Vice - The New Kid

Jul 22nd, 2015
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  1. >Finally you arrive at your new house in Canterlot, a subdivision, just like in the song Subdivions by rush
  2. >You start singing in your head
  3. ["Growing up it all seemed so much clearer..."]
  4. >Your thoughts are interrupted by the sound of the car stopping in a driveway.
  5. >You transferred here because your mother was getting death threats from one of her co-workers so she quit and told us that we were moving, you lost all of your friends but still keep in contact with your old girlfriend, who dumped you when she found out you were moving.
  6. >Damn big house, might get lost in it.
  7. >You exit the car and enter the house, full of furniture already, your dad bought it already furnished.
  8. [ba-ding]
  9. >Text on your phone from your old girlfriend, yet another threat, that "If I don't stop texting her she would fucking kill me."
  10. >Problem is she asked me to text her, fucking cunt.
  11. >"So son how do you like it?"
  12. "Eh."
  13. >You're going to be a senior in high school and now going to Canterlot high.
  14. "Listen dad, I don't need to be here long only about a year and then I'm going cross country.
  15. >"I know I just want you to be comfortable before you go."
  16. "Thanks dad."
  17. >You go upstairs and take a nap for about 3 hours, you're exhausted, when you wake up all of your stuff is in your room.
  18. >Mom must have put it in here, stuff that includes your computer, your TV, Xbox, games and so much more including an exotic fish tank, full of salt water killers like sharks, lion fish, electric eels and stonefish.
  19. >You caught all of those fish yourself, you're big into diving, too bad you had to move and the ocean is nowhere near but you can have dad take you on vacation, you won't be able to take any home.
  20. >Your fish take also has a note on what to feed these special creatures.
  21. >The doorbell rings, you head downstairs and open the door.
  22. >"Hello you must be the new kid."
  24. "Yeah my name is anon."
  25. >You look up to the magenta haired girl.
  26. "What's your name."
  27. >"My name is pinkie pie, do you have any friends, what do you like to do, are you going to Canterlot high is that right."
  28. >She is uncontrollable.
  29. "Yes stop call down, no I don't have any friends, I lost them from when I moved here, I am from Oakland, and I like to scuba dive, race cars and play games.
  30. >"Well where is your car?"
  31. >You rub your neck.
  32. "My dad took it away because I was getting in trouble for racing."
  33. >"Aw that sucks."
  34. "Yeah it does, hey do you want to come in and enjoy some snacks my mom left out for people who wanted to come in and say hi to me?"
  35. >"Sure, that's not a bad idea."
  36. >She walks in and sees the snacks before so, she comes up to you and takes a selfie with you in it.
  37. >You cringe, you'd think that people here would act more like grownups, after all you hung out with your dads friends and your scuba buddies.
  38. >People made fun of you in Oakland for having an older girlfriend and no social media.
  39. >Maybe it's time to get a twitter account.
  40. "Say, pinkie pie, where is the marina at."
  41. >"The marina?"
  42. "Yeah place where people dock their boats."
  43. >She giggles.
  44. >"OH that place, It's just down the street over by Canterlot's lake, it's a huge lake, almost the size of lake erie, and I heard it is full of fish, it's also super clear, I think it might be salt water."
  45. >You cheer.
  46. "Yes, yes, yes."
  47. >"What are you cheering about?"
  48. "I thought I wasn't going to be able to scuba dive, my dad told me that it was a lake but he didn't tell me it was salt water."
  49. >You stop.
  50. "Wait how can there be a lot of fish if it's salt water?"
  51. >"I think it's a mix."
  52. "So brackish?"
  53. >She nods her head and walks over to the couch.
  54. >"Wow you've got a big house."
  55. "Thanks, but I'm and outside guy, I like to do stuff outside like, play sports, run and other stuff."
  56. >"How about I race you to sugar cube corner?"
  57. "Where is that?"
  58. >"The Next 3 blocks from here going right."
  59. "Game on."
  61. >3
  62. >2
  63. >1!
  64. >You speed off the wrong way, she stops and giggles.
  65. >"Wrong way silly."
  66. >You go again, this time going the right way.
  67. >It's a back and forth race until you get to about the 1 mile point about 500 feet to the place you start to lose your breath and slow down, but she keeps right on going.
  68. >She has a lot of energy, could put that to good use in bed.
  69. >You finally reach the place nearly dead from exhaustion she is still full on air and giggles.
  70. >"Hehehehe, looks like I win."
  71. "Yeah... how...are you ...not out of breath?"
  72. >She shrugs.
  73. >"I have no idea, but I have some friends you might want to meet."
  74. "Sounds good."
  75. >She holds the door open for you as you enter the chilly building.
  76. >It smells of sugar and milk and oats.
  77. >You never understood why some people didn't like eating a nice hardy steak, they must have been brainwashed by PETA.
  78. >Pinkie leads you over to a table where at least 7 or more people were sitting at.
  79. >"Say hello to my friends, Sunset shimmer, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbowdash, normal Norman and Flash sentry."
  80. "Hey everyone, my name is Anon."
  81. >You get along very well with new people, but for some reason you always got nervous around a large group.
  82. >Sunset shimmer stands up and leads you over to front counter.
  83. >"Since you're new here why don't I show you around?"
  84. "That would be terrific."
  85. >She leads you out of the place and around town where you learn everything about the area, you tell her your interests and she gives you places to search for if you ever where to go around town and do something.
  86. >She also walks you to your house.
  87. >"Hey listen Anon, do you think I can share your number with some of my friends? They would love to get to know you."
  88. "Sure why not, can I get yours too."
  89. >She nods and you swap numbers.
  90. >Then after an hour of talking, you show her the house and the backyard.
  91. >"Wow you have a pool?"
  92. "Yeah I didn't even know this."
  93. >"Well I might have to come by again before school starts."
  95. >Before she leaves, she gives you a peck on the cheek.
  96. >You stand there blue balled and confused.
  97. "What just happened?"
  98. >That night, you watch some baseball, have a perch dinner and watch a shitty horror movie, but before going to bed you text sunset.
  99. ["Hey."]
  100. >["Hey :D"]
  101. ["So how was your night?"]
  102. >["Great. Wbu?"]
  103. ["Strange, I'm still not used to colder nights and the lack of police car sirens."]
  104. >["Don't worry You will."]
  105. ["Say, about earlier today."]
  106. >["Yeah I'm sorry."]
  107. ["It's cool, I just wasn't expecting it."]
  108. >["It's not for me I just, really like you."]
  109. ["How? We just met."]
  110. >["I know, just call me in the morning."]
  111. ["Okay then."]
  112. >You put away your phone and fall asleep, for some reason you dream of Sunset shimmer, why?
  113. [BEEP] [BEEP]
  114. >Alarm wakes you up at 8:30am, good night's rest.
  115. >You throw your comforter over and get out of bed, you grab a tank top, a pair of mesh shorts and your head band.
  116. >Good thing Sunset showed you where the gym is.
  117. >You go downstairs have breakfast and get your pre workout shake ready.
  118. >The taste is horrendous but you need it, if you want to grow any more muscle.
  119. >You ask dad for the keys he gives them to you and you head off to the gym.
  120. >On your way there you wave to the neighbors.
  121. >When you arrive, you enter the building and sign up for a membership.
  122. >You head into the main lift room and see none other than applejack.
  123. "Hey there applejack."
  124. >"Oh uh, hey there anon."
  125. "How are you?"
  126. >"I'm good."
  127. >You stop the small talk and get down to business, doing 10 sets of squats, hang cleans and so on, all lower body.
  128. >Applejack stops to admire your buns.
  129. >"Damn you got good form."
  130. >On a squat she decides to smack your ass and walk off with a smirk.
  131. >Now you don't know what is going on, you are so confused, first Sunset shimmer, now applejack.
  133. >You finish working out after about an hour, take a shower get changed into street clothes and head over to the park, where you just relax.
  134. >The girls seem interested in you, like really interested.
  135. "I think they may have found out about sunset shimmer's kiss."
  136. >You shrug it off and lay down on the grass for the better part of 3 hours, taking a nap until someone comes by.
  137. >A girl with deep purple hair and light purple highlights, wearing glasses and a tee-shirt with jeans on.
  138. >"Hello there."
  139. "Oh hey, what's up?"
  140. >She is twirling her hair with her fingers.
  141. >"Oh I'm good, so what's your name?"
  142. "Me? I'm anon, and what about you."
  143. >She lays down next to you and stair up at the blue sky.
  144. >"I'm Twilight sparkle, I don't think we have met before, do you know pinkie pie? What am I saying everyone knows pinkie pie."
  145. "Yeah I know her, she never told me about you."
  146. >"Yeah sorry, I'm usually too busy to do anything with them, but today I decided to relax and go to the park."
  147. "It's a beautiful day, I'm not used to these, I come from Oakland where there is a lot of smog from Los Angeles."
  148. >"That sucks, I always love living here, even though I'm not originally from these parts I'm from the west side."
  149. "That's nice, say how did you hear about me?"
  150. >"Pinkie told me, so did Sunset Shimmer."
  151. "Really? That was quick."
  152. >"Yeah, for some reason they find you extremely attractive."
  153. >For the next hour you just chat and chat about what you know, like and what your future might be like, she seemed to catch on to the idea that you are really attractive because she just kept getting closer and closer.
  154. "Say listen you want to go scuba diving one time? I can teach you in my pool, you can use some of my equipment."
  155. >"That sounds awesome, I would love to."
  156. >You got spare scuba stuff but you aren't letting her touch your oxygen tanks, down in the cellar.
  158. >You swap numbers and she gives you a peck on the cheek, two girls in a row, you start to think that you might get laid soon, but don't pressure it on yourself, after all nothing will stop you from your dream.
  159. "Say want to come over and swim now?"
  160. >"Really, that would be great, can I invite some friends?"
  161. "Go right ahead."
  162. >That might of been a mistake, because an hour later there are at least 20 people in your house.
  163. >You can't contain them, they are trying to get into your room, but you locked them out and only you have the key, so lucky you.
  164. "GUYS STOP."
  165. >They won't listen, not getting taken advantage of like this anymore, you pick up your mega phone and walkout into the living room.
  167. >They stop and look up at you.
  168. "Thank you, okay so you guys are in my home without permission, except for pinkie pie, twilight and Norman, for everyone who i didn't call out PLEASE LEAVE, or I will call the cops."
  169. >They start to grumble and leave, they made a huge mess, you're screwed, especially if mom and dad come home, what are you going to do.
  170. >The 3 left are just standing there.
  171. "Well are you going to help me or not?"
  172. >"Sorry anon, I have to go."
  173. >You shake your head and watch as pinkie and Norman leave.
  174. >"Listen Anon, I'm sorry, I will help you clean."
  175. "Really? Thanks Twilight that means a lot."
  176. >After a little while the house begins to look spotless.
  177. >Better than it did before.
  178. >After an hour, Twilight and you are finally done.
  179. >You both flop on the couch next to each other.
  180. "Thanks."
  181. >"It's no problem."
  182. >You smile at each other and get into a kiss.
  183. >You both realize what you are doing and break it.
  184. >"I'm sorry, I have to go, Please text or call me."
  185. "Bye?"
  186. >Call call, what were you forgetting to do. THATS IT, CALL SUNSET SHIMMER.
  187. >You dial her cell number and she picks up.
  188. >"Hey anon."
  190. "Hey Sunset, sorry about forgetting to call you."
  191. >"It's okay, I was thinking we could go out on Saturday."
  192. "Let me check my plans."
  193. >You finger through your pocket agenda and see, "Date with Twilight Saturday."
  194. >You forgot that you were going to teach her out to scuba dive and take her out for dinner.
  195. "Sorry Sunset I'm packed, helping twilight learn how to scuba dive."
  196. >"Oh you met her already?"
  197. >She sounds cheery.
  198. "Yeah she's a nice person, very nice."
  199. >"Well how about Sunday?"
  200. "I am free that day, let's make it a date."
  201. >She giggles a bit.
  202. >"Okay Anon thanks."
  203. >She hangs up and so do you, life seems to be going well.
  204. >Your parents arrive at home, for some reason they decided to work at the same place.
  205. >You look around, OH SHIT.
  206. >Somebody left their bra on the counter.
  207. >Its purple and frilly with a.
  208. "Size 34 DD bust? No way Twilight is that busty."
  209. >You run it upstairs and hide it in your boxer drawer.
  210. >Your parents walk in and notice.
  211. >"Hey son did you clean the house today?"
  212. "Yes, yes I did, but not on my own, I had a local named Twilight help me."
  213. >"Who is this Twilight you let into our house?"
  214. >Fucking shit you had to mention that, you fucking moron.
  215. "Just another friend I made today."
  216. >You try to cover up this total bullshit tornado that you caused.
  217. >"Okay son, just keep the partying to the minimum."
  218. >He heckles hardily.
  219. >Holy shit they fucking bought it, if there was a god you would be praying to it right now.
  220. >Later you tell them that you want to become a scuba instructor.
  221. >You also tell them that you are going on a few dates this weekend.
  222. >Well fuck it's time to sleep, you go upstairs take a show feed your fish, and check the internet for one last minute then strip and flip in to bed.
  223. >Tonight you have a dream about fucking twilight.
  224. >You are getting used to it, finally a safe place where all the girls actually think you are worth while.
  225. >No more sluts for you.
  227. >Morning arrives, alarm goes off as normal.
  228. >Today you aren't working out because it is a Friday, Instead you decide to go around town and get the drop on what is going on.
  229. >Your phone rings, Unknown number.
  230. >You decide to pick it up anyway.
  231. "Hello who is this?"
  232. >"Hi excuse me, is this anon?"
  233. "Um yes it is, why do you ask?"
  234. >"This is rarity."
  235. "Oh hey, what makes you call so early."
  236. >"Oh I don't know, I was just wondering if you wanted to spend some time with me and get to know each other?"
  237. "Yeah I guess we can do that."
  238. >"Oh goody, meet me at the clothing store."
  239. "Sounds good seeya soon."
  240. >You hang up and get dressed properly, head downstairs and eat breakfast with your family.
  241. >You walk out the door and head over to the boutique.
  242. >On your way there pinkie pie stops you and asks you how everything has been since moving in.
  243. "It's been good, other than the part incident, nothing has gone wrong, in fact, I have a few dates this weekend, and I'm on my way to meet rarity."
  244. >"Oh joy, have fun."
  245. >She skips past you as you continue towards the shop.
  246. >About 5 minutes later you come across the boutique with rarity waiting outside.
  247. "Hey there rarity."
  248. >"Oh hello anon, so where do you want to go first?"
  249. "I think we should go to the marina, maybe look at the boats, maybe I could show you mine?"
  250. >"Sure why not."
  251. "Could you walk us there? I have no idea where it is."
  252. >She giggles a bit.
  253. >"Of course darling."
  254. >She walks with you there on the way you share your interests and your origin.
  255. >"Well here we are."
  256. "Wow, the lake is beautiful."
  257. >"Yes it quite is, it's even better when there is a beach party."
  258. "I bet."
  259. >Your boat is docked on dock 3 row 2 and you show her where it is.
  260. >"Wow that boat is huge."
  261. "Thanks, want to get on?"
  263. >"Sure why not."
  264. >You help her on the boat and show her around.
  265. "So should I take it for a sail?"
  266. >"That would be lovely."
  267. >You hoist the main gib and raise the sails.
  268. >You tell her some of the basics of sailing, she is very attentive.
  269. >You leave dock and set sail, you grab the wheel and head for the middle of the lake, the wind is riding north at an ever 30knots and the water and sky are clear. a perfect day for sailing.
  270. >Rarity seems to enjoy it.>"Hello Anon, I am ready to learn."
  271. "Great, come upstairs."
  272. >She follows you upstairs and into the scuba room that you set up, also known as the bathroom.
  273. >You give her a pair of goggles and a pair of flippers, she get down to her bathing suit.
  274. >"So how is my bathing suit?"
  275. "That's perfect."
  276. >She twirls and you notice that her bikini top isn't strapped full so it falls off.
  277. >You start to get embarrassed.
  278. >He big breasts pop out with hard nipples.
  279. >You have a boner fuck.
  280. >She notices and puts her top back on.
  281. >"Sorry about that."
  282. "It's okay, by the way you left your bra here it's in my room if you want me to go get it."
  283. >"Nah that's fine, keep it."
  284. >She whispers in your ear.
  285. >"Think of me when you jerk it and wrap my bra around your erection."
  286. >You freeze as you cock gets really hard
  287. "Okay let's get to business, I will get the oxygen containers and the regulators and you get in the pool with the vest on."
  288. >"Okay."
  289. >She smacks your ass as you leave to go get the tanks, UNF....
  290. >You return to the pool and she hasn't gotten in yet.
  291. "Okay let me put my tank on first and then I will do yours."
  292. >You do so and instruct her to jump in.
  293. "Okay now put in your mouth piece and go underwater."
  294. >You 10 foot deep diving pool is large enough to help her learn.
  295. >She is doing great, as if she has done this before.
  296. >You signal her to come back up.
  297. "Wow you are good at this."
  298. >"Really? Thanks."
  299. >After you finish teaching her the basics you help her out of the pool and get dried off.
  300. "So where would you like to go to eat at?"
  301. >"How about that steak place over by the school?"
  302. "Perfect."
  303. >You driver her to lunch and just talk and talk.
  304. >After a great lunch you drive her back to your place and bring her into your room.
  305. "So did you have fun today?"
  306. >She gets on top of you and crawls down to your dick.
  307. >"My fun isn't over yet, hehehe."
  309. >She slides her panties down and unbuttons your shorts.
  310. >Your erection cannot be handled she wants it, all of it.
  311. >"Shh anon, don't want anyone to hear us."
  312. >You nod.
  313. >She pulls off her shirt at and wraps her tits around your cock.
  314. >Fuck that's hot.
  315. >You can hold it in you start to rub her pussy and she swings her ass towards your face.
  316. >"Keep it up big boy."
  317. >You start to lick her pussy and more start to finger her asshole.
  318. >This isn't your first ride.
  319. >She sucks your cock while tit fucking it.
  320. >While you lick her pussy you throw off your shirt and start fingering her pussy.
  321. >"MMMMM-More."
  322. >She can't help herself she pulls away and sits on your cock.
  323. "Ahhh, that's so good."
  324. >"OHHH my gosh you are so fucking big, fuck me has hard as you can."
  325. >Damn she's kinky.
  326. >She starts to bounce, her tits lag behind but still big and taught, damn you can't get enough.
  327. >She has a body of a goddess and the tits of a queen.
  328. >You could do this all day.
  329. >For the next hour you fuck and fuck a lot.
  330. >You cum inside luckily she was on the pill so no problem with that.
  331. >"That was amazing Anon, guess the new kid has some talent."
  332. >You laugh and kiss her.
  333. >She kisses you back.
  334. >You're in love, quick too because you just broke up with the girl in Oakland.
  335. >The summer goes by quick and a lot of time is spent between you and twilight people have figured out what is going on.
  336. >You did go on that date with sunset and it went well but you had to tell her that you were dating Twilight, it didn't go over easily.
  337. >School is now finally starting and you are ready, got your backpack loaded with the miniscule items that could fit and you are on your way.
  338. >You finally got a car this summer and it's nice, a new jeep patriot.
  339. >Your dad lied to you a lot with the last car, he sold it.
  340. >"dawn of the first day."
  341. -100+ days to go-
  343. >You wake up and smell the dying summer on the air, the leaves bleed of different shades and the flowers start to pass, school is here.
  344. >You hop out of bed and do everything as normal except an hour early.
  345. >You give your mom a hug on the way out and grab your car keys.
  346. >Time to go pick up Twilight.
  347. >You drive to her house and honk.
  348. "Come on twilight we're going to be late for the first day."
  349. >"Coming."
  350. >She runs towards the car and throws her backpack through the open back window.
  351. >She gets in kisses you on lips and puts on some classic rock tunes.
  352. >"Maggie may by Rod Stewart."
  353. "Oh I love this song."
  354. >She smiles and shakes her head.
  355. >The entire way there you sing the song.
  356. >You arrive and park in the parking lot.
  357. >You walk in Twilight and go your separate ways.
  358. "See you at lunch baby."
  359. >"See you too, love you."
  360. >She follows her friends who embarrass her.
  361. >You laugh as you catch up with your new friends you made over the summer.
  362. "Hey Norman and Flash."
  363. >"Hey anon."
  364. >"What's up dude?"
  365. "Not much, what did you guys do yesterday?"
  366. >"Was forced to get a haircut."
  367. "That sucks, what homeroom are you guys in?"
  368. >"112."
  369. >"911."
  370. >Bush please.
  371. "I'm in room 210 can you show me where that is?"
  372. >"Of course."
  373. >You follow Norman down the hall to room 210.
  374. "Thanks man."
  375. >"No problem man."
  376. >You enter the room and look at the teacher.
  377. >"Hello you must be the new student?"
  378. "Yes that's me, my name is Anon."
  379. >"Nice to meet you anon my name is Cheerilee."
  380. >You look her over, damn those curves though.
  381. >You look around the room and notice Rarity.
  382. >You go over and sit next to her.
  383. "Hey rarity."
  384. >"Hello Anon, sleep well?"
  385. "Yup, and you?"
  386. >"Well, thank you for asking."
  387. >You look on your desk a piece of paper giving you your locker number and combination.
  388. >You head on over to locker "290".
  389. >Apparently they had the money to buy lockers but not put in a new light bulb.
  390. >You place your stuff in and grab a pencil, some notebooks and a calculator, then head back to home room.
  392. >When you get there the door is locked, fuck late for homeroom, but you didn't hear a bell.
  393. >You knock on the door and it opens.
  394. >"Sorry anon have to mark you tardy."
  395. "Okay fine."
  396. >First fucking day of school and you get a tardy, what a goddamned joke
  397. >You sit there for 10 minutes before the announcements come on.
  398. >You start to think to yourself.
  399. "Why do they do this, it's a waste?"
  400. >Once the home room bell signals dismissal you head to your first class, this happens all day.
  401. >Finally the end of day bell rings and you wait in the main hall for twilight.
  402. >She runs toward you as if you were about to leave.
  403. "Hey twilight."
  404. >"Hey anon, missed you."
  405. >You give her a kiss on the cheek and place your hand on her ass.
  406. "So what do you want to do?"
  407. >"I don't know I was thinking you could come over to my house."
  408. "Sure let's do that."
  409. >You open the passenger door for her and close it.
  410. >You get into the driver seat and take her home.
  411. >On the way there you stop for gas and ask for an adult to buy you beer.
  412. "Come on man you can get it for us?"
  413. >"Fuck off kid I ain't doin it for you, I'm not going to spend time in jail for you."
  414. "Fine, fuck you."
  415. >"That's a big "fuck you" to you then."
  416. >You flip him off and finish pumping the gas almost like you are going to do to twilight later, only if she wants the D tonight.
  417. >You get back into the car, she is sleeping, and does it really loud.
  418. "Hey Twilight wake up, you got homework to do when we get to your house."
  419. >You smirk, you understand that Homework isn't assigned until at least 2 days after school starts, per rules of the handbook, which your mother made you memorize as punishment for fucking around about 2 weeks ago.
  420. >"AHHH homework, I'm sorry I turned it in late Miss cheerilee."
  421. "Whoa calm down pretty girl, Cheerilee isn't around."
  422. >"Sorry anon, I just get super stressed about homework."
  423. >You give her a kiss on the cheek.
  424. >Someone knocks on your window.
  425. >"Hey get out of the car."
  427. >You look over at them.
  428. "Who the fuck are you?"
  429. >He punches you in the face, throws you and twilight out and steals your car.
  430. "You have got to be fucking kidding me."
  432. >Fuck you just yelled that.
  433. >"Anon are you serious?"
  434. "Sorry twilight."
  435. >A group of black people walk up behind you.
  436. >"Who you callin nigga, you cracka ass piece of shit?"
  437. "Oh you wanna go, put those fucking hands up Imma bout to kick yo bitch ass back to the ghetto."
  438. >"Nigga, you don't wanna mess with us....."
  439. >Before he can finish you punch him straight in the gut and he falls down.
  440. "What was that bitch?"
  441. >The two others come up and whiff.
  442. "Have to be faster than that fat boy."
  443. >You swing and uppercut them in the jaw.
  444. >They both fall but get back up and run away.
  445. "Don't you fucking mess with me you porch monkeys."
  446. >As they run away they flick you off.
  448. >Twilight is visible horrified.
  449. >Fuck you shouldn't of done that.
  450. >You can see she is crying.
  451. >You go over to comfort her.
  452. >"D-d-don't touch me."
  453. >She runs off.
  454. >Why the fuck did you have to do this?
  457. >She is taking pictures of the scenery with her camera and awing at the clear lake.
  458. "So how do you like it?"
  459. >"It's absolutely beautiful."
  460. >The day goes on, all day you spend on the boat but you have to head in because it was getting late.
  461. >You walk her home and swap numbers.
  462. >Damn this is going to be a good life here.
  463. >You walk home and open the door.
  464. >Your parents are standing there, steaming mad.
  465. >You smile guiltily.
  466. "Hey guys, what's going on, hehe."
  467. >You're fucked.
  468. >"Who said I could let you take the boat out?"
  469. >He is mad, really really mad.
  470. >What do you tell him?
  471. "I'm sorry dad, I just wanted to show my friend how it was, she really learned about sailing."
  472. >"Well."
  473. >He seems to relax.
  474. >"How did it fair in the new lake?"
  475. "Well, the siding needs some work but the gib and main work fine, it faired very well."
  476. >"Okay, just don't take it out without my permission again please."
  477. "Okay dad sounds good."
  478. >You get on your phone and text rarity what happened.
  479. >That night you go to sleep and dream about tomorrow and how you are going to teach twilight how to scuba.
  480. >DING DONG.
  481. >Shit you overslept.
  482. >You get dressed in a bathing suit and a wetshirt and run downstairs, your parents open the door for twilight and let her in.
  483. "Good morning twilight."
  485. >"Hello Anon, I am ready to learn."
  486. "Great, come upstairs."
  487. >She follows you upstairs and into the scuba room that you set up, also known as the bathroom.
  488. >You give her a pair of goggles and a pair of flippers, she get down to her bathing suit.
  489. >"So how is my bathing suit?"
  490. "That's perfect."
  491. >She twirls and you notice that her bikini top isn't strapped full so it falls off.
  492. >You start to get embarrassed.
  493. >He big breasts pop out with hard nipples.
  494. >You have a boner fuck.
  495. >She notices and puts her top back on.
  496. >"Sorry about that."
  497. "It's okay, by the way you left your bra here it's in my room if you want me to go get it."
  498. >"Nah that's fine, keep it."
  499. >She whispers in your ear.
  500. >"Think of me when you jerk it and wrap my bra around your erection."
  501. >You freeze as you cock gets really hard
  502. "Okay let's get to business, I will get the oxygen containers and the regulators and you get in the pool with the vest on."
  503. >"Okay."
  504. >She smacks your ass as you leave to go get the tanks, UNF....
  505. >You return to the pool and she hasn't gotten in yet.
  506. "Okay let me put my tank on first and then I will do yours."
  507. >You do so and instruct her to jump in.
  508. "Okay now put in your mouth piece and go underwater."
  509. >You 10 foot deep diving pool is large enough to help her learn.
  510. >She is doing great, as if she has done this before.
  511. >You signal her to come back up.
  512. "Wow you are good at this."
  513. >"Really? Thanks."
  514. >After you finish teaching her the basics you help her out of the pool and get dried off.
  515. "So where would you like to go to eat at?"
  516. >"How about that steak place over by the school?"
  517. "Perfect."
  518. >You driver her to lunch and just talk and talk.
  519. >After a great lunch you drive her back to your place and bring her into your room.
  520. "So did you have fun today?"
  521. >She gets on top of you and crawls down to your dick.
  522. >"My fun isn't over yet, hehehe."
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