How to play Miitomo on PC

Apr 10th, 2016
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  1. Updating this as soon as I get a solution to any problem that pops-up. Please report any problem you may encounter *THAT IS NOT ADDRESSED HERE* to @KidaJiwo through DM. Check last time updated by hovering over the (EDITED).
  2. Thanks to anon who initially posted how to do this.
  4. 1. Get old Bluestacks, new ones work like shit.
  6. BlueStacks
  9. Download it, install it, and open it (it should open automatically anyway)
  11. 2. Download Miitomo. Will update when the update is stable and working on Bluestacks.
  13. Miitomo 1.4.0 .apk
  16. 3. Now, either through BlueStacks browser or just your normal browser, download Xposed
  18. Xposed .apk:
  21. Install it and launch it. A window will pop-out warning you about how you can brick your phone with this. Just press 'Ok', it's an emulator, you can't brick it.
  22. Go to "Framework" and "Install / Update". After it updates and you click 'Ok', Bluestacks will automatically close out.
  24. 4. Now download Rootcloak and Miitomo security Bypass;
  26. Rootcloack .apk:
  28. Miitomo Security Bypass .apk:
  31. It might ask you to open these programs as modules for Xposed, if it does hit click yes / Always.
  32. In case it didn't, open Xposed, go to Modules, click on RootCloak, then Add/Remove Apps and click on the '+' sign at the top right side of the screen. Search for "Miitomo", click and add it to the list. When you are done doing this go back to the Module menu.
  34. Here you will see 2 modules, Miitomosecuritybypasser and Rootcloak. Simply click the box to the right of the version to enable it. So it should say, for example, Miitomosecuritybypasser 1.0.5 followed by a blue check-mark.
  36. After this just restart Bluestacks and it should work.
  38. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  39. If you get an 801-1350 error, link your Google account with the emulator.
  40. If you want to get a background for Miifoto from your computer, just use "Device photos" and use the Windows options.
  41. You can save images to your hard drive by using the 'Share' option and 'Save to Windows' after taking a Miifoto.
  42. If you want to get a link to share your Miifotos, download a Twitter apk, log in in there and use the 'Share' option.
  43. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  45. - Disadvantages:
  47. *You require 2GB of RAM to get BlueStacks running.
  48. *Even if you have 2GB of RAM, Bluestacks is resource hungry, and sometimes you won't be able to use anything else.
  49. *No pinch controls, they can be configured but it's still hard to use.
  51. If you still want them:
  52. 1. Go to C:/ProgramData/BlueStacks/UserData/InputMapper/UserFiles or whenever you installed Bluestacks, and check if there's a 'com.nintendo.zaaa.cfg' file. If any folder doesn't exist, create it.
  53. 2. After that, replace/edit it with or just copy this:
  55. 3. Pinch controls are Up and Down Arrows. It'll be wonky, but that's what you get.
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