Virgin Tentacle Rape

Dec 4th, 2018
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  1. Loss scene for virgin players beaten by the tentacle beast
  2. ----
  3. Too overwhelmed by the beast to press on, you move to retreat; however, the tentacle monster is quick to fling its tendrils around your [legs], sending you to the ground in a dizzying thud. You instinctively yelp in fear as it yanks you across the dirt.
  5. Several tentacles snake their way [if (armored) {into your [armor], rapidly loosening it and tugging to shed you of your covering|along your body}]. The naturally smooth and slick flesh rubbing against you feels peculiar and uncomfortably pleasant. You struggle against your assailant, only provoking it to slam you into the ground, leaving you dazed.
  7. A tentacle with a long thorn protruding from it comes into view, eliciting panic deep within you. The beast takes careful aim and jabs the thorn several inches into the [skin] above your [vagina], and a warmth quickly follows. While your face flushes with arousal, [if lowerbody=naga,amorphous then {your [leg] quivers anxiously against the tentacles attempting to hold it steady} else {instinct pulls your legs anxiously together, but tentacles constrict around them and proceed to yank them apart at the knees}]. Shivers run through you from a disconcerting mix of fear and desire.
  9. With no further warning, a phallic tendril slams against your pussy, stopped only momentarily before its force and momentum tear through your hymen and plunge into your depths. You wince on reflex, but the sharp pain is clouded by the heat in your loins. The invading appendage withdraws, and you helplessly whine in distress, only to let loose a heavy groan when it plunges back in harder. Even if you scream and cry, the wet and bloodied tentacle refuses to slow down.
  11. As your panting leaves your mouth agape, the beast unleashes another phallic tendril upon you, diving down your throat. You moan and choke on the fleshy gag as it stretches your esophagus, abusing it like another pussy to fuck. The asynchronous pumping of the tentacles is too much stimulus to consciously follow, overwhelming your brain with a myriad of signals.
  13. Strange bestial howling from the tentacle monster accompanies an alarming growth in the thickness of the tendrils as it injects you with absurd amounts of cum. Pump after pump of semen bloats both your stomach and your womb, distending your belly slightly. Dizziness takes hold; you soon pass out.
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