at her meal now merely a foot away from her face, mouth opening and hooves stretching in want.
  13. >"W-what...?"
  14. >You know this face, it's her 'Did you really say what I think you said?'
  15. "I was just saying that you look like you're having fun. And that you'd be a good mother."
  16. >She blinks. Then a blush creeps its way up her cheeks, her lips twisting, unsure if she wants to smile, look surprised or maybe even frown at you, thinking you're poking fun or something.
  17. >"I was just-I mean, I'm simply feeding her the same way my parents did! A-are you referring to the grimaces...? Or maybe the train sounds?"
  18. >And she picked the frown, her eyes flitting around trying to remember what she could've done or said that would make you say that.
  19. "Twily calm down, I wasn't teasing or anything, I swear."
  20. >Her muzzle scrunches up slightly in confusion.
  21. >"Then what did you--"
  22. "I meant exactly what I said, that you'd be a really good mom."
  23. >She looks at the genuine smile on your face for a second, before turning back to her previous activity, much to the baby's joy.
  24. >She doesn't say anything, the spoon leaving the baby's mouth before nimbly cupping anything coming out of the small pair of lips and bringing it back inside.
  25. >But the blush on her face and her eyes flitting left and right, peeking at you from their corners from time to time tells you that she's obviously overthinking it. As always.
  26. >Maybe you shouldn't have said it? Maybe she took it the wrong way...?
  27. >"D-does that mean... that you... w-want one?"
  28. >She turns to you once again, and her eyes find yours, anxiety
  29. >You blink and take a second for the meaning to hit you, your eyes growing wide and your heart finding your throat.
  30. >How did it go from a simple compliment to this?!
  31. >You've never even talked about this together, ever!
  32. "What-wait, j-just wait a second, this is kind of out of the blue--"
  33. >Her mouth opens up in surprise, realization hitting her like a truck.
  34. >"Oh! I'm so sorry, I thought that you meant-s-sorry!"
  35. >Your stomach sinks at the dread appearing on her face.
  36. "No, don't be sorry, I'm just..."
  37. >You inhale deeply to try and clear your mind, and maybe to slow your heart rate a bit.
  38. "I guess this is as good a time as any to talk about this."
  39. >It is normal for young couples to discuss and plan this kind of shit. And you've been together for a little while now...
  40. >The thought's always been nagging at you from afar for a while tho, what with you being the only human around and with no way back home.
  41. >You see her chewing on her cheek, obviously unsure herself on how to start this subject.
  42. "Listen, Twily,"
  43. >You reach forward with your right hand, your palm cupping her cheek the exact same way you did a million times before. And she leans into it, welcoming the comfort you're offering her. Like she always did.
  44. "I love you."
  45. >Her expression softens at that, and the smile she gives you could make you melt in place.
  46. "And if this means so much to you then..."
  47. >You let out a breath you didn't know you were holding, bracing yourself for what you're about to say.
  48. "Then I guess we could adopt one."
  49. >She frowns, head tilting to the side and an eyebrow cocking up curiously.
  50. >"...adopt? Why would you want to adopt one?"
  51. >Huh?
  52. "Well... I'm an ape. And you're a horse."
  53. >She frowns again, harder this time. Obviously offended by your choice of words.
  54. >"We went through this already, you're a human and I'm a pony!"
  55. >You roll your eyes.
  56. >"And I fail to see what this would have to do with adopting. Do you mean that you're scared of the size difference? Or maybe that human pregnancies can prove hazardous and require special precautions and safety measures?"
  57. "What? No, no I simply meant that... you know."
  58. >You move your hands away, as if it would magically get your point across.
  59. >It doesn't.
  60. "Come on Twiggy, you're supposed to be the smart one here!"
  61. >"I won't understand unless you tell me, Anon."
  62. "We're not the same species! How would it work?"
  63. >"Why wouldn't it? Where do you think griffins and hippogriffs are from? And minotaurs?"
  64. >This doesn't make any sense.
  65. >Fucking magic.
  66. "I-I don't know, it didn't work like that on earth..."
  67. >"Well I don't know about Earth, but interspecies couples can produce offsprings here. Even if they're quite rare--what?!"
  68. >A green lump or pea mash comes crashing against her face as she says that, the following giggle drawing both your attention to the culprit.
  69. >"Oh, you!"
  70. >Flurry snorts and starts hitting the table with her little hooves in anticipation when she sees Twilight rushing to her with a menacing smirk.
  72. >Twily's magic gets rid of the green mass on her face on her way there, before she takes hold of the terrorist and brings her lips to her tummy.
  73. >The room gets filled with her motorboating sound and the baby's giggles.
  74. >And she's once again completely absorbed by the little thing squirming and buzzing under her grasp.
  75. >Not that you mind, you could use some time to think of all the implications coming from this little chat.
  76. >You could potentially get her pregnant. You could knock her up. You could make her a mother. Give her a child. Her own child.
  77. >And you could become a father, here.
  78. >What would the kid look like? Is it really safe?
  79. >Would ponies be mean to him? See him as an abomination or an offense to nature itself?
  80. >...Nah, ponies are way too nice.
  81. >"Here, you change her while I prepare the baby bottle."
  82. >You see the bundle of joy levitating towards you and you catch her, cradling her in your arms the same way you'd do a human.
  83. >You don't even have the time to process what she just said, she's already turned around and trotting towards the kitchen.
  84. "Wait, why me?"
  85. >She turns her face, showing a mischievous smile before her tail gives a teasing flick to the side, your eyes instantly drawn to her nethers.
  86. >"You can see it as a test."
  87. >She says, matter of factly.
  88. "A test? What are you--"
  89. >"And if you pass it, I'll think about us 'adopting' one, mmh?"
  90. >"Maybe we could even do it tonight, if you want...?"
  91. >Another flick and you swear you could see her pink pearl.
  92. >You gulp.
  93. >And just like that, she walks away and out of the room.
  94. >Leaving you and the small filly currently forcing you to grimace using her hooves and pulling at your jaw before she starts giggling when she finds one she likes.
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