Final messages from the staff

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  1. From Chexti:
  2. Alright, I'm done, I can't do this anymore at this current state. I still have the skill and wish to do my best for this server, but at this point I'm just so limited that I've officially lost all motivation. Therefore, instead of letting myself decline in skill and waste an admin slot (which shouldn't even have a max capacity), I'm just going to call it quits. Yes, I know that admin and elite is the highest level of authority that can be achieved in the server, but that's just the thing. Moderation is such a simple task, it really is, unless you're an idiot that doesn't know how to properly handle things (or it's a bizarre scenario), it really doesn't require much brainpower. What I'm talking about is the actually important aspects of being a server staff: server management. The most power I have in that case is a voice. A voice that, as loudly and clearly as I may speak it, will never be truly heard unless a miracle happens or 6 months pass. Minor changes take so fucking long to happen, to the point where they all stack up for 6 months and have to get dealt with after tons of reminders and pressure, when it should've only taken 5 minutes. Being a manager is NOT a hard job, I don't care how hard it may seem in this server, it really isn't on 2 conditions. First being that you have a good team to work with, not only that but one that you're WILLING to work with, and not just on your terms. Second being that you actually actively check the server. Being "online for 12 hours a day" doesn't mean shit if you spend only 1% of that time in the server. You need to talk with the members, get to know the general community and staff team better, instead of just using the server to announce your latest youtube video or shitpost random twitter memes in staff room. Because of the lack of these 2 conditions in our current manager, it really is a damn hard job to be a staff manager. Yes, I understand you get a lot of hate, but maybe that wouldn't be happening if things weren’t so forced to be the way they are. You constantly cause so many minor discussions to flare up into huge arguments, when instead you should be pacifying everything. I've said this many times recently and I'll say it again right here, I would love to be able to do everything I can to fix the server and actively take care of issues, but since it's been confirmed that I'll never reach the power to, I can't do shit. This kills my motivation so much, you don't even fucking understand how flustered I was when I found out that something from 8+ months ago which was a one time thing is going to forever hold me back from ever advancing further on the server where I am generally considered to be the best staff member. That's bullshit, you always say that people can change over time and deserve to move on past their mistakes, yet this feels like such a huge amount of hypocracy. This server is a place that I still care about dearly, but if I'm unable to make a REAL difference actively without relying on a single person that is out of touch with everyone, I don't want to be a part of this anymore. You're all amazing people that I like a lot, even though I heavily disagree with Huseey as a staff manager, I still can't deny that he's a smart person that will find success in the real world, very likely more than me, and I still like him as a person. I don't mean to shit on anyone, I don't like doing that, but I can't keep bottling up my emotions. I don't want all of my progress in this server to go to a waste, if I thought it would've happened then I would've stepped down long ago. I didn't get level 111 for nothing, I didn't survive through tons of unnecessary bullshit stupid drama for nothing. I like the impact I have made on this server, my only regret is how little it really was. Nonetheless, I'm satisfied with my time spent here and I wish to leave on my OWN terms, not when someone else decides that it's time for me to go. Sorry for the damage I may cause by leaving, but I know that everyone else here is very capable of handling the mess. If things get better, I’ll be back immediately, I promise.
  5. From Dani:
  6. Hi hello.
  7. Well i’ll go straight to the point, this is my letter to step down. I thought it would be better if i wrote something before i left & here it is.
  8. I spent a great time in the server, being staff was awesome until certain point. Sadly I’m sick and tired of me & my friend’s opinions not being taken into account and i’m exhausted of all the bias, unfairness & lack of personality (by this i mean people not having an opinion of their own and always feeling the need to follow other people and copy their thoughts) coming from a couple of you.
  9. At this point this doesn’t feel like a team anymore for the most part.
  10. I think it’s safe to say that this feels like a dictatorship lol. Huseey does whatever he wants regardless of what other people want or else he starts disliking those who disagree with him, demotes them, is very disrespectful towards these people, etc. that’s not what a leader should be, a team shouldn’t be scared of their leader. they should feel safe with him if anything. You can’t have an opinion of your own without facing some unfair & totally unnecessary consequence. I know a lot of the team thinks this as well but of course, they’re scared to open their mouth. Can’t even say I blame them.
  11. About the server, i care for it. It means a lot to me considering it was one of the first servers i ever joined & all my friends are here. Lately it’s so quiet and slow, it’s deteriorating so fast & most of us are just sitting back watching it happen. Too bad i couldn’t do as much as i wanted to do to attempt to save it along with other people. But at least i did as much as i could & that’s enough to have my conscience clean.
  13. Anyways, to close. This was a wonderful experience i’ll never forget, sad that it had to end this way but it is what it is. People like Knob, Flo, Lati, Aqui, Vinny, Lux, Amy, Loccy and others were amazing to me and it was so fun and nice to work with all of you <3 i try think we made a great team aaa i’ll miss it tons. But it’s ok, I’ll be sure to stay in contact with a lot of you and if somehow this takes a different turn for good i’ll be happy to return and help in any way i can.
  15. Okay that’s it.
  17. Bye, boop. ~ :O_O:
  20. From Loccy:
  21. Hello everyone, I’m writing this letter to say that I’m going to resign from my position as staff member in this server because I’m tired of some stuff that’s happening recently and the current state of the server.
  23. It has been 16 months since i got staff here, I had a great time moderating here during these months, being staff was nice and fun but at certain point it became a pain. I just realised recently that the server is literally the same from last year, there isn’t any major change (besides rules and other stuff) during these months so basically the server had the same layout since 2017. When there are suggestions they either get turned down or take months to get done.
  25. I’m honest with this and other people said this as well, this server is a dictatorship on how Huseey manages the stuff here, there’s literally no freedom of speech. If you disagree with him or criticize him you can face a ban or a demotion. He claimed he’s on discord for around 12 hours a day but he barely ever spends at least 30 minutes here, disregards staff opinions and at this point it just feels like he just uses this as an advertising lounge. He already got called out for this last year but it seems he has never cared about it. It seems like a vicious cycle that never ends.
  27. About the server in general, this place has been my home since when I made some friends here. During these months I met so many cool and nice people to hang out and chat here, also most of my friends are from this place. I still care about the server, I don’t want see this place decaying like as it’s happening recently, I just can’t do anything along with other people to fix all the issues that the server has right now.
  29. Goodbye, everyone, I had a good time with you guys here and I will miss you all. This was a nice place until stuff has gone in this way.
  32. From Vinny:
  33. alright so i want to keep this short and simple so im heard loud and clear. im sure seeing all these long ass messages sends some sort of signal to your brain along the lines of "hey, shit happened" and that's 100% correct! shit did indeed happen.
  35. constant arguments over miniscule shit and even threats to lose my position ive worked my ass off for all over yet another tiny thing. do you see a pattern here? its all things being taken out if proportion. and why does this happen? lack of communication, and failure to comply with something that a majority comes up with. just because we're close friends doesn't mean we're biased.
  37. a final point id like to make is the constant times things from the past are brought up as it seems like moving on is not a foreseeable concept! it is rather infuriating when we are held accountable for things we did that date months or even over a year ago.
  39. this is probably too lengthy by now so ill just end it here. if things are fixed and my position is offered back i will gladly help out along with the others making this sacrifice with me. but for now i must depart to show how much the server's death means to me.
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