Yvette - Occult Dev 4 Impotent Rage

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  1. [21:34] Yvette dashed across the market-place, her hands retrieving a set of spiked knuckle-dusters from her pockets. On a dime she stopped and spun around, striking her fists together with a loud clang.
  3. "Alright! Ready or not!" Out of the corner of her eye she saw Eurya, what was the chance the moment she showed up Yvette was busy in a spar? Well no matter, she'd shake her head.
  5. Then with a yell of battle! She rushed across the field at Celine, clearly eager to get the fighting started.
  6. (Yvette)
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  9. [21:37] Astrid Eldergrove exclaims, "Hehehe.. yeah.. I'm pretty trash in a fight! But i'm getting better!"
  10. [21:37] Darkness descends like a whip upon the area.
  12. Red-orange eyes begin to gleam as the inky black void expunges outwards from the raven haired woman, and the sound of a raven's call is heard. The hair bow atop her head begins to distort and shimmer before a black bird shoots outwards to begin flying around the growing void of blackness.
  14. The atmosphere grows heavier the closer Yvette gets to the her.
  16. Honestly, it's been a while since she fought last. She wasn't sure how well she will do, she has no intention of holding back however.
  17. (Celine)
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  19. [21:40] Astrid Eldergrove exclaims, "oooh! Floaty lady is pretty good... and you werent shoddy at all, you handily beat me with no effort!"
  20. [21:42] Astrid Eldergrove exclaims, "oooh! You were amazing Yvette!!!"
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  23. [21:49] Ajax Sinbad says, "Mhmm! You can lead the way, if you wish."
  24. [21:54] The sound of ravens fill the air as as black birds begin to fly out of the blurry image of the dark haired girl's hair bow. All while the girl gently floated amidst the market place, a hand coming upwards to ever so slowly reach out towards Yvette.
  26. Abruptly, from the darkness around them, an inky black ball forms. It looks harmless as it was just a slightly more opaque shade of black, and completely smooth. Celine leans backwards ever so slightly as she views Yvette, a thin, cruel smile curling one side of her mouth upwards.
  28. The inky sphere that hung above the air began to slowly morph as a few dozen tendrils began to gingerly start to feel their way outwards. The special little ball of inky blackness didn't seem to have any eyes to speak of. The sight of it feeling around itself was an odd one.
  30. However, her pet murder ball as she so fondly refers to it doesn't find the magic of Yvette at all restricting. Dark appendages lashed outwards, and one caught around the girls leg. A compressive force could then be felt around her leg. A swarm of black tendrils whipped outwards towards her and began to enclose and very soon Yvette would find herself completely shrouded in black tendrils that seemed to compress downwards like a multi-dozen fingered hand.
  32. As the young girl was firmly caught within the trap that was a skillful mix between illusions and gravity magic, a voice came out from the inky world that Yvette could perhaps recognize as the 'murder ball' began to increase the pressure on them.
  34. "This spar is over. Crinis has you in it's grasp." On the outside, Astrid could see Celine slowly closing a out stretched hand into a fist as the gravity magic she controlled tightened it's grip.
  35. (Celine)
  36. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  38. [22:05] It had been the same strategy she always tried to utilize in a fight. Namely the raw power she possessed in her body. The sounds of ravens were ignored as the Brawler attempted to close the gap between the two.
  40. Sienna hues brightened as they saw the cruel twisting of Celine's lips. That was the turning point and Yvette knew it. That's why in those moments she'd let loose a stone-splitting scream spit across the air between them.
  42. In that instant Celine was able to avoid the destructive cyclone of sound. However, the construct of Occultism she'd formed was easily seen for what it was. As it hurtled towards her, she'd let loose a serious of sharp whistles creating a cacophony of noise around her form.
  44. Not that it would slow the orb's motions. Those black tendrils latching onto her leg, crushing it there. The brawler's fists pulled back striking that orb again and again as more and more tendrils shot about her form. As she was fully submerged in the inky mess her only recourse turned to biting at the air around her. Biting at what she could hear was called Crinis.
  46. Another shadow beast? Why was there so many of these damn things. As the pressure started to increase the teen would kick and struggle even harder against the gravity magic. She'd been in a situation like this before, hadn't she? The corruptive influence of the Occult.
  48. Her roars against the magic she herself had not yet mastered could be heard ever beyond the inky curtain. So, loud where the screams of impotent anger at that defeat.
  49. (Yvette)
  50. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  52. [22:05] Well, truth be told, the youth didn't expect to win. Although, he could tell at a glance and some time inside Combat that Luca hadn't trained much, nor did he have enough experience in the field.
  54. Nonetheless, he still put up a very good fight. As such, he was able to take down Ajax down a notch, and by a lot. In fact, it was surprising of somebody that didn't have the experience, to be able to get him to that degree.
  56. "You're not that bad, actually... I didn't expect you to get me down so much. This just shows I'm not up there yet, I still have some more steps to climb up."
  58. Thereafter, he would sigh, returning the staff to his back.
  60. "So, you're an earth user, huh, Luca?"
  61. (Ajax Sinbad)
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  64. [22:12] Astrid watched, arms crossed and brow furrowed. she couldn't help.. but she diddnt like feeling helpless while Yvette was in such anguish. she couldn't even beat Luca, who was about as inexperienced as they came.. so she just settled for a impotent shout of support.
  66. "YOu got this Yvette! You fought so incredibly! Just cause shes stronger right now doesn't mean you wont grow and outpace her later!" she nods and call out, giving a thumbs up, though it was likely it wouldn't matter.
  67. (Astrid Eldergrove)
  68. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  70. [22:18] Celine views Yvette with idle consideration before she laughs, mostly at the displayed anger of the teenager. It was just a spar, but there was very little remorse displayed towards her opponent.
  72. She hadn't used even an ounce of the Occult against Yvette, it's telltale aura noticeably absent from the raven haired woman. Perhaps she had been holding back after all.
  74. The shadow creature that had assaulted Yvette was nothing more than a clever combination between localized gravity pulses, and the twisted scenes of a projected illusion to accompany it.
  76. As Yvette attacked it, her attacks weren't even reacted to by Crinis. It simply kept on approaching.
  78. Still, Celine had no intentions of prolonging their suffering.. Longer than she already has at least. Her outstretched hand falls back to her side as the confining force of gravity releases it's hold on the woman. The darkness that expunged out from her quickly retreated as the forms of the ravens dived back into the woman's raven locks.
  80. Before long, everything had returned to normal, and the black hair bow atop her head resumed it's rightful place.
  81. (Celine)
  82. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  84. [22:25] With the world coming back into focus Yvette's anger seemed to slowly narrow as her attention shifted from the world around them solely upon Celine. Glaring at them from across the Marketplace.
  86. She didn't know what the type of magic was and had only seen things like that utilized by the Occult. So, that was her go to assumption which was enough of a thought to keep her anger from boiling over and restarting the fight. Not enough to keep her quiet though.
  88. "Why'd you do that!?"
  90. As she spoke she'd bring a hand up, fist uncurling to point across at Celine as she yelled. "When next we meet you better have gotten stronger than this, cause I'll be beating that grin off your face!" As she yelled the winds whipped around her in a flurry.
  91. (Yvette)
  92. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  94. [22:32] Celine smiles towards Yvette, she clearly found humor in her words.
  96. "You should set your bar higher girl. I am only a support magi. My magics only show their value when used alongside someone else." After saying that much, the raven haired woman turns to look towards Ororo, her floating figure turning in the air as she floats towards the dancer.
  98. As she reaches her side, she gently floats downwards until her ankle boots touch the sands of the market street. "Ororo. It's been a long time."
  99. (Celine)
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