can we use penalize sites content again in new sites

lyfsy Feb 18th, 2020 94 Never
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  1. can we use penalize sites content again in new sites
  2. i was just thinking the same, do you mean rebuilding a site on a penalised domain, using a penalised domain on a new site or using a domain that has been used briefly for say gambling niche but has great backlinks for your niche previously? Or am i just confusing the matter lol
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  14. Yes, but if the penalty was caused by the content aka "pure spam" and not by the links aka "unnatural links", the party won't last long and you'll always get penalized again after a few days, weeks or months.
  15. This is the answer you need.
  16. Thanks @starki . Say I found a great domain cheap in my niche and it's got some amazing links such as wikipedia, high authority niche guest posts, and loads of authority author bios etc, but it had been used recently for 6 months or less for a gambling page, what this still be usable and if so how. Sorry to bombard you
  18. He decreed it so, even if PPC didn’t yet exist when he said that computers would get twice as fast every 18 months.
  20. And how, you ask, does Moore’s Law impact PPC?
  22. Well, the computers that Google uses to predict CTR, predict conversion rates, find similar audiences, and pick the right responsive search ad for every user are all getting twice as good every 18 months.
  24. And they were already really, really good this year, so that pace of innovation will accelerate.
  26. So we need to find ways to remain relevant in this day-and-age of increasingly automated PPC capabilities.
  28. Build a Great Team with Great Tools
  30. The Google Ads management system continues to layer on more ways to help advertisers automate.
  33. Complete Ranking Losses
  34. The second scenario is when a site completely loses rankings. This is more serious and generally requires a deep look at the SERPs.
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  44. Official Google Guidance
  46. Mueller then made reference to an August 2019 blog  post in which Google offered core algorithm update guidance.
  48. “We have a whole blog post that goes into fairly well detail on what we look at with regards to these core updates. so I would double check that.”
  50. How Long to Wait to Recover from Broad Core Update
  52. Lastly, John Mueller answered that Google’s algorithm is constantly updating. That means you don’t have to wait until the next broad core algorithm update to see if improvements to your web pages have helped. You should see ranking improvements sooner.
  54. John didn’t mention it in his answer, but there are cases when rankings return after a subsequent algorithm update. That could be because some updates tend to be overly broad, affecting sites they didn’t intend to affect. So they might fine tune whatever change they made.
  56. So if you see your rankings return after a core algorithm update, it’s likely that’s because they pulled back on some of the changes.
  58. Here’s John Mueller’s comment:
  60. “With regards to kind of seeing changes in one core update and when would you see the next batch of changes if you make significant effort to improve your website for example, in general this is something that happens on an ongoing basis.
  62. So on the one hand we have the core updates which are kind of bigger changes in our algorithm. And on the other hand we have lots of small things that keep changing over time.
  64. The whole Internet changes over time and with that our search results are essentially changing from day to day and they can improve from day to day as well.
  66. So if you’ve been making significant improvements on your website then you should see these kinds of subtle changes over time as well. So it’s not a matter of waiting for a specific change to see those changes in effect.”
  68. Core Algorithm Ranking Losses are Not Always About Quality
  70. Mueller ended his response by repeating that a rankings loss is not a sign that something bad happened to your site.
  72. “But again, these core updates are not a sign that there’s anything bad on your website.”
  74. Takeaways on Recovering from a Google Broad Core Update
  76. There are some who view every broad core algorithm update as being about quality. When a site loses rankings, they point their finger and say it must be a low quality issue.
  78. Others tend to see ranking issues as a matter of technical issues. Your site is slow, your redirects are chained and so on.
  80. Quality and technical issues are legitimate concerns for ranking a site. Those issues must be addressed. But that’s not generally what these core algo updates are about.
  82. When a site loses rankings after a core update, while technical and quality issues may exist, I prefer to keep an open mind and review everything to make sure that everything that could possibly contribute to a low ranking is addressed, especially relevance factors.
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