Aug 26th, 2017
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  1. ♢ H O L A H O L A ♢
  2. USERNAME : @crybabyjoon
  5. ♢ C H E R R Y B O M B ♢
  6. FULL NAME : Oh Shiwoo
  8. NICKNAME(S) :
  9. — "big oh" ; the way he flirts with his classmates is calling himself big oh, usually being very explicit, and it has followed him since then.
  10. — "shiwoah" ; because he's so confident and usually surprises many, he was given the nickname by those close to him and acquaintances
  11. — "shoo" ; yet again because of his flirtatious personality, also because he was very active and energetic, people would say this nickname when he showed up. sometimes used as a cute nickname to bother him.
  13. BIRTHDAY + AGE : November 19, 2000 + 17
  15. BIRTHPLACE : daegu, south korea
  16. HOMETOWN : seoul, south korea
  18. GENDER : male
  19. SEXUALITY : gay
  21. NATIONALITY : korean
  22. ETHNICITY : asian
  24. ♢ C R I T I C A L B E A U T Y ♢
  25. FACE CLAIM + BACKUP : giriboy + sam kim
  27. OCCUPATION : waiter at high class restaurant
  29. EDUCATION : last year in high school
  30. (not sure if I should say a senior? in twelfth grade? because it's different in other places...)
  33. — korean ; 100% fluent ; grew up in korea and is korean, it being his first and only language
  34. — spanish ; 80% conversational ; was given the chance to learn the language at school
  36. HEIGHT : 177 cm
  37. WEIGHT : 60 kg
  39. ♢ N E W T O N ♢
  41. — Oh Yoonwoo | 39 | father | high school vice principle | 8.5
  42. — Oh Siyeon | 39 | mother | doctor | 3
  43. — Oh Jiwoo | 14 | younger sister | high school student | 10
  45. BACKGROUND : at a young age, shiwoo was already a ladies man, always easily catching a girls attention and could make their heart beat like crazy in a matter of seconds. there was never a girl in which he couldn't have them following him around or smiling at him like wild. he was always flirtatious and had the biggest confidence anyone and everyone wants, at school he would be almost everyone's role model because he seemed so amazing. he had the girls swooning for him and the guys wanting to be his best buddy. he never thought much about guys, girls were always in his head, that is until he entered his first year of high school. you could say that he had taken a liking on not just teasing and making girls flustered but certain boys as well, he enjoyed making the small, innocent and cute boys shy and a flustered mess. sooner or later, shiwoo took a liking to boys, somehow dropping his likings in girls and his reputation of being flirtatious with schools female population piped down. his father, being the school's principle and all, was worried at how closs shiwoo seemed to boys rather than girls, speaking about the situation with shiwoo's mother. almost instantly, just as soon as shiwoo asked a boy to be his, the young teen was taken out of school because of how unaccepted his parents were. well, his mother was the one not accepting of her sons sexuality and their relationship instantly dropped. he loved through hell, always receiving a "coming home from your little gay parade?" or "a child of mine would never be such a disgusting thing." though he blocked many out because of his mothers words, his younger sister and fathers appreciative words and love made him love himself for who he is sooner or later, and figured out how to ignore his mothers insults.
  48. MEME-ISH
  49. "yo, jiwoo look at the memes I just saved last night, gold, aren't they?" he's odd in a type of way, when he isn't trying to pull someone under his arm to force them to fall for him. yes, he's almost always on someone's ass, wanting to give them a good tease, but he's genuinely someone who just wants to lay back and show you his collection of memes. given the fact that he has a folder in his gallery that says 'LIT ASS MEMES', it sometimes confuses people onto what really is his personality. is he someone that wants to flirt around or someone that wants to send you the latest and newest meme?
  51. "oh no baby whut is you doin'?"
  52. when he's not telling someone how beautiful their ass looks with those jeans or showing his close buddy a recent saved meme, he's confidently showing someone his talents that he's confident in. well, he's most likely a failure in everything that isn't about flirting or joking around, but he has the confidence level to at least try anything out. when he sees a friend throw a football or shoot a basketball into the hoop, he'll always try to one up them and make sure he does better– if not, then cooler. it's not just all about sports and such, it could even be the simplest thing like a math question and if he's told that he's incorrect, he'll go to FAR explaining just to show he's right, even if he knows he isn't. he's even more confident when it comes to picking someone up, he could be rejected a bunch of times, day to day, but he'll still act as princely as ever and act confidently when the other party tries to reject him yet again. he does everything such confidence, that it makes people envy him because wow when will they ever?
  54. "damn baby, looking good like always"
  55. Of course he's flirtatious, he likes seeing people's reactions and what they're going to say next. it's either a snarky comeback or a flustered reaction, there's no in between. though he may come off as a douche to some people, because wow someone that flirts as easily as him must be a dick right? but whenever he wants to flirt with a certain person, he'll always be truthful. as in, you're wearing a shirt that really brings as your smile? he'll make sure to tell you how stunning your smile is that day. if you happen to be wearing something new or pretty, he'll comment on how beautiful or charming it makes you look. he knows what people think of him, and he wants to try his bet to let them know that he's the complete opposite. it may seem like he's playing games, but why can't he just want to see someone smile widely? most of the time, he only flirts because he wants to see the person have a bright personality, but when it's someone that he actually has feelings for and wants to pursue, he'll comment on everything everyday. look like actual shìt and want no one to see you, but oh shiwoo happens to have feelings for you? he'll comment on how you still look amazingly breathtaking even on your bad hair days.
  57. "dad, what do you think mom would say if she saw me wearing a pink polo shirt?"
  58. by this time and age, he's obviously more than alright with who he is. he accepted himself and doesn't dare to block out people because of what his mother would think, but at times he does has certain thoughts of 'what would mom think if she saw me doing this' and such. he does whatever he wants, just like any kid his age would do, but he's scared of what his mother would think 40% of the time. he wants to make sure that she accepts him, but they haven't said more than five words to each other in a whole week, and that's if she's in a good mood. shiwoo was so emotionally abused by his mother when he was younger that it has somewhat scarred him, resulting in him always thinking before doing something, even though he's going to do it anyways. the so called confidence the boy has always ends up biting him in the ass all because he's insecure and wants to make BOTH of his parents happy.
  61. — distant relationship with his mother because of sexuality, receives hate filled words on a daily though it has cooled down unlike when he had just came out
  62. — usually asks himself if his own wants really matter, as in him being himself aka being gay, and if he should just date the women his mother forced onto him
  65. — when people flirt back teasingly ; it's better than getting a death glare and a threat
  66. — when he's not questioned about something when he's obviously wrong ; he does have high confidence though he won't always be correct on some things
  67. — when others notice his hidden worries / issues ; he wants people to understand him more better
  68. — cheesy pizza ; when the pizza is as cheesy as his pick up lines, that's his most favorite
  69. — memes ; he likes sending them when messaging someone
  70. — football and soccer ; helps him relieve his stress and have his worries flush away meanwhile
  71. — salads ; just the fact that it's supposedly healthy and has ranch makes him happy
  72. — gay pride anything ; simply thinks that the world is a better place when acceptance is at part
  73. — when his crush actually notices him ; just like any other person, he has a crush he swoons over
  74. — receiving compliments ; honestly, who doesn't? it makes him happy and giddy inside
  75. — yaoi manga ; low key like dat freaky shit
  76. — learning about foreign countries aka history ; he thinks knowledge is amazing, enjoys learning
  77. — museums ; they're calming and have beautiful art, on the walls and walking around
  78. — sandwiches ; biggest ham fan that will ever exist
  79. — the number 7 ; it's his lucky number
  80. — buying gifts for his family ; he likes showing he appreciates them no matter what
  82. DISLIKES :
  83. — when people automatically think he's a douche ; just bc it's easy for him to compliment it doesn't mean he wants to get into your pants
  84. — people latching themselves onto him ; he's a friendly person but he doesn't enjoy skin on skin action everyday
  85. — when he's not understanded easily ; all he wants is for people to understand him
  86. — pineapple placed on pizza ; what has the world come to
  87. — being judged bc his sexuality and actions don't match ; who said gays have to act a certain way?
  88. — being one upped ; his confidence doesn't let him go down so easily
  89. — protein shakes ; drinks them, doesn't mean he likes them
  90. — receiving hate from his mother ; he can take anyone's bull but his own family? it hurts him
  91. — when his crush thinks he's just messing around ; he could be the definition of genuine and still get told this
  92. — when his mother pokes at him ; what can he do to make his mother happier?
  93. — having to lie about his likings ; people talk, he doesn't want it to reach his family
  94. — when he's underestimated ; just bc he's a jock and flirts a whole lot, doesn't mean he's an idiot
  95. — fairs / parties ; being in between hot bodies and loudness annoys him
  96. — chicken wings ; thinks that they're too messy
  97. — soda aka coca cola ; thinks that the beverage(s) are too sugary and unhealthy
  98. — when he's unappreciated ; just like everyone else, he wants to loved and wanted
  100. HOBBIES :
  101. — high key enjoys reading that good manga / comics
  102. — meme collecting
  103. — learning latte art
  104. — dog sitting (as in baby sitting but with puppies)
  106. PHOBIAS :
  107. — claustrophobic ; being in tight spaces with either walls or people makes him anxious
  109. HABITS :
  110. — "my longest yeah boy ever just happened" ; natural odd ball, he's almost everywhere and sometimes says the oddest things
  111. — "oppar, love me pls" ; catches his crushes attention, or u kno just a cute dude maybe??, by being whiney,,
  112. — "bitch my weave is shaking" ; literally only says shit like this thru message, mainly memeish things
  113. — types in lowercase unless it's in all caps
  114. — uses emojis like 🗣🙆🏻👏🏻🤷🏻‍♂️🤢 aka all the ppl emojis to ExPrEsS his eMoTiOnS
  115. — "bitch im daddy as fuck who tf you think u r" ; *insert sassy doyoung meme or smth* calls himself daddy thru message too too muCh
  116. — writes extra loudly, when class is too quiet all you hear is his pencil tapping the table bc thas how loud he is man
  117. — hiccups repeatedly ; like hichichichic, stops doing whatever he's doing to stop his hiccups
  118. — random body rolls when a jam comes on ; he low key a hoe but??? he feeling himself maN
  120. TRIVIA :
  121. — has two dogs and a cat named jefferey, pluto, and von
  122. — though he's all about that nutritional life, he's a huge sweets enthusiast
  123. — usually questioned about his sexuality because he doesn't 'act' gay, as many would say to him
  124. — he's the manly type of gay, but he'll steal your oppa any day of the month
  125. — because of how unacceptablble his mother is about his sexuality, she forced him to go on dates with women of her choice at least three times a month, thinking she can 'whip him into shape'
  126. — his family is somewhat high class, but you'll never hear him say anything about it
  127. — though he has everything and can get anything he wants with the money his family has, he prefers working and making his own money
  128. — though he's a huge goodball and seems like a kid with no smarts, he is one of the top students in his school
  129. — really likes writing and literature
  130. — though he's very social and out there, he would choose to stay in and watch multiple movies in a heartbeat
  131. — can flirt easily with anyone without breaking a sweat but when around someone he genuinely has feelings for, his hands get all clammy
  132. — hates using regular pencils for writing, prefers lead pencils or pens
  133. — instead of actually working out, he tries his best to learn dances or dance along to his favorite musicians
  134. — appriciates the time artists and musicians take to do their art and music
  135. — likes cleaning and keeping his space and house tidy
  137. ♢ E N E R G E T I C ♢
  138. INSTAGRAM USERNAME : @shiwoah
  140. AESTHETIC :
  141. — nature aesthetics ; as in he'll post a picture of him standing in front of multiple beautifully colored flowers
  142. — day to data aesthetics ; as in he'll post a video of him and his buddy at a chic cafe
  145. — twitter ; @shiwho
  146. — snapchat & snow ; @shiwhy
  149. — because his family is usually known, from the outside at least, as that one perfect happy family, he doesn't tell them till a certain point (or maybe till like, they kinda find out or he accidentally lets it out?) that his mother is homophobic and doesn't support him anymore
  151. FRIENDS :
  152. — (got7) jackson, close friend ; that one dude from physical education, he's too lit and flirty, reason why they hang out
  153. — (monsta x) hyungwon, close friend ; one of shiwoo's meme dealers, gets some of his memes from him and even makes memes out of this friend
  154. — (cross gene) takuya, friend & ex ; buddies that go out for lunch from time to time, dated and did some shìt but they cool now
  155. — (twice) jeongyeon, close friend ; gay best friends, honestly. she helps him get some just like he helps her get some, both wingman / woman for one another, have that sibling typa relationship
  157. ENEMIES :
  158. — (bts) jungkook, frienemies ; he wanted his dicc succed, shiwoo didn't wanna and now jungkook gives him the usual eye roll. comes back for more reason later tho so,,?
  159. — mathematics teacher ; though shiwoo is one of the top students in his school, and just bc his father is the principle, the teacher (can b whoever u want man) still gives shiwoo a hard time, telling him the question he did correctly is horribly wrong.
  160. — (gfriend) eunha, family friend ; their families have gotten along since before they were born, but bc of shiwoo's sexuality, eunha is scared that her little sister will end up being gay bc of showrooms little sister, who is probably gay as well.
  161. — (red velvet) joy, friends ; though they're friends and talk regularly, she has hard feelings bc he rejected her romantic feelings for him
  163. ♢ E A S Y L O V E ♢
  164. LOVE INTEREST + BACKUP : WANNA ONE's Daehwi + CUBE ENT.'s Yoo Seonho
  168. "you're saying I look cute today? awh, thanks, you're so sweet (:"
  169. though the love interest is someone who is genuinely touchy and a good friend all in all, when someone is trying to get their romantic feelings across, he'll just act like his normal self. he's oblivious to romance that's towards him or oblivious to know exactly how and when someone likes him. for example, let's say shiwoo is walking li to their next class, and he mentions how beautiful his smile is and li will just smile even larger and thank shiwoo as casual as ever. the li doesn't even notice the swooning stares and appreciated remarks as he's simply being himself. he can easily help someone else with their romance trouble, even tell a persons crush that someone has a little special feeling for them, though he can't even notice when someone has a small dot of romantic feelings for himself.
  170. CUTE
  171. "hyuuung~ nooooona~ do you wanna go out to eat or something after school? please? for me <3"
  172. cuteness easily comes to him as if it's like breathing, it's his daily thing. it either be on purpose or unintentional, he's cute. oh, he's just sitting while reading a history book that he needs to read for an assignment? the innocent pout playing at his lips make him cute. he's presenting a project in front of the class about, idk how frogs breathe? looking hella cute because of the way his tone of voice is. he could be doing anything and many would stare at him because he's just RADIATING and GLOWING, he's that cute. people tend to have their hands on his face because he's so squishy, seeming like an animated character because the little cute noises he'll make is just breathtaking like him.
  173. BUBBLY
  174. the li is someone who is naturally happy all the time, rarely ever drops his smile unless he's working hard or in deep thought. he's dripping with great vibes that people tend to wanna be around him because he makes those around him happy as well. positivity is the biggest character description or point of his, he's extremely positive and tries his best to make those that are sad or seem unlike themselves that day happy. he would rather see someone giggly and loud rather than seeing them gloomy and dark, so he'll always be taking care of others rather than himself. because of how he forgets to take care of himself, and takes care of others instead, he's always being protected and such by his close friends and shiwoo.
  175. SHY
  176. like said before, he doesn't really notice when someone has romantic feelings for him, but when he does notice, he's really flustered and shy most of the time. he'll even be clumsy because of shy he is, all his obliviousness works on everything during this time. he's not aware of how much he's backed up and about to hit a desk, only to he helped out by shiwoo and he an even bigger mess. he'll stutter and mix his words up, which he never does because he's always on the alert ready to help someone out. though, he doesn't just get easily shy with those who share their romantic feelings towards him, but just all in all. let's say he's just taking a paper that his teacher asked him to take to the front office, and he notices an attractive / a beautiful new student walking in the halls, he'll instantly blush at their beauty and want to hide. he'll even blush if he does something even the smallest incorrect, as in he'll misplace a number in a math equation and he's told or questioned about it, and his face will instantly get red as he fixes it up. he's a people person, though he's easily mixed with feelings. it be because they're showing another side to their feelings towards him, he sees a breathtaking face, or he gets something incorrect.
  179. SHIWOO
  180. though the boy is your number one expert at flirting and complimenting, you'd be amazed at how he doesn't act exactly like that with li. he's actually the complete opposite, his hands get all clammy and he won't be able to process words correctly, making him stammer till he gets his words right. he's usually quiet and speaks his words fast, though he's still very touchy and does his best to be affectionate without even having to say words. all he does is hug or being affectionate through his touches, and he sends about tons of smiles and quick winks towards the li. shiwoo is always protecting and taking care of the li, when the interest is busy helping out around in the front office or tutoring a classmate that was in desperate need, shiwoo will be around to help him or make him some coffee when he starts yawning during a session. and of course everybody has their negative days, and when the interest isn't in their best days, shiwoo will make sure to explain to him how amazing he looks no matter what. his clammy hands and quick heartbeat doesn't matter as long as he gets to make the li smile at least a little bit.
  182. because the li is always working hard for everyone with a wide smile no matter what emotion is truly playing at him that day, he tends to let himself go and be loose around shiwoo because he's comfortable enough to do so. the interest tends to let shiwoo take care of him and treat him like a prince because he low key enjoys it, and it's a plus to have shiwoo around in general. though interest is already cute enough, he tries his best to be even more cuter around shiwoo because he wants his attention 25/8. he thinks that it's very selfish and rude of himself, but he loves how shiwoo treats him as if he's not everyone else. interest is usually the bubbly and cute person, always pushing himself to be the best and most positive for everyone, but with shiwoo he has another side that he didn't really know he had. interest would sometimes be whiney and babyish when with shiwoo, doing anything he can do to get a reaction out of the older boy. interest would even be jealous at times because of how friendly and easy to compliment others shiwoo can be, only wanting the boy to listen to him and give him the attention he needs from him. after all the jealous feelings, in the end of the day, interest just wants to talk with shiwoo and check up on him, wanting to make sure that the older boy was alright and in his best mood. interest always wants shiwoo to be happy, and will always be asking and making sure.
  184. ENDING : in a relationship,, makes people look at them in awe bc wow look at those visuals
  186. ♢ K O K O B O P ♢
  188. — shiwoo and love interest go out on a date instantly after shiwoo tells li his feelings, the two boys all blushy and cute during the whole thing
  189. — "do you guys think my pet cat thinks in korean or chinese,, my cat came from a chinese family y'all"
  190. — "am i considered daddy as fuck in spanish countries or nah, like lemme show them mexican baby boys my spanish speaking talent"
  191. — shiwoo being high key clingy™ with love interest because it's been a while since they've been alone with each other
  192. — makes bomb ass instant noodles for everyone ((: (can includ everyone's love interests as well??)
  194. ANYTHING ELSE? : nah you got everything (((:
  196. MESSAGE TO ME : hi hi,, dis mah first time applying for an apply fic made by you ((: this idea seem hella litty tho so aye wussuh. my name's rachel ((: even if you don't accept my form, let's b friends.. only if u want tho like im hella awkward so like whoop. ((: ok bye b4 this gets anymore weird (((:
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