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CoC Revamp Mod (Katherine) Penetration, vaginal

Polyushko Jun 19th, 2017 90 Never
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  1. You don’t even need to think about it. Your eyes are locked on the cat-herm’s silken, sopping wet pussycat pussy, which is already dribbling femlube down her small scrotum and puddling it onto the ground in anticipation. Slipping off your garments, you saunter forward and gently stroke her damp lips, stage-whispering to her that it seems an obvious choice which hole you should take. Katherine gives a playful giggle, a mewl of arousal, and positions herself over a nearby barrel so that it’s easier for her to support the two of you.
  3. As soon as she’s ready, you waste no time in sliding your cock home, causing her to yowl in delight at being filled. Her slippery walls, soft and slick like greased velvet, seem to ripple as if to purposefully swallow your cock, eager to have you bury yourself to the hilt. Sopping wet as they are they pose no resistance, allowing you to glide in smooth as butter, yet they grip you and try in vain to hold you in. Your thrusts and surges elicit the lewdest squelches and slurps, her slobbering cunny drooling all over your shaft and both sets of balls.
  5. “Oh, yeah! Yes - AH! It feels so good!” Katherine yowls mindlessly, babbling in her delight at your penetrations. You, for your part, just grab her silken fur, hold onto her narrow hips and keep on thrusting. While you may have started out firmly in charge, as the pace picks up the cat-herm is the one to take the lead; she pushes back against you, bucking and thrashing so wildly you find yourself having to hang on for dear life as she fucks you senseless. If it weren’t for how wet she is, she’d be rubbing your cock raw from friction and the vice-like grip around your shaft. You can just make out the way her cock flails around, stiff as iron with knot swollen to full size - she can’t be much further from climax...
  7. And, indeed, she’s not. Arching her back in a way that would break a human spine, she lets out an ear splitting scream of ecstasy, making you unconsciously recall nights of being woken up by courting cats back in Ingnam. Cum gushes like a river from her cock and her cunny floods over with femspray, splattering you and soaking the ground and everything from your waist down. As if signalled by her orgasm, your own climax seizes you by surprise. Your cock discharges into her depths, flooding her inviting nethers with your spunk, her pussy-lips drinking every last drop you have to give with insatiable greed. Gasping, having spent yourself, you pull out, letting her nethers drool their sexual fluids onto the ground undisturbed.
  9. Katherine sprawls against the barrel, flicking her tail lazily and purring loudly. “Mmm... you have no idea how good you are, lover,” she tells you, before patting her belly and giggling softly. “I’m not saying I want to be a mom just yet but I think your little boys and girls and herms will make people very, very happy when they come of age.”
  11. With a smile, you scratch her behind the ears in a way that the cats in your village loved, enjoy her contented purr, clean yourself off with some old rags that the cat laid aside, and then politely say goodbye, redressing yourself and heading back out into Tel’Adre.
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