Classroom of the elite vol 11.5 (Epilogue)

Dec 30th, 2019
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  1. Epilogue
  3. Youth is About to Bloom
  5. Intro
  7. The problem about Matsushita the other day, And before that the problem of Horikita and Ichinose. Then, the establishment of a cooperative relationship with Chairman Sakayanagi, as well as Chabashira-sensei, and Mashima-sensei.
  9. First and foremost ..., I must remain vigilant about Tsukishiro. Unlike other problems, ignoring him will only make the situation worse. It could be without realizing, I will be immediately dropped out of school.
  11. For that, I have to get cooperative support with the teachers. Well ... even though I say so ... Speaking of sending students from Whiteroom ... it's not certain, but it could happen. Tsukishiro couldn't enter the classroom or corridor at any time. It is impossible for him to attack me only through indirect and limited things like on special tests. But the story will be different if it's a student. They can move freely in and out of the classroom or the school corridor. That way they can create an environment where they can always make contact each other, An opportunity to make me dropout can also be created. What's more, they will also function as a reliable information seeker for sure.
  13. If that becomes a reality, then you can say that it's the biggest change around me. then there are also, Horikita and Matsushita. You could say this is a problem in class. Matsushita doubted my ability and wanted to know my potential. As for Horikita, I have promised to compete with her later, but for now there is no need for me to do anything about it.
  15. For Ichinose too ... It's something that is still far ahead. For now I will look at this year's battle and do what I need to do. But yeah ... all of this is limited to stories from my surroundings. The personal changes that have happened to me ... are still small things.
  17. Right .... To this day ... Spring break has two days left ..., Tuesday and Wednesday. Enjoying the last day of vacation with calm, before the new battle for the students began ... But I was determined to take certain actions to find a big change in myself ...
  19. If you want to move things forward, this is the time. The time has passed 6:00 p.m. This is the time when the sun begins to set and day change to night.
  21. By the way ... If possible... I want to be able to meet more people.
  23. For example, if there is a woman you like, how will we connect the path to the statement of love? If it is a peerless beauty, you might be able to say your feelings immediately without having to take a roundabout path.
  25. Say 'I like you ... come to me ...' and they live happily ever after. However, most people are not in such a special environment.
  27. Complex about face ... Complex about personality... or complex about physical condition ... Will a complicated triangle relationship also interfere with the path to the statement of love?
  29. Well ... However... the entrance to [Love Statement] is certainly not something easy.
  31. Because of this, I will seriously think about all kinds of wild thoughts in my mind, and then think hard to improve the success rate of confession.
  33. Is the success rate 10% or 20%? Or can it reach one-half?
  35. Sometimes, 80% -90%, or maybe you have the confidence to near 100%. Even so, you still feel anxious.
  37. When that love statement doesn't work, you're afraid that the relationship will change like never before. Of course, not a few people who think positively without regard to it. But for high school teenagers ... School is everything. In the usual school world, they feel a strong fear that the relationship that is built will collapse.
  39. If you think about it more ... How can you increase the probability ... Even if it's only 1%?
  41. Surely they will start making various efforts. First of all if possible. Change your hair style and dress style according to what she likes.
  43. Learn and train the body too ... Or maybe you can take strategies such as inviting her to eat and giving her gifts.
  45. Either way ... It changes the probability.
  47. Sometimes from 1% can go up to 99%, or can fail from 99% down to 1%. Knowing about her, understanding her feelings, you are desperate to understand all that. It is all a process to arrive at a confession of love.
  49. And then-so am I going through this process. Thinking and worrying like other men and women. However, such things are not limited to love.
  51. Broadly speaking, everything has a probability that cannot be seen ... Events can change every day. It's the same as changing probability with learning, to be able to pass the entrance examination of high school or college.
  53. And to what extent can you be aware of this truth, your understanding of the situation will also change greatly.
  55. Examinations and confession are only an intermediate stage. Even if they are successful, they do not end there.
  57. It would be better to say, 'the beginning' of everything.
  59. If you are frustrated before entering school, you may drop out of school, and your love may break up due to an affair or because of violence.
  61. That's how I think about the future. One month later, six months later, one year later.
  63. Sometimes something different than expected can happen, but I don't like actions that are too sudden. What's more, it is related to your own actions.
  65. Alright ... Now let's get back to the topic.
  67. Everything that I have done to this day so far are to make certain change in probability, of course, to increase the probability of success...
  69. It is likely that the results will come out today. If my estimate is correct, It's time to get in touch.
  71. I held my cell phone tightly ringing ... The screen on the cell phone showed an 11 digit number. The number not registered in my cell phone contact belongs to Karuizawa Kei.
  73. "It's me. I'm sorry to call you."
  75. After making a few calls, I answered the phone call from her.
  77. About 30 minutes ago, I tried to call Kei ..., but at that time she didn't answer my phone call. This is a call back from her.
  79. "Nothing ... Why?"
  81. "You sounds like you want to complain huh ..."
  83. "Not really ... Rather than complaining... There's something I just want to confirm..."
  85. "What do you mean ... About me not contacting you after that?" The day I met Hiyori. I called Kei ... And in the end, I didn't tell her anything.
  87. I'm just saying if I remember, I'll contact her again. And of course I didn't contact her until nearing the end of spring break.
  89. "Looks like you know that ... What? So you just want to bother me?"
  91. "Regarding that ... Do you want to meet and discuss it in person?"
  93. Saying that ... I interrupted the topic.
  95. "Eh?"
  97. "About 'later if I remember, I'll say it', I remember now ... Can you come?"
  99. "Really ... Always just like that. Ok ... It's okay. But at this time ..., I won't be responsible if others see it.."
  101. (Tln: swear in the raw kei not only use slang style, but the words are also slang.)
  103. Many students come in and out at this hour ...
  105. There's a big chance that someone will see Kei come to visit my room.
  107. "Don't worry about it."
  109. I advised her to come after letting her know that it was all right.
  111. "I understand. Oh yes, I already have a plan at 7 o'clock. So don't have much time..."
  113. "I'll finish it as short as possible. About 10 or 20 minutes. Yes ... Something like that."
  115. "Then that's fine. See you later." Saying that ... kei hanging up.
  117. Alright... Let's get started.
  119. (TLM: what are you starting to do, bro)
  121. All preparations are ready. I looked around my room. This room is neater than usual.
  123. Only once, I looked into the mirror.
  125. Facing a serious look at myself, I immediately looked away.
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