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  2. After a very long and very confusing series of events, you find yourself being "imprisoned" in a tower in Canterlot Castle. Looking around however, you find that your surroundings don't really match your definition of the term "imprisonment". You're in a plush bedroom, sitting on a comfy bed in the silk pyjamas and fuzzy bunny slippers you were provided. Why there were human-shaped pyjamas in canterlot Castle, much less in your specific size, was a mystery. What was even more a mystery was why everything was so huge. From head to foot, your bed had to have been no less than thirty feet long. And the pillows at the head formed a pile you could lose yourself in for days.
  4. While you were contemplating building the best pillow fort ever, a knock sounded at the door. You see the monumental doors open, and a white figure strides into the room. At this distance, it's a bit hard to make out who it is, but you can hazard a guess. The guess is confirmed as the white figure leaps into the air and glides gracefully to the foot of the bed you sit on. As Princess Celestia makes her way towards the head of the bed, she sheds her regalia, informing you in her regal tone that she has decided to make your first night here in Canterlot a very welcoming experience. The two of you will be bedding together for the night.
  6. You sit, dumbfounded, as you process the information given. Before you can accept or reject, Celestia has already nestled in to the pillow pile and has begun gesturing for you to join her. The soft golden glow from her horn lights her face and the bed around her, inviting you closer. As you kick off the bunny slippers and make your way towards her, you see the horn's glow spread to evelop her entire body for a split second before retracting back to her horn. Something strikes you as odd; it seemed like the pillow she chose to recline on was smaller in comparison than it was a moment before. You shake it off - that bright glow from the horn must have disoriented you a bit.
  8. You finally reach her spot on the bed, and she props herself up on her knees to greet you. The soft glow from her horn still lights the area around the two of you. You take a moment to just look at her, running your eyes up and down the length of her body before stopping to rest at her big, beautiful eyes. The eyes that are gazing right back at you. The eyes on the face that seems to be slowly moving upwards? What gives?
  10. Celestia sees the question in your eyes, and before the question can move to your mouth she practically tackles you to the bed, embracing you in a surprise full-body hug. Your arms and legs are all pinned in place by her limbs which only barely meet at your back, and your head is turned against her warm, fuzzy chest. It's a bit inconvenient that you can't move, but not an unpleasant turn of events, all said. You can even hear her heart beating faintly through her chest. Then, all at once, you see the glow from her horn cover her body again, and her heart begins to beat louder and more quickly. You feel her coat begin to rub against your cheek, and the sound of her heartbeat moves away from your ear. Her limbs reposition themselves as they begin to conver more and more of your body, eventually able to wrap around you entirely.
  12. She holds you like this for a minute or so, her coat continuing to rub against you and her limbs clutching you ever tighter to her breast. You begin to wish for a better view of what's going on, though you definitely have your suspicions by now. As if in response to your yearning, her hooves release their grip slightly and a golden glow covers you and lifts you up high above the bed. You open your eyes, and your suspicions are confirmed. Celestia is now huge, completely covering the bed. She shifts her position, laying on her back. She brings you closer to her face, nuzzling you and giving you a little lick. Her magic then brings you to rest on her massive fluffy chest. Her horn flashes gold again and another pulse of that golden glow covers her body momentarily. Her gaze fixes on you as the change takes hold again, her head inching towards the ceiling, her rear legs beginning to dangle off the foot of the bed. You look down at your fluffy seat, feeling it expand beneath you with each passing second. You lay down on it and begin to drift off to sleep. As Celestia begins to hum a lullaby that you feel through her chest, you begin to think that there couldn't be a better way to spend your first night in Canterlot.
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