Posiadlosc Ferenczego : extra_english.lang

Nov 5th, 2015
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  1.  <LANGUAGE>
  2.     <CATEGORY Name="CustomStoryMain">
  3.         <Entry Name="Description">first part of the "Awakening" ... Your name is Vladimir and you're a deserter from the army of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Together with two companions did you get into the old manor Ferenczego to wait out the search. Known you were that sanctuary shrouded in the infamous and secretive hope you thought that this will prevent you from finding and taken before a military court. However, you and your companions do not people should be afraid.</Entry>
  4.     </CATEGORY>
  5.     <CATEGORY Name="Inventory">
  6.         <Entry Name="ItemName_klucz1">The key to the basement</Entry>
  7.         <Entry Name="ItemDesc_klucz1">The key to the basement</Entry>
  8.         <Entry Name="ItemName_kwas">acid</Entry>
  9.         <Entry Name="ItemDesc_kwas">acid</Entry>
  10.         <Entry Name="ItemName_klucz2">key Dmitri</Entry>
  11.         <Entry Name="ItemDesc_klucz2">Dmitri key.</Entry>
  12.         <Entry Name="ItemName_klucz_legowisko">Key Lady</Entry>
  13.         <Entry Name="ItemDesc_klucz_legowisko">key to a child's room.</Entry>
  14.         <Entry Name="ItemName_klucz_do_piwniczki">Key from Ferenczego</Entry>
  15.         <Entry Name="ItemDesc_klucz_do_piwniczki">The key to the exit.</Entry>
  16.         <Entry Name="ItemName_klucz_do_pokoju">The key to the room</Entry>
  17.         <Entry Name="ItemDesc_klucz_do_pokoju">The key to the room.</Entry>
  18.         <Entry Name="ItemName_klucz_do_skladu">The key to the composition</Entry>
  19.         <Entry Name="ItemDesc_klucz_do_skladu">The key to the composition</Entry>
  20.     </CATEGORY>
  21.     <CATEGORY Name="Journal">
  22.         <Entry Name="Note_text01_Name">Message to Vladimir</Entry>
  23.         <Entry Name="Note_text01_Text">Brasov, Transylvania, 1849.[br][br][br]Vladimir, if you're reading this get out of this house !!![br][br]You lost consciousness during the fall. We did not have time to take care of you, you know the rules. Barricaded the door to the room in which you left, that's all we could do. Goodbye and do not get caught ...</Entry>
  24.         <Entry Name="Quest_zadanie_Text">Find the key and get to the basement.</Entry>
  25.         <Entry Name="Note_text02_Name">Memories deserter Agoston</Entry>
  26.         <Entry Name="Note_text02_Text">I do not know whether I have done by selecting to hide the old mansion Ferenczego. This house is very private, the darkness enshroud him. I have the impression that we are not alone here, and these strange noises, as if this place gave rise to life after years of dormancy.[br][br]Vladimir probably still unconscious, and Dmitri, somewhere lost the key, damn it. I had to barricade the flap basement, there was something at the top. I hope that Dimitri slipped away?</Entry>
  27.         <Entry Name="Quest_zadanie_2_Text">The doors are solid but the padlock looks weak. Find something that will damage it ..</Entry>
  28.         <Entry Name="Note_text03_Name">Memories Petru</Entry>
  29.         <Entry Name="Note_text03_Text">I had a nose for przybydku Ferenczego. These are all stories about the haunted house are greatly exaggerated. I managed to get to the wine cellar and was not disappointed.[br][br]If I could just open the massive door and see what treasures out there waiting for me. I'll find the key may be at the top.[br][br]Wine, lick your fingers ...</Entry>
  30.         <Entry Name="Note_text04_Name">Memories gravedigger</Entry>
  31.         <Entry Name="Note_text04_Text">I'm tired, I can not stand the strain. Here we go again, how long will it take?.[br][br]promised me a reward .... after all this time, I wonder if it is not I committed all these crimes.[br][br]Maybe going mad and all a dream?</Entry>
  32.         <Entry Name="Note_text05_Name">Memories of You</Entry>
  33.         <Entry Name="Note_text05_Text">Once the house was full of warmth and love, full of life.[br][br]A long time ago, before my father began doing business with the foreigner, Ferenczy! ... Since then much has changed.[br][br]My only refuge is the room my son, my kwiatuszka, there still feels safe.</Entry>
  34.         <Entry Name="Note_text06_Name">Memories of You Part 2</Entry>
  35.         <Entry Name="Note_text06_Text">Damn you to hell Ferenczy!.[br][br]You took me all that I love.[br][br]I do not hold here anymore. God forgive me.</Entry>
  36.         <Entry Name="Note_text07_Name">Memories of You Part 3</Entry>
  37.         <Entry Name="Note_text07_Text">What have you done with my son ...?[br][br]Take him your filthy hands off ...![br][br]Father, why sit and just you looking at ...?[br][br]Nieeeeeeeeeee ... e!</Entry>
  38.         <Entry Name="Note_text08_Name">Message from Ferenczego</Entry>
  39.         <Entry Name="Note_text08_Text">This is my last warning to you Vladimir. Turn back where you came from, leave my property, my advice. Key, who left here for you opens the door to the cellar, which leads to the outside. Go back to your life.[br][br]Do not look for answers to the phenomena you have experienced, do not try to understand or grasp the knowledge hidden in the foundations. Leave it, I do not belong to your world, it was the young, when I was already an old man. Find a heavenly way.</Entry>
  40.         <Entry Name="Note_text09_Name">Testament Lady</Entry>
  41.         <Entry Name="Note_text09_Text">I am damned! ... This monster Ferenczy woke up, took my child, and I turned to one of his slaves. Anyone who reads these words already knows that he lost his mind, yet he had to experience the horrors of the house.[br][br]I have only one request, find us and kill before Ferenczy regain full strength.[br][br]Go through bridge fire to find the door to the kingdom of the devil.</Entry>
  42.     </CATEGORY>
  43.     <CATEGORY Name="Endcredits">
  44.         <Entry Name="Credittext">"Property Ferenczego - Awakening"[br][br][br]not zgłębiłeś all the mysteries of the property. [br]You have chosen the path of life - a wise decision![br][br]adventure created [br]BELAIEL[br][br]</Entry>
  45.     </CATEGORY>
  46.     <CATEGORY Name="Endcredits2">
  47.         <Entry Name="Credittext">"Property Ferenczego - Awakening"[br][br][br]you have chosen the way of hard labor. [br]Your goal is to exterminate Ferenczego and his servants. [br]The brave decision.[br][br]adventure created [br]BELAIEL[br][br][br][br]property Ferenczego - Katorga[br][br]2013</Entry>
  48.     </CATEGORY>
  49. </LANGUAGE>
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