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  2. Transcript of part of ALEX JONES Friday - 1/31/20
  4. 47:07
  5. Greg Reese: There are strange facts surrounding the coronavirus outbreak of 2020.
  6. In 2018, the Pirbright Institute was granted a patent for the coronavirus.
  7. The Pirbright Institute is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  8. On October 18th, 2019, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, along with John Hopkins [Center] and the World Economic Forum hosted Event 201 - a high level simulation in NYC.
  9. The simulation (which was held just 3 months ago) was based on the coronavirus.
  10. They concluded that it could kill 65 million people and decided the solution was to have a vaccine within months of an epidemic.
  11. The same week that the coronavirus makes headlines, Netflicks releases the docuseries 'PANDEMIC - HOW TO PREVENT AN OUTBREAK', wherein the solution is vaccines and the trusted hero is Bill Gates.
  12. Meanwhile, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation fund Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc to develop a coronavirus vaccine.
  13. It's weird, right?
  14. Or am I just a conspiracy theorist?
  15. What about this?
  16. 5G - an emerging technology upgrade that has many countries concerned about its impact on human health.
  17. Experts from all over the world warn of the dangers of 5G.
  18. In 2018, it was reported locally that Wuhan would be the test bed city for full 5G network operation in China.
  19. [ 48:48 Screenshot of ]
  20. The article went on to say that it would be fully operational by 2020
  21. And on Halloween of 2019, they turned it on
  22. [49:04 Screenshot of ]
  23. Scientists warned that 5G causes "flu-like symptoms"
  24. [49:09 Screenshot of
  25. Interesting?
  26. What is also interesting is that when trying to share the link of 5G being launched in Wuhan, Fecbook blocks you from doing so, because it violates their community guidelines.
  27. [ ie ]
  28. For, this is Greg Reese.
  30. 49:54
  31. AJ: There was an article
  32. [ Screenshot of ]
  33. Last week ??? meet the real Umbrella Corporation
  34. I'm not a huge Resident Evil fan.... but I've seen a couple of them.
  35. It's about an evil corporation that's called Umbrella
  36. But it's really the Red Cross of the secret societies
  37. [ Video clip starting from 50:26 ]
  38. Whoever wrote it was really smart because the Red Cross is actually the oldest operating intelligence agency, continual operating secret society that's ever been
  39. Theer are some that are older but they are not operating.
  40. Yeah, this is like the Umbrella Corporation
  41. Then my buddy Shane Steiner sent me this image and it says Umbrella Corporation (50:55)
  42. [ Similar image at ]
  43. The actual research laboratory where this happened has the exact same symbol.
  44. But instead of red and grey, it is green and grey.
  45. It's the exact same symbol.
  46. I go, "That's got to be a joke."
  47. CORONA translates to RACOON city and that ties back to the movie
  48. I went to look this up......
  49. I see this zerohedge article .... and go, "Hey! This is a really an evil corporation..It's just like the Resident Evil corporation."
  50. But I didn't even pay attention to the photo they had on there and the writing under it.
  51. I thought it was a joke.
  52. No, they really have the same symbol as the Resident Evil corporation.
  53. What in the world is going on?
  54. It's not just close
  55. [ 51:55 Screenshot of
  56. Gamerant: Gamers find scary connection betweem resident evil and coronavirus outbreak ]
  57. It's dead on.
  58. In fact, it's the same symbol.
  59. If you look at it in night vision view, ..... it's the exact symbol
  60. 52:12
  61. BTW, that's the symbol of a lot of secret societies.
  62. Some good, some bad, but that particular one is your Nazi.... Iron Cross
  63. All of it.
  64. Why would the ChiComs, in a known lab connected to the government buy a weapons development....
  65. Why in the hell would they have that symbol?
  66. Now I've got to look it up
  67. I've spent 10 mins this morning and couldn't find when they got that logo
  68. But it appears the company and the logo comes after Resident Evil
  69. 52:56
  70. So why would you pick the Resident Evil symbol of the evil corporation?
  71. Why? Why? This is big, folks.... because the globalists are obsessed with putting their fingerprints on it.
  72. ... US special forces in Vietnam - they leave the ace of spades when they kill somebody in the mouth so you know who did it
  73. Where this came from, a lot of experts believe in shadowy groups tied to the US military, tied to thefts in Canada of coronavirus genome, RNA, is now being tracked back to this company
  74. You've had 4 releases of coronaviruses before
  75. SARS is a coronavirus by Chinese labs
  76. But the Washington Post says, "Oh, you better not ask questions. That's a conspiracy theory."
  77. Well, here's Senator Cotton talking it yesterday
  78. 54:03
  79. "They also claimed for almost 2 months, until earlier this week, that it originated in a seafood market in Wuhan.
  80. That locals had contracted it from animals and say bat soup or snake tartare
  81. That is not the case.
  82. A Lancet published a study last weekend demonstrating that of the original 40 cases, 14 of them had no contact with the seafood market, including patient # 0.
  83. As one epidemiologist said, "That virus went into the seafood market before it came out of the seafood market.
  84. We still do not know where it originated.
  85. Could have been another seafood market.
  86. Could have been a farm.
  87. Could have been a food processing company.
  88. I would note ... that Wuhan also has, as China's only bio-safety level 4 super laboratory that works with the world's most deadly patogens to include yes, coronavirus
  90. 54:57 Screenshot of
  91. AJ: And he calls for shutting down all flights to the US.
  92. If it is as deadly as Lancet is saying, up to 15% death rate (which I don't believe) then you better damn well shut down flights from China
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