Lost CYOA: My Little Wizards: Shitposting is Magic

May 27th, 2013
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  1. >Today, school was pushing the "importance of extra curricular activites", and would be forcing everyone to go to at least one club today
  2. >You think to yourself, "fuck it," and duck into the classroom nearest to you, hoping to get it over with quickly
  3. >"Magic Club" is written on the chalkboard
  4. >A girl stands at the front, wearing a cape and fed- wizard's hat
  5. >She's even holding a wand
  6. >"This is not what I signed up for," you hear someone say as the push past you
  7. >"Yeah. I thought we were going to play some MTG. I'm out," another says, following, a deck of cards in hand
  8. >"Fine! Leave! See if Trixie cares," the girl says, frustrated
  9. >"Oh, you there!" she says, pointing to you, "Are you here to view the pinnacle of the illusory arts, performed by none other than the Great and Powerful Trixie? Or are you another one of those ridiculous "Yu-Gi-Oh" aficionados, or whatever they are?"
  10. >"Those Yu-Gi-Cunts can go fuck themselves. I'm much more interested in actual magic and illusions than I am in children's card games," you reply
  11. >Trixie's face puts on a wide grin, and she throws her arms up into the air, letting her cape flutter a bit as she does so
  12. >"Then welcome to the greatest experience of your life," she says rather bombastically
  13. >"Now, if Trixie may inquire, what is your name?"
  14. >"Femanon," you reply
  15. >The girl rubs her chin
  16. >"I knew a guy with a rather similar name, once," she says offhandedly
  17. >"Now, where to begin? You are the only one who's come for the right reasons, so you may choose where we start."
  18. >"Teach me how to make a tulpa," you ask
  19. >Trixie turns her head, staring at you with a very strange look
  20. >"You know, a tulpa. I've been researching on tulpae a lot recently, and I really, really want one. It's this Tibetan sort of thing, kind of like a cross between imaginary friend and spirit animal or some shit, I don't know..."
  21. >You continue to ramble on and on about wanting a tulpa
  22. >"Stop," you hear, interrupted, "Trixie wishes for you to stop. Please. I do not know about 'tulpa'. I am a wizard, not a crazy person. Now, please, if we can, let's begin somewhere sensible."
  23. >You curse inwardly; you really wanted to know how to make a tulpa
  24. >"Fine. Tell me about the history of magic"
  25. >"Ah, now that is indeed a good place to begin. You see..."
  26. >Your eyes bulge as she begins to go on, the words coming at you ceaselessly as she goes on and on about magic
  27. >"But, most importantly, I believe the art of magic is divided into two periods. The Pre and Post-Trixian eras. Now you get to watch history unfold before you. Awe inspiring, I know"
  28. >"Mm, very"
  29. >Trixie approaches you, arms crossed, and stares at you for a moment
  30. >"So, what interests you in Trixie's Magic Club?"
  31. >Wordlessly, you take a flute from your pocket
  32. >Your begin to play beautiful music, dark and secret, known only to the Celtic Witches
  33. >As you finish, Trixie looks rather nonplussed
  34. >"You are... One of us?" she stammers out
  35. >"Of course, sister"
  36. >Trixie grabs you, putting you in a bear hug
  37. >You hug her back, letting one of your hands make its way down to her ass, gently squeezing her plump bottom with your hand
  38. >"Femanon, what are you doing?"
  39. >Trixie breaks the hug, lightly pushing you away, again looking at you strangely
  40. >"That, uh, wasn't on purpose," you say
  41. >Trixie eyes you with incredulity
  42. >"Just, let's forget about that," you say, blushing
  43. >"Anyways, wanna grab a lunch together?"
  44. >The air is filled with an awkward silence
  45. >"Trixie does need to eat after this is all said and done, and it seems you are the only person to have come, so fine. Trixie shall lunch with you, Femanon."
  46. >"Uh, before we go, I was curious... What is your rank in the sisterhood?"
  47. >Trixie's posture instantly changes to one much more pompous, almost regal
  48. >"As of right now, the Great and Powerful Trixie is a Grand Magi! Someday, I aspire to be Grand Wizard. I just know it'll happen. And yourself?"
  49. >You sigh, scratching at the back of your head
  50. >"I'm just an initiate for now..."
  51. >Trixie puts her hand on your shoulder, pulling you next to her
  52. >"The realm of the Celtic Witches is an interesting one, is it not? You shall rise up the ranks in no time, I am sure. Truly, anyone who can see the brilliance of Trixie enough to come here is brilliant enough themselves."
  53. >You couldn't believe that a Grand Magi was in your presence
  54. >Your mind swirled with dark thoughts
  55. >If you killed her, you could take her badge and usurp her place in the sisterhood...
  56. >The untold powers of illusion and mysticism... All yours for the taking? She wouldn't expect a thing
  57. >"Ah, ambition! I like that in a person, Femanon."
  58. >"W-What?" you mumble out, your heart stopping in its place
  59. >"Killing me really would help you a great deal in your ascension. Though, I would advise against trying. Trixie's powers are far and above anything you could even begin to comprehend. It's the thought that counts, though," she says, a big smile on her face
  60. >"Ha ha, yeah..." you get out
  61. >Maybe it would be best not to try and kill her after all
  62. >"I just would like to say, Trixie, that you have quite a rack on you," you say in a completely nonsexual way
  63. >She nods, as if it were the most obvious statement she'd heard in weeks
  64. >"This Trixie knows. Trixie's body is a temple to excellence in the highest degree. Everyone knows that purity and physical perfection is needed to reach the highest levels of the sisterhood, and Trixie does intend on becoming a Grand Wizard," she replies
  65. >"Now, where is it that you would like for us to eat, Femanon?"
  66. >"Well, we co-"
  67. >"Ah. Trixie does indeed enjoy their food. Let us go, then"
  68. >You are, once again, completely flabbergasted by her powers
  69. >Of the few sisters you'd ever ha the chance to meet, Trixie was certainly the most powerful
  70. >Mind reading, after all, was a talent possessed by close to none, and most who did attain it only procured it after decades of training
  71. >A thought crosses your mind, that the greatest honor would be to carry her magical offspring
  72. >"Oh, Femanon. Trixie does like you, quite a great deal, really. If you would so accept it, Trixie would gladly impose her offspring upon you," she says with a smile
  73. >"However, the ritual is dangerous. And you do know the kinds of unholy spawn that will be brought into this world from our dark pact, no?"
  74. >"I've never heard of anything like that when it came to sisterly inception..."
  75. >"Oh, well, Trixie just assumes. Trixie's powers are great and powerful, beyond comprehension even by myself at times. Of course my mystic seed would only sow destruction upon the earth," she says matter of factly
  76. >You simply nod
  77. >"Even so... I still wish to bear your children," you say
  78. >"Trixie knows. You are ambitious. Carrying my offspring within you would surely increase your rank. I do not know the effects myself, so perhaps even magical prowess as well."
  79. >The bell rings, signaling the day's end
  80. >"Perfect," Trixie states, "Meet me outside, Femanon"
  81. >With that, she packs her things and leaves
  82. >You stand, dumbfounded, still trying to realize what it is you've stumbled upon, or what it is you've gotten yourself into
  83. >Once you gather yourself a bit, you leave and see Trixie standing outside of what seems to be an old, weather-worn carriage
  84. >"The ritual shall take place in here," she says to you
  85. >Trixie opens the door, leading you into the carriage
  86. >Your mouth drops as you enter
  87. >Stepping inside, your find yourself at the foot of a staircase, long stretches of hallway to your right and left
  88. >Holding your hand, Trixie pulls you along up the stairs
  89. >Making many twists and turns, you eventually come upon a dark, oaken door
  90. >Trixie pushes it open, and the two of you step inside a dim room, lit by a few candles placed in a circle on the floor
  91. >You can make out faint glyphs in the candlelight, ringing the walls of the room
  92. >"So, uh, what do I do?"
  93. >Trixie closes the door behind her before turning to you
  94. >"Well, to start off, you must be naked. That much is obvious, as this is a fertility ritual," she says
  95. >You nod, and begin to undress
  96. >Bringing your hands to your skirt, you quickly shimmy out of it, letting it drop to the floor
  97. >Next, you turn to your blouse, pulling it up off over your head
  98. >Unclasping your bra, your breasts jiggle freely in the cold air of the room
  99. >Finally pulling down your panties, they hit the ground as you turn back to Trixie, blushing
  100. >"Trixie likes what she sees," she says, smirking
  101. >"Now, you must lay down inside the circle for us to truly begin"
  102. >You walk over to the circle, the candles causing the shadows to seemingly dance as the fire flickers
  103. >Laying yourself down, you close your eyes
  104. >A deep murmur, silent yet powerful, begins to fill the room around you, and faint chanting starts to fade in from nothingness
  105. >The chanting gets louder and louder, and you feel the ground beneath you tremble and quake
  106. >It must be Trixie, you think, though the voice is chanting with an unworldly timbre in a language you cannot understand
  107. >You feel a slashing at your wrists, your life leaving you, pooling around you in a warm puddle
  108. >A wave of pain streaks through your body as you feel something expand within you, crushing bone as it writhes within your body
  109. >Excrutiating pain lashes out at you, going on for what seems like an eternity as you beg for it to end
  110. >Suddenly, everything stops
  111. >"Femanon?"
  112. >Your eyes slowly open, and you see Trixie staring down on you
  113. >All the pain you had felt was gone now
  114. >You spring your hands in front of you, examining them
  115. >Everything is as it should be
  116. >Trixie helps you up to your feet
  117. >"In a few weeks, you will give birth. Trixie cannot promise it will be as pleasant," she says, holding a hand against your flat stomach
  118. >You exhale deeply, the being within you already seeming to drain your energy noticeably even in its early stages
  119. >However, you feel... Stronger, magically
  120. >"I can't imagine anything being much worse than what just happened..."
  121. >"You won't have to imagine it," Trixie replies
  122. >You look down at your stomach, realizing you are still naked from the ritual, and blush
  123. >However, something else catches your eye, causing you to recoil
  124. >"Oh, Trixie forgot to mention possible side effects. I'm unsure if the phallus is permanent. It's rather becoming on you though, so don't fret too much. Dark and powerful fertility magics do odd things sometimes," Trixie says with a slightly bemused shrug
  125. >You poke at your new organ timidly, frightened by its sudden appearance
  126. >It engorges, expanding
  127. >You freak out, panicked, having absolutely no idea what to do
  128. >The only thing you do know, is that you want to stick your new found member... In basically everything everywhere
  129. >Trixie's body has now taken on a much more sensual form as you perceive it, and the thought of putting it in her crosses your mind
  130. >"I'm afraid not, Femanon. You don't get to be a wizard of Trixie's power by having sexual encounters willy-nilly every time one grows a new body part. You know Trixie's ambitions, so Trixie must politely decline."
  131. >Trixie must be out of her mind if she thinks you'll take no for an answer
  132. >You pounce on her, pushing her down to the floor, pinning her
  133. >"W-What?! My magic!" she yells
  134. >You violently pull her pants down, revealing her virgin body
  135. >"P-Please stop, Femanon..."
  136. >You cackle, a manic smile plastered on your face
  137. >You blink, and she's gone, your body hovering over empty floor
  138. >"Really, Femanon? It was somewhat humorous to watch, but please, you know that Trixie is the master of illusions. That was still very cute though," she says with a grin, putting her hands against her face as if she were looking on a small kitten
  139. >You feel completely overwhelmed by the days events, not to mention the fact that you've added 'baby' and 'penis' to your body
  140. >You collapse onto the ground, completely blacked out
  141. >What seems like only a moment later, you open your eyes
  142. >"Welcome back to the land of the living, Femanon. Most stay in their comas for far longer than two days," you hear as your eyes flutter open
  143. >Looking down along your body, you can already see your belly forming a noticeable, if slight, bump
  144. >You clench at your chest, wracked with pain
  145. >You're starving
  146. >"I think we might go do that lunch thing, now. Where was it you wanted to go? And by the way, I'm sorry if your clothes don't fit so well anymore, what with the new appendage."
  147. >As soon as she mentions lunch, a five dollar footlong pops into mind
  148. >"Well, Subway it is!" Trixie says, "We'll go once you're ready"
  149. >She leaves the room, lightly closing the door behind her
  150. >You get out of bed, still completely naked, and spot your clothes on a nightstand
  151. >Looking down at yourself, you notice that you have an erection and frown
  152. >You put on your clothes, scowling as your skirt bulges forward as your dick pokes out from your panties
  153. >God damn it
  154. >You trust that it'll be gone by the time you get to Subway, and leave with Trixie
  155. >"I'll have a Meatball Marinara, and she'll just have a BLT," Trixie says as she orders for the both of you
  156. >You get your food and sit down next to each other
  157. >"Our child shall be very powerful..." Trixie states, pressing her hand against your stomach
  158. >You look over at her somewhat deviously as you eye her body before shaking your head, trying to keep those thoughts at bay
  159. >Doing so is harder than you'd expected, though
  160. >"Why don't we test out this new addition to my body?" you say almost thoughtlessly
  161. >Trixie laughs
  162. >"I've seen others afflicted by this in the past, but none ever so badly as you. It's adorable."
  163. >You blush, embarrassed
  164. >You continue to eat beside Trixie, your meal almost finished
  165. >Once you're done, you wait for Trixie to finish and throw away her food for her
  166. >"Thanks, Femanon," she says with a soft smile
  167. >You take her hand, lightly laying your lips on its back
  168. >She blushes, and you blush right back at her
  169. >"Femanon..."
  170. >"Let's go back to my place," you say
  171. >"You know that-"
  172. >"I know, I know. Just, c'mon, no ulterior motives"
  173. >Trixie nods and follows you to your house
  174. >"My... It's quite large, Femanon"
  175. >"Well, I owe that to my parents... My butler raises me now that they've passed..." you say, trying to suppress the memories of your parents' shooting outside the opera so many years ago
  176. >You lead her inside, showing her your parents' vast collections of artifacts and paintings, before making your way to your room
  177. >"That's quite a bed," Trixie says
  178. >"Very spacious. Maybe too spacious for one person..." you say, "But what I really wanted to show you was what I've been collecting lately," you say, pointing her to your collection of books
  179. >"Femanon! Are these what I think they are?"
  180. >You nod
  181. >"The Ancient texts of the Sisterhood of the Celtic Witches. Many of them at least. I started looking for these a long time before I joined..." you say
  182. >"May Trixie peruse your collection? Trixie's powers would surely have something to gain from doing so"
  183. >"Yes, but..." you say, "You must teach me some of your more powerful spells. Something!"
  184. >Trixie scratches at her chin
  185. >"This is fine with Trixie. What is it that you would like to learn? Few things are too big to ask the Great and Powerful Trixie, so simply ask away, Femanon."
  186. >"Orgasm enhancing spell would do the trick," you say
  187. >Trixie bursts out laughing, rolling on the floor as tears form on her eyes
  188. >"Of all the things!" Trixie says through laughter, "You're really letting that thing speak for you way too much, Femanon."
  189. >After collecting herself, Trixie takes a deep breath and stands back up
  190. >"Fine. Trixie will teach you. Trixie assumes you have a basic grasp of magic. All you must do is focus all your energy into your, well, I guess you have a choice in the matter, but focus it into whatever organ you want as you orgasm"
  191. >She rolls her eyes
  192. >"Trixie is a bit disappointed. That's a relatively basic skill. I was opening up powers cosmic to you, you know."
  193. >Without thinking, you begin to focus your magic on your crotch
  194. >Suddenly, another cock springs up
  195. >You yelp, falling onto your ass
  196. >Trixie laughs, trying to keep herself from falling back onto the floor
  197. >"F-Femanon! J-Just... Wow."
  198. >"Fix it!"
  199. >"Don't worry, it'll go away in a minute or two. But do be more careful," Trixie says, trying to hold back riotous laughter
  200. >"If you want, we may have time for one more lesson. Otherwise, I hope you do know we are having a sisterhood meeting soon. Those don't happen often, so we'd better attend"
  201. >"No, it's fine, it's fine," you say, "I'll just get ready for tonight."
  202. >"Trixie will wait here, then"
  203. >You make your way to your bathroom and undress as you run a warm bath
  204. >Once the tub is filled, you slip your self in, feeling your muscles relax in the hot water
  205. >Your hand brushes against your dick, and you jump, still startled by its existence
  206. >"I shouldn't do this..." you think to yourself as you weigh on whether or not to toy around with your new part
  207. >You feel around your crotch, noticing that the second dick had already dissipated, as Trixie said it would
  208. >Nervously, you begin to stroke yourself, focusing your thoughts onto your new member
  209. >The sensation is alien, and you find yourself moaning loudly as your mind is overloaded with pleasure
  210. >The next thing you know, you're covered in your own semen
  211. >You spit some of it out of your mouth, and try to wash yourself off
  212. >"Is everything okay in there?"
  213. >"Uh, sure..."
  214. >"You know I know. No point in lying, Femanon"
  215. >You shrug in the tub and sigh
  216. >The water wasn't warm enough
  217. >Your dick felt raw
  218. >Trixie's body called for you
  219. >If only you could get rid of this stupid thing and have some fun with Trixie
  220. >"Wishing for things doesn't make them happen, Femanon. Now get ready. We've got a meeting to go to."
  221. >You shrug
  222. >Getting up from the tub, you dry yourself off and scrounge around for some clothing
  223. >Finally, you find your Initiate's Robe, a rather graceful piece of clothing if you didn't say so yourself
  224. >However, the fact that you now had a noticeable bulge in the crotch region was a bit frustrating
  225. >You put on your large wizard hat, ready for a night on the town
  226. >Damn you looked good
  227. >"Ready?" Trixie asks
  228. >"Ready"
  229. >The two of you begin walking, Trixie leading the way to the meeting
  230. >As the two of you walk about, you focus all of your energy on attempting to read Trixie's mind
  231. >Through all the strain, you're able to pick up faint images, though nothing concrete
  232. >Trixie laughs
  233. >"You know, Trixie doesn't think this is the best use of your time. It's of no use," she says
  234. >Regardless, you push on, and Trixie simply rolls her eyes
  235. >Eventually, you do get a flicker of something in your mind's eye
  236. >It's you, naked
  237. >Trixie blushes
  238. >"Trixie underestimated you... But let's get on with the meeting," she says, knocking on a brick wall
  239. >The wall opens up, leading to a large room with a large round table in the middle
  240. >Women are milling about, all of them in wizard's robes
  241. >"Welcome, Grand Magi," one of the women says, bowing as Trixie passes
  242. >She brings you near the table, stopping
  243. >Trixie turns and begins to make smallchat with you
  244. >An itching feeling begins in your breasts, but you try to push it out of mind, along with the life burgeoning inside of you
  245. >You notice that no one has yet taken a seat
  246. >"THE GRAND WIZARD HAS ARRIVED" is bellowed by the crier, and the room goes silent
  247. >A woman in long robes, cloaked by her hood, walks into the room and sits down at the table
  248. >Trixie takes your hand and sits you down next to her
  249. >More follow, until each seat is filled
  250. >"We should not have met until the next winter solstice," the Grand Wizard says, "However, I have come upon a very valuable possession in the world next ours."
  251. >You squirm a bit in your seat as the itching on your chest continues
  252. >Looking down, you see your breasts have grown noticeably larger
  253. >The women around the table gasp as you hear a clanking sound
  254. >Looking up, you see that the Grand Wizard has thrown a crown into the center of the table
  255. >"We finally have the means of fulfilling our aeons old goal. It was hidden away, well, but not well enough"
  256. >You swallow and let out a quiet breath, trying to keep the itching in your breasts out of mind
  257. >You feel the fabric of your robes beginning to stretch, almost fray, but keep your head raised in a vain attempt to keep it out of mind
  258. >However, the swelling in your chest continues
  259. >You feel your bra snap, causing heads to turn your way as the Grand Wizard speaks
  260. >Finally, your robe rends itself at your bosom with a loud rip, your enlarged breasts plopping onto the table in front of you
  261. >Everything is silent, and you find everyone staring at you
  262. >You blush, trying to cover yourself up with your arms
  263. >"What is the meaning of this?" the Grand Wizard asks
  264. >"Uh... I..." you stutter, unable to answer
  265. >"I have half a mind to put you to death for simply interrupting me, initiate."
  266. >"That's probably all the mind you got," you retort
  267. >A murmur moves about the table as the witches gasp at your words
  268. >The cloaked coven head raises a hand, and once more the room goes still
  269. >"Initiate, I-"
  270. >"Grand Wizard, this is somewhat Trixie's fault," Trixie interrupts
  271. >"Of course it is, Grand Magi Trixie. Of course it is."
  272. >"Trixie would just like to expl-"
  273. >The Grand Wizard waves her hand, and Trixie ceases to speak, slumping down her chair, looking almost frightened
  274. >"This gathering here is of the utmost importance. You two have made a mockery of our traditions here. Explain to me, initiate, why I should not simply destroy you where you sit and go on with business?"
  275. >All eyes are on you, waiting for an answer
  276. >You sit, silent
  277. >You try to think of something to say in response, but the itch in your chest is overwhelming
  278. >Gradually, though visibly, your breasts were still expanding
  279. >Futilely, you try to stop them by just wrapping your arms around your breasts and pushing against them
  280. >You were starting to look like a god damned Necromancer
  281. >"U-Uh..." you stammer out
  282. >"You are trying my patience!" the Grand Wizard shouts, banging her fist on the table
  284. ***
  286. At this point, the thread dies. 'Twas shitposting that killed the beast. After this point, CYOA is getting clamped down on. Sorry folks.
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