Sep 7th, 2017
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  1. Showa Era Super Sentai Part 1
  2. Ishinomori’s Dream+0 of course I'm taking all the crossovers!
  3. super ham and cheese +100 free everything for Freedom!
  4. The fear: dogs +100
  5. anti-Jumper union +200 like I wasn't going to a become a major target anyway?
  6. Jumper Hunter +400 thing is it may take away my owers but my equipment still works and my equipment is ludicrous.
  7. villain: Grand Chairman of the Interdimensional Galactic Revolutionary Alliance Shadowedge.
  8. caring hero -100 absolutely necessary.
  9. retro genetics-600 here we go!
  10. Neo Kaijin free for villain : basically Kamen Rider Shin
  11. CRIME free for villain like I get it already?
  12. eradication -100 yeah kind of need this for my plans
  13. bio Hunter: Gatling gun-200 discounted for villain yeah this is definitely going to come in handy later
  14. dammit pirate engineering: battler G+Dyna Brace -100
  15. Team Suits-200 so that is five of Battler G for me to give out each of which is a match for anything in this stage of the series
  17. Sound the Roll Call:mother box, Saitama
  18. ,Monique, Pam,Tyrion,Leonardo da Vinci,TJ, Tina-200
  21. mother box
  22. scientist
  23. normal science free for scientist
  24. cowboys and ninjas free for scientist
  25. power suit designer -200
  26. bio particle container -400
  28. Saitama
  29. CRIME free for villain
  30. Eradication-100
  31. bio Hunter -200
  32. Jumper Mask-300
  34. Monique
  35. villain
  36. Neo Kaijin free for villain : basically Madakko
  37. CRIME free for villain
  38. Eradication-100
  39. bio Hunter -200
  40. Jumper Mask-300
  42. Pam
  43. villain
  44. The Life Sciences-200
  45. CRIME free for villain
  46. bio Hunter -200
  47. anti-bio particles -200
  51. Tyrion
  52. Earth Defender
  53. Petty Jumper First Class free
  54. Investigative Procedures free
  55. True Commander-300
  56. Mecha-300
  58. Leonardo da Vinci
  59. drop-in
  60. caring hero free for drop-in
  61. yellow is for girls free for drop-in
  62. Denzi descendent -300
  63. Denzi Computer-300
  66. TJ
  67. villain
  68. CRIME free for villain
  69. Eradication-100
  70. bio Hunter -200
  71. Progressor,Mechanizer,and Enlarger-300
  75. Tina
  76. scientist
  77. normal science free for scientist
  78. cowboys and ninjas free for scientist
  79. the life sciences -100
  80. Magne Meteors-200
  81. schematics -300
  83. the plan: faster than light setting! That means the whole Empire is here including an extra Earth And the good ship Mars! But with two notable exceptions all the villain groups want to conquer the world or change it for their aesthetic tastes, I am going to see if I can schmooze them into accepting rulership of a planet that they would like that I'm going to 3-D print for them Roll(1d100)+0:97,+0 Total:97 yep there really insulted and I'm in there layer and disempowered by their anti-Jumper particles, fortunately they didn't take away my gear let's roll for combat, Battler G! maximum multi-henshin! Drive! Type:SPR,
  84. Evolution correspondence blacksmith outdoorsman zone UFO hell bomb,
  85. infinity please,switch on:Key cosmic Signal Decoy ,Roach! Defiler! Leviathan! RoDeLe RoDeLe RoDeLe,clinkclinkclink Crane Arm clinkclinkclink Drill Arm!,Cast off change centipede!,level up! Maximum doctor beetle's battles! ,Kamen Rideo! Chaos ~!
  86. Soiya! Mix: starfruit! Kallisti! Harvest! Ha-Ha,saber Form!,"Infection! Let's Game! Bad Game! Dead Game! What's your name?! The Bugster!" ,Buggle Up! Bleeding bodies , scary slashers Genocide! Grindhouse gorefest! #screeching sound# hyaku henshin! ,Dyna silver!
  87. #A strange windy whirling noise#
  88. Roll(1d100)+0:26,+0 Total:26 Emperor Aton you just lost six of your tails are you sure you want to keep going at this? Or are we going to negotiate like reasonable people.
  89. Roll(1d100)+0:48,+0 Total:48 slaughter everybody it is then! Roll(1d100)+0:51,+0 Total:51 I'm losing better fire the missiles!, Attack pattern extreme circus! Roll(1d100)+0:
  90. 43,+0 Total:43 oh that's right I need to up the ante, they're definitely resilient to conventional arms, switching to monowire throwers Roll(1d100)+0:7,+0 Total:7 attention Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire, the humans have overrun your planet, your Royal family is dead, along with the assassin from space you hired specifically to deal with me and I am 40 m tall and armored in something you cannot harm, but I don't want any more bloodshed! So here's what's going to happen I'm going to give you the opportunity to design your own paradise world , I'm gonna make it and you're going to move there and you will live on as citizens of my mighty space Empire, the history of the tailed people need not end here and it need not be one of endless bloodshed! Don't worry you can take your historical sites as well, I'll move your entire civilization for you once these particles were off.
  95. Dr. Man has apparently advanced his plans considerably because of the absence of the tailed people, and he is an even letting me parlay although I can't blame him. Cybernoids
  96. are coming after my interests daily! So I countered by assigning level 100 Bugsters to each facility to guard them, who deal with them handily which makes him turn this into a giant robot fight what's collateral going to be like? his giant robots are definitely outnumbered Roll(1d100)+0:57,+0Total:57 oh so now I'm a threat to the city as well!? Okay I'll rebuild everything with better materials that will resist giant monster attacks how does that sound does that found sound good to you Mr. Gov.?Roll(1d100)+0:64,+0Total:64 what you mean I'm being sued for damages? My giant robots were acting in self-defense! Well it's not like I don't have money I just need to auction some land on a planet I print oh well it's just money and the plot is largely self resolving especially since the Neo gear Empire is spreading itself thinner .
  99. Satan Egos is a bit of trouble considering the massive ideological differences we have with Secret Society Egos who want to plunge the world into chaos for its own sake rather than rebuild the world in a better form with our precognition and mind-reading perks we are able to keep track of the movements of every cutman grinding their enterprises to a halt. Aggravating Satan egos into giant form much earlier where with the help of battle fever
  101. Criminal Organization Crime is also getting the rough stuff I'm gonna mug them for their hats Roll(1d100)-60:65,-60 Total:5 now some Scry and die teleports to get rid of them. Because seriously crime for its own sake? That's ridiculous even to me.
  102. Vader Clan listen, I have a planet that matches your aesthetic perfectly! I welcome you to live there! Because even most of my robots find it too polluted and industrialized for comfort!
  103. Roll(1d100)+0: 40,+0 Total:40 they're not buying it, and Jumper Hunter Goldvana is blasting me, fortunately this time my enchanted semi-automatic homing GBE is holstered rather than in one of my inventory systems and they are dead
  104. okay I'm running out of the evil organizations here and I'm going to just back off a bit and start acting defensively before my drawback kicks in and starts spawning new ones breaking the timeline. I'm just going to bunker down and start working on combining the Progressor with my gene banks and this new retro gene to see if I can get some next stage of humanity going on Roll(1d100)+0: 65,+0 Total:65 that's a no, oh well I was never that kind of mad scientist anyway. I'll keep doing the routine stuff at the doctor doctor beetles Center for the advancement of human advancement. Being a sort of "Ranger/rider reserves" in case things actually do go much worse than they originally did.
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