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chapter 17 sayre intro to art

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  1. Marks: 1 Nike of Samothrace is an outstanding example of:
  2. Choose one answer.   a. the Minoan Snake Goddess.    
  3.   b. Roman idealism.    
  4.   c. the Egyptian canon of proportions.    
  5.   d. Hellenistic realism.   correct  
  6. .Correct
  7. Marks for this submission: 1/1..Question 2
  8. Marks: 1 Stonehenge (p. 410) in England is an example of what type of monumental stone architecture?
  9. Choose one answer.   a. stupa   incorrect  
  10.   b. ziggurat    
  11.   c. megalith    
  12.   d. colosseum    
  13. .Incorrect
  14. Marks for this submission: 0/1..Question 3
  15. Marks: 1 The word Neolithic (p. 409) means:
  16. Choose one answer.   a. Middle Stone Age.   incorrect  
  17.   b. New Stone Age.    
  18.   c. Nomadic.    
  19.   d. Old Stone Age.    
  20. .Incorrect
  21. Marks for this submission: 0/1..Question 4
  22. Marks: 1 The figures from the Abu Temple represent worshippers from the complex society of:
  23. Choose one answer.   a. Sumer.   correct  
  24.   b. Jericho.    
  25.   c. Çatal Hüyük.    
  26.   d. Egypt.    
  27. .Correct
  28. Marks for this submission: 1/1..Question 5
  29. Marks: 1 Like much of Egyptian art, the statue of King Khafre (p. 415) shows:
  30. Choose one answer.   a. skewed proportions and scale.    
  31.   b. rigorous geometry.   correct  
  32.   c. naturalistic tendencies.    
  33.   d. gods from their pantheon.    
  34. .Correct
  35. Marks for this submission: 1/1..Question 6
  36. Marks: 1 Construction of the Acropolis in Athens (p. 420) began about 450 bce under the leadership of:
  37. Choose one answer.   a. Pericles.    
  38.   b. Phidias.   incorrect  
  39.   c. Marcus Aurelius.    
  40.   d. Hippocrates.    
  41. .Incorrect
  42. Marks for this submission: 0/1..Question 7
  43. Marks: 1 The Palette of King Narmer is historically important:
  44. Choose one answer.   a. it probably represents the first unification of Upper and Lower Egypt and the shift from the prehistoric to historic in Egypt.   correct  
  45.   b. it mixes depictions of gods with historical figures.    
  46.   c. because it depicts an Assyrian king hunting.    
  47.   d. because it is the first written record in Ancient Mesopotamia.    
  48. .Correct
  49. Marks for this submission: 1/1..Question 8
  50. Marks: 1 Found in Austria, the Venus of Willendorf (p. 409) is most likely a:
  51. Choose one answer.   a. fertility figure.   correct  
  52.   b. hunting tool.    
  53.   c. doll.    
  54.   d. representation of a ruler.    
  55. .Correct
  56. Marks for this submission: 1/1..Question 9
  57. Marks: 1 Classical Greek sculpture can best be described as:
  58. Choose one answer.   a. writhing: chaotic figurative art that reflected an uneasy time.    
  59.   b. rigid: frontal art that was used as a receptacle for the ka.    
  60.   c. calm: relaxed poses that sought to depict ideal form.   correct  
  61.   d. iconic: representing the history of Christianity    
  62. .Correct
  63. Marks for this submission: 1/1..Question 10
  64. Marks: 1 The capitol of the Roman Empire moved in the 4th century, splitting the empire in two. What was the name of the new capital (before it was renamed) and who moved it?
  65. Choose one answer.   a. Paris; Louis XIV    
  66.   b. Byzantium; Justinian    
  67.   c. Byzantium; Constantine   correct  
  68.   d. Rome; Hadrian    
  69. .Correct
  70. Marks for this submission: 1/1..Question 11
  71. Marks: 1 The "Toreador" fresco (p. 418) was created by the _______ culture.
  72. Choose one answer.   a. Roman    
  73.   b. Neolithic    
  74.   c. Minoan   correct  
  75.   d. Greek    
  76. .Correct
  77. Marks for this submission: 1/1..Question 12
  78. Marks: 1 According to Buddhism, the release from worldly desires (p. 429) that ends the cycle of death and reincarnation and begins a state of permanent bliss is called:
  79. Choose one answer.   a. Buddha.    
  80.   b. nirvana.   correct  
  81.   c. ka.    
  82.   d. stupa.    
  83. .Correct
  84. Marks for this submission: 1/1..Question 13
  85. Marks: 1 The stele inscribed with the Law Code of Hammurabi (p. 412) was created by which Mesopotamian culture?
  86. Choose one answer.   a. Hittite    
  87.   b. Sumer    
  88.   c. Assyria    
  89.   d. Babylon   correct  
  90. .Correct
  91. Marks for this submission: 1/1..Question 14
  92. Marks: 1 The She-Wolf, later adopted by Romans as a symbol of their civilization, was, until recently, thought to have been made by ___________, who were famous for their metalwork.
  93. Choose one answer.   a. Etruscans   correct  
  94.   b. Greeks    
  95.   c. Sumerians    
  96.   d. Egyptians    
  97. .Correct
  98. Marks for this submission: 1/1..Question 15
  99. Marks: 1 One of the earliest surviving examples of a _______ lies at Sanchi, India.
  100. Choose one answer.   a. ka    
  101.   b. dostraka    
  102.   c. stupa   correct  
  103.   d. beehive tomb    
  104. .Correct
  105. Marks for this submission: 1/1..Question 16
  106. Marks: 1 When was Rome founded and by whom?
  107. Choose one answer.   a. in 753 B.C.E. by Romulus and Remus   correct  
  108.   b. in 338 B.C.E. by Alexander the Great    
  109.   c. in 20 B.C.E. by Augustus    
  110.   d. in 313 C.E. by Constantine    
  111. .Correct
  112. Marks for this submission: 1/1..Question 17
  113. Marks: 1 What was the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaton famous for?
  114. Choose one answer.   a. having the Pyramids at Giza built    
  115.   b. continuing the traditional Egyptian style in sculpture    
  116.   c. changing the traditional Egyptian religion and art for the only time during a 3000 year time period   correct  
  117.   d. a & b    
  118. .Correct
  119. Marks for this submission: 1/1..Question 18
  120. Marks: 1 Egyptian culture was dedicated to providing a home for the _______, which required that Egyptian artisans decorate tombs with paintings to be enjoyed after death (p. 413).
  121. Choose one answer.   a. emperor    
  122.   b. papyri    
  123.   c. ka   correct  
  124.   d. stele    
  125. .Correct
  126. Marks for this submission: 1/1..Question 19
  127. Marks: 1 The Great Stupa at Sanchi, India is a typical Buddhist structure. What purpose do they serve?
  128. Choose one answer.   a. they are residences for Buddhist monks    
  129.   b. they serve as Buddhist temples    
  130.   c. they house some of the ashes of the cremated Buddha and serve as devotional sites   correct  
  131.   d. they are tombs for Indian royalty    
  132. .Correct
  133. Marks for this submission: 1/1..Question 20
  134. Marks: 1 The colossal head found in La Venta, Mexico (p. 417) was created by the ___________.
  135. Choose one answer.   a. Toltec    
  136.   b. Aztec    
  137.   c. Olmec   correct  
  138.   d. Mixtec    
  139. .Correct
  140. Marks for this submission: 1/1..
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