The Electric Shawl- a microdrama in one act

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  2.         The Electric Shawl- a microdrama in one act
  4. Scene: a bedroom in Largo. It is fall, but feels like winter. A couple of brave frangipani leaves still cling desperately to the tree outside.
  5.  Dramatis personae:
  6.  Me: a middle aged man with an 80 year old bladder and a leg bag dangling from his leg. He lacks a prostate and is sleep-deprived.
  7.  Mom: his mother. She's gone a mite soft in the head. Or perhaps mighty soft in the head.
  10. Mom: It's cold
  11.  Me: What's that? Oh, your electric shawl. That'll warm you up. Oh. Ya gotta plug it in.
  12.  Mom: unintelligible mumble
  13.  Me: ya gotta plug it in, Mom.
  14.  Mom: It doesn't work. You can throw it away.
  15.  Me: YA GOT-TA PLUG-IT IN!
  16.  Mom: Don't yell at me.
  17.  Me:(plugs in electric shawl. wraps her with it. applies blanket)
  18.  There, mom. Now you can get warm
  19.  Mom: unintelligible mumble. (closes eyes)
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