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  1. Dear Colleagues,
  3. Due to my outrage concerning the disgusting attack of the (mostly)
  4. US astronomical community against Geoff Marcy, and the apparent
  5. lack of any counter movement against this madness, I would like to
  6. draw your attention to the danger of remaining silent in this
  7. situation.
  9. What we can gather from the newspapers and web sites discussing the
  10. issue, it is clear that the reaction of the community was unproportional,
  11. vicious, hypocritical and hysterical. The unleashed hate, clearly
  12. blowing out of proportion the weight of his behavior and leaving wide
  13. open space to any further accusation against anybody showing some level
  14. of casual interaction and furthermore, endanger normal and friendly
  15. contacts in the community and in the society, as a whole. I hope you
  16. recognize the great danger of accepting the total destruction of someone's
  17. undeniable contribution to science because of the hypocritical attitude
  18. the community seems to accept these days.
  20. Considering the pace of events, I think that the clock is ticking very
  21. quickly. If the mature and free-thinking part of the community does not
  22. act right now, I am sure that the game ends very quickly, and those who
  23. initiated this dirty, unethical and disgraceful attack, will win. Today
  24. Geoff, tomorrow you or me.
  26. Sincerely,
  28. Geza Kovacs, DSc
  29. Konkoly Observatory
  31. p.s.: You are free to circulate this letter to anybody you think might
  32.       be willing to act. This letter has been sent also to other
  33.       researchers.
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