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Gizmos 2 plan

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Jul 1st, 2013
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  1. Gizmos 2 explosive system (Preliminary plan):
  3. -Will be made in bomb lab, which will cost something on the order of the spy lab
  4. -Make explosives with components that lay out features. You need to have at least one trigger and one explosion in each bomb.
  5. -Bombs start out as
  7. Planned components (cost):
  8. -Redstone trigger (lever): Can be triggered by redstone
  9. -Flint trigger (netherrack?): Can be triggered with flint and steel
  10. -Chain trigger (gunpowder?): Can be triggered by nearby explosions
  11. -Contact trigger (pressure plate?): Can be triggered by touching it
  12. -Time trigger (clock): Makes bomb explode after a delay
  13. -Grenade trigger (arrow): Right click to throw it, as a projectile.
  14. -Gravity trigger (sand?): Makes bomb fall and explode on impact, like gravity bombs
  16. -Fork effect (end stone): When you try to break the bomb it copies itself to any open space around it
  17. -Power effect (TNT): Expands affected radius. Can be applied up to 10 times, each time increases radius by 4 blocks.
  18. -Hardened effect (obsidian): Takes a long time to break
  20. -Sonic explosion (note block): Launches nearby entities away from itself
  21. -Shrapnel explosion (flint): Damages nearby entities
  22. -Impact explosion (iron pick): Damages blocks
  23. -Incendiary explosion (flint and steel): Sets fires
  24. -Poisonous explosion (fermented spider eye): Gives nearby mobs/players poison, hunger, etc.
  25. -Goo explosion (slime ball): Slows nearby mobs/players
  26. -Smokescreen explosion (blaze powder): Spawns particles that make it hard to see
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