Echoes Base -Palla, Catria, Est

Apr 30th, 2017
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  1. [usual disclaimer: http://pastebin.com/uuiP4cEa]
  3. Palla
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  6. Back home, Catria and I are princess Minerva's knights. However our kidnapped sister Est is different. She's already retired from the army. And yet her she is now. How ironic thing turned out like this...
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  9. Our master is really beautiful and kind. However family matters have made her suffer greatly. You see, when you are so close with your siblings, closer than anyone in fact, there's some things you'll forgive them for but it's exactly because you're so close that there's some things you can't allow...I feel like I understand that too in a way.
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  12. Celica. Isn't there anyone you like? Hehe, you don't have to look so embarrassed. We're both girls. Isn't it fine talking about that kind of stuff sometimes? Eh? What about me? Well I...can't say there isn't. However I don't think I'll ever make my feelings known. They'd only be a burden to the people I care so much about...
  15. Catria
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  18. My little sister Est, who got kidnapped is a very free-spirited child. When the previous war ended she simply quit being a knight and started a shop with he beloved. If she wants to say or do something she just does it. Sometimes I think if only I could be like that too.
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  21. I was told the other time that I'm a little hard to approach. I wonder...do I seem that cold? It's true that compared to my sisters Palla and Est I'm quite reserved. But that's just how being the middle child is. Before I can say anything my sisters will have already said it. So I end up as the quiet one.
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  24. So you were a princess Celica. That was a surprise. I wonder is it all right for me to talk to you like this? I see, by your leave then. I'm sure high-born people have their own troubles too, don't they? However I think I'm still somewhat envious of them. I cannot understand their pain because I cannot look at the same things as them. Eh? Who's "them"? No one, it was just an example.
  27. Est
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  30. Celica, thank you very much for saving me! Aaah, I really though I was done for this time. I've been in a pinch many times on the battlefield till now but I've always had my big sisters with me so I knew everything would be just fine. This time though I was alone, right? I felt so helpless...I finally realized how much I've been depending on their kindness.
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  33. My big sister Palla is very kind. I think she scolds me a bit too much sometimes though. It seems like she still thinks of me as a little girl. As for my other big sister Catria well...I don't really know what she's thinking about. I guess she won't say if I don't ask but...I just want to talk with her more about anything really. Either way though they are both precious to me and I'm really proud of them.
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  36. I didn't really feel like fighting any more you know. I wanted to open a shop with my beloved and live like a normal girl. And yet the minute I got what I always wanted I ended up like this. My sisters will say that as the youngest child I'm good at dealing with things but what's the point of being smart if you are unlucky? I haven't always had it as good as they think. I wonder if I can make them understand this...
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