Dark souls 2 old souls route +10 rapier

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  1. Pick explorer.
  2. Gift healing wares.
  3. Run to majula.
  4. Talk to herald, light bonfire.
  5. Kill maughlin.
  6. Run to heides.
  7. Pull lever, sort gear. Equip tseldora.
  8. Run to dragon rider.
  9. Gravity strats for kill.
  10. Light bonfire talk to licia send her back to majula.
  11. Warp to majula talk to herald once. Run to fofg.
  12. Pull lever, pop DR soul. Un equip items, dagger and ring. Drop dagger and ring if you have time.
  13. Run to malenctia. Buy club, buy BB x3 buy lenigrast key, get SS ring send malentcia to majula. Run to last giant. At first fog gate equip club. Pick up fire arrows.
  14. On elevator down equip arrows and SS ring and BB, ooze mace. Kill giant.
  15. Elevator up pop soul unequip club and urns, drop club.
  16. Pick up bone above pursurer. Ballista strats for the kill.
  17. Equip bone, auto run to equip ring of blades.
  18. Go to nest to get to bastille.
  19. Light bonfire pop soul.
  20. Pick up LTS on cliff bone back.
  21. Warp to majula.
  23. Talk to herald, unlock blacksmith rest at bonfire.
  24. Level up vgr 13, end 15, dex 12.
  25. Buy rapier, mace and STS x6
  26. Upgrade rapier +4 pick up bow.
  27. Auto run to equip mace and brightbugs on the way to the cat.
  28. Buy cat ring, bone x2, skulls x3.
  29. Equip cat ring.
  30. Descend the pit.
  31. Kill CL for LTS and STS.
  32. Head for rotten.
  33. Pick up FBoY. Auto run to fog gate equip skulls and bones.
  34. At fog gate equip rapier.
  35. BB and ooze, kill rotten, equip bow, head to DLC.
  36. At door equip rotten soul to hot bar.
  37. Shoot shortcut drop down and pop rotten soul on the way up.
  38. Proceed to flynns. Shoot floor switch, shoot door switch, shoot floor switch, pick up soul behind the door, shoot floor switch pop soul.
  39. Go get flynns.
  40. Bone out.
  42. Level up vgr 15, end 20, dex 26.
  43. Buy BBx3
  44. Head to shaded woods.
  45. Unpetrify rosabeth. Pull lever skull, kill rosabeth. kill one hallow.
  46. Light runed fork road bonfire. Go to vengral
  47. Buy GPRx11(16500).
  48. Auto run equip GPR over Ooze.
  49. Go pick up chlo ring equip over catring.
  50. Head to najka. Pick up chunk in chest.
  51. BB and GPR kill najka.
  52. Equip mace proceed to congregation, kill CL on the way.
  53. Auto run to equip rapier.
  54. Pick up LTS after the double boulders. Throw skull open double doors.
  55. GPR kill congregation.
  56. Equip mace, light bonfire, drop attack CL for chunk, pick up ledge corpse behind CL, bone back to bonfire, rest and equip rapier.
  57. Jump to door, pick up CPR head towards freja, at second door equip CPR over GPR.
  58. Pick up chunk on ledge corpse to the left, run off the edge and open door to the left, pick up chunk on corpse. Head to freja, after double doors agro spiders, throw skull pull lever, kill hallow spider. Proceed to web area.
  59. BB and CPR kill freja.
  60. Throw skull, embrace soul, bone out.
  61. Warp to majula.
  63. Level up vgr 19, end 25, dex 30.
  64. Buy BBx3.
  65. Buy STSx4 upgrade rapier +8 and mace to +3.
  66. Head to rotunda pay licia 2k souls, head to boner lords.
  67. Pull bridge lever, equip mace, proceed to BL.
  68. No resin for BL.
  69. Pull bridge lever pop soul equip rapier, cat ring over SS ring and radiant lifegems.
  70. Jump off by choloanne to pick up chunk in pit.
  71. Auto run to equip SS over cat ring.
  72. Pull gate lever CPR for jabba.
  73. Kill Jabba.
  74. Head to earthen peak.
  75. BB and CPR kill mytha, use RLG to counter posion.
  76. On elevator pop souls and equip GPR.
  77. Do ember jump to save time, if not pull lever to lower bridge, spin wheel to turn off flames, head to OINK.
  78. Inside fog gate use BB and GPR, kill OINK, bone out.
  80. Pop OINK soul.
  81. Level up vgr 25, end 30, dex 40.
  82. upgrade rapier +10.
  83. Buy BB x1.
  84. Warp to bastille.
  85. GPR, kill sents.
  86. Pop sent soul at gate equip Ooze.
  87. On elevator to sinner use BB and Ooze.
  88. Kill sinner bone out. Warp to majula.
  89. -147 souls.
  91. Pop sinner soul.
  92. Level up vgr 28, end 39.
  93. Warp to shaded woods.
  94. Head to drangliec.
  95. Remove tseldoras and equip cat ring over SS ring at SoW.
  96. Proceed to gate.
  97. At gate remove BB and Ooze, equip GPR and darksign.
  98. Kill stone guy open bonfire door, light bonfire, head to DDR.
  99. GPR kill DDR.
  100. Light bonfire, activate elevator, darksign out.
  101. While waiting for elevator equip BB.
  102. Pick up key darksign out.
  103. Open double doors.
  104. BB and GPR. Kill mirror knight.
  105. On elevator unequip BB and darksign, equip old radiant lifegem.
  106. Jump off pop old radiant lifegem proceed through amana.
  107. Unequip flynns kill corrosive mushroom. Open door equip flynns.
  108. GPR kill frog.
  109. On elevator down equip BB and Darksign.
  110. Head to velstadt.
  111. GPR while running down the side, BB inside fog gate.
  112. Kill velstadt pick up kings ring darksign out.
  113. Warp to shaded woods auto run to aldia's and equip kings ring over cat ring.
  114. At kings gate equip Ooze over GPR unequip darksign.
  115. Proceed to GD.
  116. Ooze at first ogre door. BB at second ogre door.
  117. Kill GD, on elevator up equip GPR and Darksign.
  118. Get ashen mist darksign out.
  119. Warp to FoFG.
  120. Head to giant lord.
  121. GPR while head is rolling towards you, kill giant lord darksign out.
  122. Warp to kings gate at drangliec.
  123. BB and GPR kill throne duo.
  124. GPR for nash, kill nash.
  125. Game over.
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