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  1. Establish requirements
  2. Needs and requirements are identified at the start
  3. What should the product do?
  4. What is the target group needs?
  6. Designing alternatives
  7. Developing conceptual and detailed designs
  8. Conceptual Design - describe what a product should do, how the product should behave.
  9. Detailed Design - describe aspects of an interface,
  10. e.g. colours, sounds, images, icons, menus, etc.
  11. Done by sketches fx
  13. Prototyping
  14. Interactive versions are used to evaluate designs
  15. Allow us to test the product without fully developing
  16. The users can interact with the product
  17. Low fidelity: Paper versions
  18. High fidelity: Adobe experience/software
  20. Horizontal: fully functioning design of one or two functions
  21. Gives ability to test one function satisfactory
  22. Vertical: all funtions, but not fully developed
  23. Gives an overview of the design, understading the concept
  25. Evaluating
  26. Evaluation based on observation, questionnaires, interviews etc.
  27. Evaluting about; does it live up to the requirements?
  29. End of time/deadline : final product
  30. You can never make a design/product that is ”final”,  there is always something more to do
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