Indecent Invitation

Nov 7th, 2013
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  1. >Day Indecent Invitation in Equestria.
  2. >”Ah don’t know, Anon.” Applebloom frowns. “Diamond Tiara barely talks to you. Why would she invite you to her sleepover party?”
  3. “It wouldn’t be polite to ignore the invitation.”
  4. >You haven’t told your foster sister that you already agreed to go.
  5. >”Well why did she invite you and not me?”
  6. >There it is.
  7. >You can’t help but smirk.
  8. “You’re just jealous.”
  9. >”Ahm not!”
  10. >You quickly snatch the card from her hoof.
  11. >”Hey!”
  12. >You ignore Applebloom and look over the invitation.
  13. >It is perfumed and clearly made of high quality paper.
  14. >You run your thumb over the raised lettering.
  15. “Maybe she thinks that I’m cooler than you.”
  16. >”She wouldn’t think that if she lived with you,” Applebloom huffs.
  17. >The Apple family has been good to you, but they aren’t very well off.
  18. >Diamond Tiara on the other hand has more money than you can shake a stick at.
  19. >If you play your cards right you might even get connections to the rich ponies.
  20. >You imagine yourself moving on up.
  21. >Maybe somewhere on the east side.
  22. >Yes, Anon.
  23. >You will finally get a piece of the pie.
  24. >
  25. >It’s a long walk up the cobblestone driveway.
  26. >Your warm breath makes mist in the cold air.
  27. >It’s supposed to snow later tonight, but right now there are only flurries.
  28. >Diamond’s mansion is even better than you imagined.
  29. >It sits on the top of a hill overlooking Ponyville.
  30. >The grounds are covered with elaborate shrubbery and marble statues.
  31. >A light layer of snow makes it all look even better.
  32. >You follow the invitation’s instructions and walk past the mansion.
  33. >In the distance you see a smaller house.
  34. >It has its own ornate decorations.
  35. >It kind of looks like a guest house that was converted to a play area for Diamond.
  36. >The colors are exaggerated.
  37. >Everything is bright pink.
  38. >Of course you should be used to that now.
  39. >You’ve been living here for … a year?
  40. >Time just flies by.
  41. 1/9
  42. >Before you can knock on the door, it opens.
  43. >”Hi Anon!” Diamond says a little too enthusiastically.
  44. “Hi.”
  45. >”Come on in.”
  46. >The door opens wider and you enter.
  47. >Silver jumps up from the couch, and brings over a silver tray of treats.
  48. >”We’ve got snacks.”
  49. >You take a cookie from the tray.
  50. >
  51. >An hour later
  52. >Silver is sitting by the window waiting for guests.
  53. >The snow is starting to pick up.
  54. >”I don’t think anypony else is coming,” Silver frowns.
  55. >”The invitation must have been wrong. You always screw things up!”
  56. >”I wrote exactly what you wanted,” Silver responds defiantly.
  57. >”Then why isn’t anypony here?”
  58. >”How would I know?”
  59. “They probably think they aren’t cool enough to hang out with you,” you say while chewing on some chips.
  60. >Diamond Tiara thinks it over for a bit.
  61. >”You’re probably right.”
  62. >She slumps beside the roaring fireplace.
  63. >You and Silver join her.
  64. >”Don’t get worked up over it. I’ve got something that will make you forget all about those dumb ponies.”
  65. >Silver twists around pulls over her pack.
  66. >She reveals several bottles of alcohol.
  67. >”Ta da”
  68. >”How did you get those?”
  69. >”Dad wasn’t around so I took them. He has plenty more. He won’t notice.”
  70. >Diamond jumps up and returns with three cups.
  71. >She greedily watches as Silver pours three generous servings.
  72. >They both slam their drinks quickly.
  73. >You give your glass a smell.
  74. >It’s strong stuff.
  75. >”Why aren’t you drinking?” Silver asks as she pours herself more.
  76. >”Don’t you want to be cool, Anon?” Diamond Tiara smirks.
  77. >Part of you wants to tell her that you shouldn’t be drinking alcohol.
  78. 2/9
  79. >But that part of you is a loser.
  80. >Diamond is clearly a winner.
  81. >Do it.
  82. >You take a sip and immediately you choke it back up.
  83. >Some of the alcohol is still in your mouth and you force yourself to swallow it.
  84. “Smooth.”
  85. >Diamond and Silver laugh loudly at you.
  86. >You can feel your cheeks turning red in embarrassment.
  87. >”Is that your first time?” Silver asks after regaining her composure.
  88. “I’ve drank plenty of times,” you lie.
  89. >”Suuuuurrreeee,” Diamond mocks.
  90. >”He’s just not used to it. You should try drinking it with some apple juice.”
  91. >Silver Spoon gets up and brings back a large cup of ice and a bottle of juice.
  92. >As she evenly divides up the ice and pours another drink she explains.
  93. >”This is called an Apple Twist. The trick is to pour just enough juice to cover up the alcohol taste.”
  94. >She pushes a glass with the mixture toward you.
  95. >You take it and again smell the drink.
  96. >Their faces seem to egg you on – daring you to drink it.
  97. >You cautiously take a sip.
  98. >This time you don’t gag.
  99. “It tastes pretty good.”
  100. >They cheer in unison.
  101. >You quickly slam down the drink to match their alcohol intake.
  102. >”Let’s get this party started!”
  103. >
  104. >Two hours later.
  105. >Silver has been drinking straight from the bottle.
  106. >She is clearly on the verge of passing out.
  107. >You and Diamond on the other hand have been drinking mixed drinks.
  108. >”Is she always like this?”
  109. >Whoa.
  110. >Was that you?
  111. >It sounds like you except your voice has slowed down.
  112. >”What do you mean?” Diamond asks.
  113. “She’s like… about to fall asleep.”
  114. >”Yeah. She always drinks too fast.”
  115. >Diamond pokes Silver with a hoof.
  116. >”Hey. Hey!”
  117. >Silver opens an eye slowly.
  118. >”Wake up!”
  119. >”Ah ahm fukeeng awaqe,” Silver mutters before closing her eyes again.
  120. >”Such language,” Diamond laughs.
  121. >You take turns doing this.
  122. 3/9
  123. >Diamond pokes much more forcefully than you.
  124. >You lightly poke Silver Spoon.
  125. >She is really soft.
  126. >Each time Silver responds angrier but always returns to sleep.
  127. >This goes on for about 15 minutes before Silver gets up and stumbles to a guest room.
  128. >”Yoo gheuys ahre ash-ols.”
  129. >You hear a door closing behind her.
  130. “She is druuuunk.”
  131. >”So are you.”
  132. “Am not. I could drink all night if I wanted,” you lie.
  133. >One more and you would probably be no better off than Silver.
  134. >”How many hooves am I holding up?”
  135. >Diamond rolls on her back and lifts up her front hooves.
  136. >You know she is only holding up two, but it looks like three.
  137. >When you close one eye you can clearly see two.
  138. “Two.”
  139. >She smiles at this.
  140. >”Let’s have another drink then.”
  141. >You move a hand to stop her.
  142. >She pulls away suddenly when your hand touches to hoof.
  143. >Her normally pink cheeks glow red.
  144. >She must not like getting touched.
  145. “Sorry,” you mumble.
  146. >”It’s alright. I, uh… overreacted,” she says before smiling.
  147. >You both sit in silence for a moment.
  148. >“The fire could use another log,” Diamond says finally.
  149. >You reach over and add to the fire.
  150. >A few seconds later it starts glowing brighter.
  151. “So what do you want to do now?”
  152. >She ignores your question.
  153. >”Do you have a special somepony?”
  154. >Where did that come from?
  155. >She stays silent, waiting for your answer.
  156. “I’m between girlfriends.”
  157. >”Me too,” she says before correcting herself. “Between special someponies I mean.”
  158. >You don’t know what to say, so you say nothing.
  159. >Both of you are mesmerized by the fire.
  160. >”I think you might be cool enough to hang out with me more often.”
  161. >This is your chance, Anon.
  162. >If you become her friend then anything is possible.
  163. “Might be?”
  164. >”Well… you have to prove yourself first.”
  165. >There is always a catch isn’t there?
  166. “What did you have in mind?”
  167. 4/9
  168. >She smirks at this and scoots a bit closer.
  169. >Almost like she is about to tell you a secret.
  170. >”How many ponies have you dated?”
  171. >You have to think back.
  172. >There was that one girl.
  173. >You went out with her twice but it never went anywhere.
  174. >What was her name?
  175. >Dinky?
  176. >Better lie.
  177. ”Three girls.”
  178. >Diamond nods in approval.
  179. >”Three isn’t bad. How far did you get with them?”
  180. >She moves a bit closer.
  181. >You can feel the heat of her breath.
  182. >She smells like bubblegum.
  183. >Her right hoof is barely touching your pinky finger.
  184. >Now what?
  185. >Better keep lying.
  186. >It’s worked so far.
  187. “Well… a lady never asks, and a gentleman never tells.”
  188. >Holy shit where did that come from?
  189. >That’s what you call suave.
  190. >You really are moving on up.
  191. >”Don’t be coy with me, Anon. I bet you never even kissed a pony.”
  192. >Again she moves closer.
  193. >She places her hoof over your hand.
  194. >Now she is leaning against you.
  195. “Sure I have.”
  196. >Diamond smiles at this.
  197. >”Why don’t you prove it to me?”
  198. >Her eyes move between your eyes and your lips.
  199. >Like she can’t decide which to look at.
  200. “I don–“
  201. >Before you can react, Diamond presses her lips against yours.
  202. >Just a peck.
  203. >She pulls away slowly.
  204. >Her half-lidded eyes wait for your reaction.
  205. >She just stole your first kiss.
  206. >And you kind of liked it.
  207. >”What do you think?”
  208. >Try to act cool.
  209. >Play it off.
  210. >Just do anything.
  211. “I liked it.”
  212. >You can’t help the goofy smile creeping across your face.
  213. >Again she moves toward you.
  214. >Much more slowly this time.
  215. >You meet her halfway.
  216. >Your lips lock.
  217. >A hoof makes light circles on your chest.
  218. >She pulls away slightly to press her nose against yours.
  219. >You move involuntarily against her.
  220. >Her small body pushes against you, demanding attention.
  221. >Your arm moves by itself to pull her closer.
  222. 5/9
  223. >A light moan lets you know that she approves of your more assertive actions.
  224. >She moves her head to the side.
  225. >Her cheek brushes against yours.
  226. >”You need more practice,” she whispers.
  227. >Though there isn’t anyone around, you whisper back.
  228. “I know.”
  229. >She giggles at this.
  230. >It’s playful.
  231. >You can tell that she isn’t making fun of you.
  232. >She just thinks that it’s cute.
  233. >Diamond rocks her head a bit, as if she is deciding how far to take this.
  234. >Finally she makes her decision.
  235. >”I can teach you,” she smiles.
  236. >Her hooves lower from the embrace toward your waist.
  237. >One slips under your shirt.
  238. >She makes a small heart shape before lifting up.
  239. >Your hand moves to stop her.
  240. “I don’t think I’m ready for that.”
  241. >”It’ll be fun, Anon,” she purrs.
  242. “I know, but… I can’t do that until I am married.”
  243. >She smirks at this.
  244. >”You have to learn, Anon. That way you won’t disappoint your wife.”
  245. “I – “
  246. >She kind of makes sense.
  247. “I can’t do it.”
  248. >You shake your head for emphasis.
  249. >Your eyes are down cast.
  250. >”I thought you were cool, Anon,” she says slightly disappointed. “I guess I was wrong.”
  251. >Her voice pierces you.
  252. >Diamond gets up slowly and walks toward the door.
  253. >”Thanks for dropping by.”
  254. >When it opens, the cold air rushes in.
  255. >Now there is nearly a half foot of snow outside.
  256. “You’re kicking me out?”
  257. >She shrugs as if what you shared meant nothing to her.
  258. >”You’ll be fine.”
  259. >The wind howls.
  260. >Snow forces its way inside.
  261. >And still Diamond remains firm.
  262. “You can’t do this. It’s freezing outside.”
  263. >She puts a hoof to her chin.
  264. >”You might be able to convince me that you’re cool enough to stick around.”
  265. “I’m not doing that.”
  266. >But your conviction is gone.
  267. >”Good bye, Anon,” Diamond says more forcefully.
  268. “I – I’ll die out there,” you plead.
  269. >She is unmoved.
  270. >It isn’t that bad, right?
  271. >You can do this.
  272. 6/9
  273. >No.
  274. >You have to stay tonight.
  275. >Who knows, you might even like it.
  276. >Saving yourself for marriage is old fashioned, right?
  277. >Only -
  278. >”I’m waiting,” Diamond snarls.
  279. >Only old people saved themselves.
  280. >And what do they know anyway?
  281. >You have to stay.
  282. >Yes.
  283. >You have to stay.
  284. “I want to learn,” you lie.
  285. >Diamond smiles at this.
  286. >When the door closes her demeanor returns.
  287. >”Take off your shirt,” she says softly.
  288. >As if speaking to a lover.
  289. >You do as she says.
  290. >Your hands easily lift off your shirt.
  291. >As if sensing that you are cold, Diamond throws more wood into the fireplace.
  292. >”That wasn’t so hard, was it?” She coos.
  293. >She presses herself against your bare chest.
  294. >Her nostrils flare as she inhales deeply.
  295. >A contented sigh escapes from her.
  296. >Diamond pushes on your chest slightly.
  297. >You comply with her unspoken request and lay back on the rug.
  298. >She grabs a few throw pillows from the couch and places them beside you.
  299. >Diamond positions herself over you.
  300. >Her lips move towards yours but you move away slightly.
  301. >Diamond kisses your cheek lightly before lowering herself.
  302. >She makes a trail of kisses on your chest.
  303. >With each touch she moves lower.
  304. >Her hooves find their way under your waist band.
  305. >Though you want to stop her you know that you have to let this happen.
  306. >Against your own will, your hips move to help Diamond.
  307. >It only takes a moment to remove your last line of defense.
  308. >The pants are carelessly discarded beside you.
  309. >Diamond presses her snout against your manhood.
  310. >She relishes your scent.
  311. >”This will be fun, Anon. I promise.”
  312. 7/9
  313. >She rubs her nose against you to savor the moment.
  314. >Finally she gives you the slightest kiss.
  315. >Like she is promising to be gentle for your first time.
  316. >Diamond’s mouth lowers.
  317. >Her lips lightly tug on you.
  318. >Her tongue makes small circles on your crown.
  319. >You let out a low moan.
  320. >Diamond chuckles slightly.
  321. >The vibrations excite you even more.
  322. >You can feel yourself growing.
  323. >Di gets into a rhythm.
  324. >Her warm maw moves back and forth.
  325. >Your breathing becomes heavier.
  326. >You’ve never felt something like this.
  327. >Each movement sends tingling sensations throughout your body.
  328. >Diamond adjusts herself and looks up to you.
  329. >”See? I knew you would enjoy this.”
  330. >You want to tell her that this isn’t right, but you cant.
  331. >Your hips move to meet her when she resumes.
  332. >She knows that you are close and presses against you.
  333. >Your hips move on their own.
  334. >Both arms grab her.
  335. >With the leverage you pump into her several times.
  336. >You let out a low grunt and allow the waves of pleasure to rock your body.
  337. >You can feel yourself being emptied.
  338. >Diamond tries to pull away, but your hands keep her in place.
  339. >After a moment you let her go.
  340. >She makes a show of swallowing your seed before displaying an empty mouth.
  341. >”And you wanted to go home…” Di teases.
  342. “You were right.”
  343. >You close your eyes to relax, but Diamond isn’t satisfied.
  344. >”Don’t go to sleep yet. That was just an appetizer.”
  345. >She lays on her back and shows you everything.
  346. >Her winking button demands attention.
  347. >Though you were feeling tired just a moment ago, you feel compelled to see this through.
  348. >As if by instinct you move over her.
  349. >Your arms embrace Diamond and her legs move just over your hips.
  350. >Her heavy breathing excites you even more.
  351. >”I’m usually on top, but I felt like giving you a treat.”
  352. >Your lips touch hers.
  353. 8/9
  354. >A hoof moves to hold you close.
  355. >As you enter her she breaks the kiss to gasp.
  356. >She’s tight.
  357. >”Keep going.”
  358. >You’ve come too far to deny her now.
  359. >You can feel her taking every bit of you.
  360. >She’s so warm.
  361. >You shouldn’t have put this off.
  362. >You press into her again and again.
  363. >Her hips move to match yours.
  364. >Though you know better it almost feels like she is being submissive.
  365. >Like she is yours.
  366. >Her body locks into place.
  367. >A hoof stops you.
  368. >She lets out a low moan.
  369. >Her body shakes slightly.
  370. “Did you just?”
  371. >She smiles and nods.
  372. >A few seconds later you resume.
  373. >She protests slightly, but you can’t help yourself.
  374. >You’re lost inside her.
  375. >Diamond’s winking button synchronizes with your movements.
  376. >She clenches against you.
  377. >You’re at your limit.
  378. >Your arms pull her closer and your pace quickens.
  379. >Soon the same feeling from earlier comes back.
  380. >You press into her and release your seed.
  381. >She squirms slightly, but you keep her in place.
  382. >Before you roll off of her you give her a deep kiss.
  383. >Diamond pulls away from you and closes her eyes - basking in the afterglow.
  384. >The worst part is that she was right.
  385. >You did enjoy it.
  386. >Was it just a fling or something more?
  387. >Part of you needs to know.
  388. >You take a deep breath to build up your confidence.
  389. “Are we going out now?”
  390. >Diamond turns to you slowly.
  391. >”What?”
  392. “Well we –“
  393. >You stop yourself.
  394. >She just wanted to use you.
  395. >Diamond gives you a confused look.
  396. >”You thought…” she starts giggling.
  397. >You frown at her.
  398. >”Oh, you’re serious.”
  399. >She thinks it over for a moment.
  400. >Diamond moves closer to you.
  401. >She places her head on your chest.
  402. >An arm cradles her closer.
  403. >She takes a deep breath.
  404. >”We can try.”
  405. fin
  406. 9/9
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