Simone Tagliaferri and Tale of Tales

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  1. Subject: Simone Tagliaferri and Tale of Tales.
  2. Sources: Twitter,
  3. Date Compiled: January 02, 2016.
  4. Credits: Original Research.
  6.                                                 **************************************
  8. Summary:
  9. Tagliaferri was a Kickstarter backer for Sunset long before his review. The backing and promotion does indicate some, if slight, level of advocacy for this particular game before the review. Based on the interactions I have read between Tagliaferri and Tale of Tales, there is most likely no conflicts beyond the fact that he supported the Kickstarter without disclosing said fact in his review. At worst there could have been some bias regarding the subject matter as the score was a very impressive nine.
  11. 06.21.14: (@Karat45) Let's kickstart the creation of SUNSET, a first-person videogame thriller by Tale of Tales! #SunsetKS (Furthermore, in addition to supporting it on Kickstarter, he also promoted the Kickstarter long before the review on his own twitter account with a Thunderclap. This at least shows some level of bias towards the game as it's active personal promotion.)
  13. Simone Tagliaferri supported Sunset by Tale of Tales through Kickstarter on 06.10.14 -
  15. Articles with Potential Conflicts of Interest:
  16. 05.21.15: In the middle of the dictatorship (Nel cuore della dittatura) ( (English translated:
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