A few words about Driver run

Jul 11th, 2016
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  1. There's a lot of driving in this game. We drive from one location to another one, very many times. Sometimes we have enemies chasing us, sometimes we have cops, sometimes we have to wait for a timer or run against it, sometimes we don't. Sometimes we have to chase someone, but that's very rare. Sometimes we look into another direction to reduce lag, which is the main speedstrat in this game.
  3. We try to avoid getting tail while we are getting close to destinations, it's not a huge problem if we get one because in most cases we can easily destroy anyone, but there are some exceptions (car from Superfly Drive [expect someone to fail this mission at least once] and cop car can take VERY little damage). Each chase has a set number of patterns for AI driving routes. Ideally we would know each one of them and adjust our playstyle to them, but uh... ye... only SOME of us know SOME. There is a pussy strat though, you "win" the chase if the timer runs out, so you might see someone restart the mission because of incredibly high time limit. This game is quite non-linear, in each city there are at least 2 branches that always meet up at some point, the only one that has any impact on anything is in the last city - New York. That decides which ending you get. In the first 3 cities we just go for the fastest ones. Cops on the last mission are extremely brutal and powerful, this allows us to glitch out of bounds (by applying their incredibly high force perpendicularly to our vehicles, near any walls) and beat one of "the hardest missions in gaming history" in about a minute. This game is very RNG-dependent, so you can never be sure about anything.
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