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Sep 10th, 2020
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  1. Today another chapter of my career has ended. This project with GenG is a continuation of what I was trying to do with Cloud9 after we left. Even though we weren't an insane team I'm happy we were able to get a couple wins/finals, get to #12 in the world and be competitive with everyone in our region when we were playing well.
  3. The reason for this decision is something I've been thinking about for a while now (about 3-4 months) and is a bi product of a lot of issues within the team including myself but the major was what was stopping me from leaving. There had been some in and out of game changes I wanted over the past 6 months that I thought would of made the team better but were not agreed upon by all. The combination of all these things mixed with no lans/covid, burnout of playing the same teams 24/7 with little to no time for breaks between events and not being able to be in person for bootcamps led to me not being the best leader I could be for this team and put me in a rough mental state. This move will benefit both parties as I can potentially find something I believe in again and they will do better if they can find an IGL that has faith in the project that I once had.
  5. Would like to thank all of my teammates and Gen.G for the time this year and hope they find the right person to help the team find its form again.
  7. As for the future I still love CS and would ideally like to IGL a team I feel is the right fit for me but if moving on as a player or leaving CS is the route I have to take then I will cross that bridge when I know more.
  9. Ty to everyone who continues to support me despite the turbulent times <3
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