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  1. Having had 5 years worth of experience with servers and networks, I believe I have the sufficient knowledge. I've been through most positions, anything from helper to manager to developer. I've also had the chance to host my own network and have had to chance to work for a bigger network as a staff member (Pika-network as ex-helper. Pika has a daily player base of around 600 players). Throughout all those years, I've realised it's not about the gamemode, nor is how expensive the p2w items/ perks are; but it's the community. Without a dynamic and passionate community, it's damn near impossible to really achieve anything. For starters, as the "server owner" you have to be able to view things from the perspective of a regular player in order to provide them with the best possible service. Professionalism is important, but so is communications between the two "sides". As people, we love to be heard, to be valued; and the majority of server owners does not prioritise this, thus never getting anywhere with their servers. Secondly, a plan. I can no longer keep track of how many servers just "appears". No particular plan or course of action, the entire server as an entity just seem to exist with no real goal in mind. From things as little as staff members and their responsibilities to server expansion needs to be thoroughly planned. With those two key ideology in mind, I really do think I stand out from the other candidates as my view on things are different from the other candidates.
  2. Why should I be chosen over other applicants? For one I believe professionalism should be accompanied with a bit of humor, laughter and care. I enjoy taking care of the community, I enjoy the backstage work and I am passionate about my work. To match other candidates, I do have extensive knowledge on plugins, back-end work and the business side of a minecraft server. I am fluent with skript and some of the languages used in web development. Nothing too fancy. I guess what really differs me from the others is my take/ stand on the entire concept of how a server should be ran. I believe, as owners, we should be focused mainly on the community (player and staff members) and it should be made number one priority. We have a dedicated admin and developer team to work on gamemode and content creation, of which, by all means; is also important.
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