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  1. Lfhevevev: I got shiny melmeta
  2. niekic25: nice
  3. niekic25: wanna trade it?
  4. Lfhevevev: What u have?
  5. niekic25: let me see
  6. niekic25: shiny Zekrom, shiny Mimikyu, shiny Reh=
  7. niekic25: whoops
  8. niekic25: Reshiram,
  9. Lfhevevev: Shiny reshiram and zekrom?
  10. niekic25: shiny Terrakion, shiny Salazzle, shiny Gallade, Shiny Inteleon, shiny G max Corviknight in a love ball
  11. niekic25: yea
  12. niekic25: most of them BR
  13. niekic25: also got all the kanto starters shiny with HA and EM's
  14. niekic25: and got events like celebs, jirachi, manaphy
  15. Lfhevevev: Il stay with reshiram and zekrom
  16. Lfhevevev: Code 9283
  17. niekic25: okay
  18. Lfhevevev: Searching
  19. niekic25: me too just
  20. niekic25: ign niels
  21. Lfhevevev: Ill trade u melmetal on rhe second trade
  22. Lfhevevev: Is that ok?
  23. niekic25: ehh
  24. Lfhevevev: Is that a yes or a no?
  25. niekic25: idk i prefer at the first trade hehe
  26. niekic25: I can trade u reshiram first its modest
  27. Lfhevevev: Np
  28. Lfhevevev: But melmetal on the secon
  29. niekic25: wait a second
  30. Lfhevevev: I think ur trying to scam
  31. niekic25: i dont scam man im just careful hehe
  32. Lfhevevev: And melmetal is very rare
  33. niekic25: those shinies took me a long time to get u know
  34. niekic25: true
  35. Lfhevevev: Are u going to trade or not?
  36. niekic25: maybe we can trade our mons to someone high in the chat like Billo?
  37. Lfhevevev: Idk
  38. niekic25: then he trade the mons to us
  39. niekic25: okay i will trade first
  40. niekic25: !roll 9999
  41. Rolling (1 to 9999): 3221
  42. Lfhevevev: Ok
  43. Lfhevevev: Searching
  44. niekic25: me too
  45. Lfhevevev: What happened?
  46. niekic25: I reported ur name to Billo, he says ur a known scammer
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