Dec 30th, 2013
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  1. >you are anonymous
  2. >and currently you are sitting at Golden Corrals coffee table, waiting for some muffins
  3. >you had met Goldie while out shopping and she had offered you some fresh warm muffins to much on
  4. >feeling hungry, you decided to accept Goldie’s offer
  5. >and that brings you here
  6. >Soon Golden Corral returns to the room, but without the tray of steaming warm muffins
  7. >”Umm Goldie, where’s the muffins?”
  8. >Golden Corral looks at you slyly
  9. “Oh I’ve got your muffins right here big boy”
  10. >Golden Corral hops onto the table and plants her flank into your face
  11. >”Mmmfff mfff ffff mffff?”
  12. “Yes Anon, eat those muffins, munch on them until they are raw~”
  13. >you push Golden Corrals soft behind off of your face
  14. >”Not that this offer is in any way bad, but I was honestly starving, can’t we eat before all this?”
  15. >Golden Corral looks at you with an un-amused look on her face
  16. “Anonymous there was never any muffins. I was talking about sex”
  17. >”But... I’m hungry...”
  18. >Golden Corral rolls her eyes
  19. “Fine, I’ll make some but you better keep doing your thing while I make them”
  20. >you raise an eyebrow
  21. >”Can one make muffins while having sex at the same time?”
  22. “I don’t know but I sure as hell am going to try, now get into the kitchen!”
  23. >you quickly hop along into the kitchen as Golden Corral follows, looking a bit grumpy now
  24. >the two of you hastily dig out all needed ingredients and tools and place them all on the table
  25. “I’m going to get to mixing these up, you prepare the flours”
  26. >you sit down onto a chair as Golden Corral climbs on top of you and slips you right in
  27. >it’s so slippery and warm
  28. >you start to measure some flower as Golden Corral starts riding you while trying to cut butter into a bowl
  29. >the movements makes Golden Corral drop the chunk of butter she was cutting to the floor as you spill flour everywhere
  30. “Oh haah dammit haah haah, oh that hits the spot...”
  31. >Golden Corral takes the other half of the butter and dumps it into the bowl as you dust flower everywhere
  32. >”Goldie can you move a little bit less? I’m running out of flour.”
  33. >Golden Corral turns a blind ear to your pleas as she spills sugar everywhere while bouncing up and down
  34. >you finally get the flour into their own bowl as Golden Corral starts mixing the now soft butter with the sugar
  35. >and of course some of it spills all over the walls and the two of you
  36. >”Umm Goldie we are making a me-“
  37. “Just keep at it!”
  38. >you sight
  39. >be it hormones, heat or just being really horny, Golden Corral will have this sex session with you and she won’t take no for an answer
  40. >not that you have anything against sex with Goldie, but you just can’t comprehend why you can’t just bake the cupcakes and then sex while they bake
  41. >women, who could understand them
  42. >Golden Corral breaks an egg into the mix while moaning every now and then as you notice hat the baking powder is some ways from you
  43. >you could probably reach it and honestly you do not want to interrupt Goldie, so you shift a bit and try to stretch your arm towards the little jar
  44. >and then the chair beneath the two of you tilts and you both come tumbling down, butter, sugar and egg mixture falling all over the two of you
  45. >”Aaww shit”
  46. >Golden Corral climbs back on top of you and now rides you while facing towards you
  47. “Let’s just keep going”
  48. >you frown
  49. >”But Goldie I am hungry!”
  50. “Just lick this stuff off of me for crying out loud! Add some excitement to this!”
  51. >”But it has raw egg, I do not want to get salmonella”
  52. >Golden Corral seems to bite her teethes together hard from anger
  53. >you lift Golden Corral off of your now wet dick
  54. >”Let me just eat something please?”
  55. >Golden Corral seems to now be really angry
  56. “Ok fine Anonymous, be that way! See if I care!”
  57. >Golden Corral walks to her fridge and pulls out a huge cucumber and starts to make her way out of the kitchen while grumbling to herself
  58. >you sigh and wipe some of the mixture off of you as you grab something to eat from the fridge
  59. >finally, food
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