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  1. Three of those people were nobles, an adult and two adolescents.  A fourth was an experiment, head and shoulders above the adult, who was a good eight feet tall, at my best estimation.  The experiment looked to be all morbid, tumorous flesh, packed into a shell of well-tended cast iron, the flesh throbbing against the shell as if the entire beast was made up of giant hearts.  Digitigrade legs and a tail all styled after a bull’s, three sculpted breasts, two long, feminine arms, and a head, overlarge, gold rather than iron, with two faces, sculpted with four twisting horns.  One had a mouth that yawned open, the other a serene expression.  The imagery couldn’t be mistaken.  The noble had a pet, a vat-grown devil.
  3. In sheep’s clothing 10.17
  5. The superweapon I’d glimpsed earlier was at the other end of the building.  The Infante’s personal superweapon, by the looks of it.  It was a tower of throbbing flesh that made me think of a beating heart, but scarred flesh.  It bore a horned head of gold with two faces, had three breasts, two arms, and three legs.
  7. Crown of Thorns 20.8
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