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  1. Houkai Impact Beginner's Guide
  2. Links
  3. Game website: (JP)
  4.      (CH)
  5. Game wiki: (EN)
  6.   (JP)
  7. Mission objective translations:
  8. Stigmata secondary skill translation:
  9. Story summary: CH1
  10.                CH2
  11.                CH3
  12.                CH4
  13.                CH5
  14. /mbgg/ Armada: mbgg
  15. /mbgg/ IRC: #houkai@rizon
  17. Rerolling
  18. Rerolling is tedious in this game. You first have to go through the tutorial and finish the first chapter to get access to the gatcha (10~15 minutes). You are only given enough coupon/crystals for 2-3 pulls, roll the top one which has characters. To wipe the data, you need 2 terminals/emulator instances to transfer account as clearing data/deleting the game does not reset it. You can set up a transfer password by clicking on your level bar, then accounts. You can also bind the account to a google play account, but be aware that there are no ways to unbind it as far as I know. Overall, its better to reroll for an S character, as you can focus on gearing up the said character rather than blowing your crystals trying to roll for S characters in the future.
  20. Gatcha
  21. There is the regular gatcha (top), equipment-only gatcha (second), and friendship gatcha (third). Sometimes there will be an event gatcha between the second and third option. Each roll will contain two items but only one of them will be what you are looking for; the second item will be mats (exp/evolution/gold). Regular gatcha contains both characters and equipment. Currently, Sakura is not available in the regular gatcha. Equipment gatcha has a rotation of equipments it will contain, so its a good idea to save your crystals until it contains the perfect equip for your hard earned characters. Regular gatcha's S-rank character rate is around ~0.7% (not verified), and this is the only way to obtain S-rank characters (except for S Sakura and S Bronya). A-rank character rate is around 5-10% which can also be farmed in about a month of grinding. Regular gatcha will sometimes give you character fragments instead (looks like a puzzle piece with character portrait on it), which can be used to unlock the actual character when you have enough pieces, or if you already have the character, you can use them to rank up the character. Getting a dupe results in fragments. Currently in JPN version, there is no advantage of doing the 10 roll vs single roll; CHN version has a guaranteed A rank character or better with 10 pull, and likewise a guaranteed 4* weapon for the weapon gatcha.
  23. Characters, Rank
  24. There are 6 different characters available to play: Kiana, Mei, Bronya, Himeko, Sakura and Theresa. Each of the characters have different 'attires' that can have a base rank of either B, A, or S. At the start of the game, you are given the B rank Kiana and Mei, and the B rank Bronya at the completion of volume 1. Base S-rank costumes are usually stronger than the lower rank costumes, but some A-rank characters are very good as well. Every character can be ranked up to SSS with fragments.
  25. Overall, Kiana tends to be control oriented, Mei/Sakura is more offense oriented, Bronya has special abilities that's helpful (party wide shield, freeze, heal etc) and her attack pattern change depending on the gun (rocket, missile, laser), Himeko is a tank, and Theresa is a mid-range AoE attacker.
  27. Attributes
  28. Each character and enemies have one of 3 attributes: biological (yellow), mechanical (blue), and supernatural (purple). Bio is strong against supernatural (white enemies), mech is strong against bio (humanoids), and supernatural is strong against mech (robots). Likewise, Bio is weak to mech, mech is weak to supernatural, and supernatural is weak to bio. Game makes it easy to tell by showing you up/down near the enemy's HP bar.
  30. Weapons/Stigmata
  31. Equipment rarity ranges from base 1* to 4*s, and only base 4* can be evolved to 5*s. Some weapons have passive skills and some have active skills that can be activated by hitting the weapon skill button above the evade button. Active skills uses EP to activate like the ultimate skills, and has its own cooldown. Refer to the JP wiki for best-in-slots for your characters.
  32. Stigmata is the 'armor' of the game where you equip cute girls on your character's back. You can equip 3 (Top, Center, Bottom), and there are set bonuses for equipping 2 or 3 from the same set. Stigmata sometimes have to be 'identified' of their extra effect before you are able to equip it (slide your finger down the silhouette). For Stigmata with none or only one extra effect, you can add/change the extra effect with items obtained from quest and stigmata disassembly.
  33. The equipment's level goes back to 1 after evolving and the stats take a huge hit, so wait to do so until you have plenty of exp material/gold to bring the level back up. Each piece of equipment has a cost value to it (increases if you evolve the equipment). Your character has a cost limit she can equip which goes up as you level up the character.
  35. Skills
  36. Refer to the official website for a showcase of their skills.
  39. All characters have 6 skill tree nodes, and different skills under each node. Some skills require a character to be at a certain level to unlock, or be at a certain rank (farm those fragments).
  40. The top left node is the leader buff skill, which activates when the character is placed on the first slot of the team and is applied to everyone on the team. Your helper's leader skill is also applied in the battle, so its good to have many friends with have strong leader skills. The only way to level up this skill is to rank up the character. The middle left node contains passive skills which is always active, and the bottom left is the evade skill.
  41. The top right node is for the divergence/charge/special skill, the middle right node is for the ultimate skill, and finally the bottom right node is for normal attacks.
  43. List of characters and skills
  45. Kiana Kaslana
  46. Warrior Kiana, mech, B rank
  47. Leader skill  - Increase everyone's HP by x%
  48. Passive skill - Increase damage to enemy's shield by x%
  49.               - [SS rank] When HP is above 80%, increase critical damage by x%
  50. Evade skill: Enter space-time delay with perfect evade.
  51.               - [A rank] Decrease cooldown by x seconds
  52.               - When you activate space time lag with perfect evade, give x EP to everyone.
  53. Divergence Skill: Tap-tap-hold. Floats enemy then does an AoE downward smash, doing 2*50% + 275% damage
  54.               - Tag-team - Divergence skill activates when switching in. If skill interrupts the enemy, stuns the enemy for x sec
  55.               - QTE - tag-in while the enemy is afloat. Deals 300%+x damage
  56.               - [S rank] When using divergence skill on a shielded enemy, deal x fire damage.
  57. Ultimate Skill: Goddess-form - strengthens all attacks, attack range increased, 20 EP to activate, consumes 10 EP per second.
  58.               - At the time of activation, deal x fire damage to all enemies, and stun them for x seconds
  59.               - [S rank] While activated, increase flinch resistance and defense of everyone in the party by xx%
  60. Normal attack: 5 hit combo
  61.               - Increase damage by x
  62.               - When you break the enemy's shield using normal or divergence attack, deal x additional damage
  63.               - [SSS rank] When you interrupt the enemy's attack, x% chance to stun the enemy for x seconds
  65. Gunner Kiana, mech, A rank
  66. Leader Skill  - Increase everyone's movement speed by x%, for mech units also increase attack speed by x%
  67. Passive Skill - Increase shield damage by x%
  68.               - After breaking enemy's shield, deal x% damage, and stun them for x seconds
  69.               - [Rank SS] Increase critical damage by x%, further increase critical damage by x% on frozen enemies.
  70. Evade Skill: Black hole. Pulls up to 4 enemies for 2 seconds
  71.               - After evading/sortieing, increase movement speed by xx% for x seconds, cooldown 6 seconds
  72.               - Decrease black hole cooldown by x sec
  73.               - [Rank S] Increase black hole duration by x sec, increase pull distance by x meters
  74. Divergence Skill: tap-tap-tap-hold, does 350% damage in a single line (aoe)
  75.               - When doing a critical attack, x% chance to stun the enemy for x seconds
  76.               - [Rank S] Increase divergence skill damage to the primary target by x
  77.               - [Rank SS] While using the divergence skill, increase flinch resistance and defense by xx%
  78. Ultimate Skill: Straight, multi-hitting laser, doing a total of 1500% damage, costs 50 EP
  79.               - Last hit stuns the enemy for x seconds
  80.               - [Rank S] While using the ultimate skill, tap the attack button to deal x fire damage, max 15 times
  81.               - [Rank SSS] Critical damage for ultimate skill increased by x%
  82. Normal attack: 4 combo attack, higher attack with 3rd and 4th shot.
  83.               - Attacking the same enemy increases attack speed, up to x%
  84.               - When doing critical damage, x% change to bleed the enemy, doing x damage every 0.5 sec for x seconds
  85.               - QTE - tag-in on a frozen enemy, multihit attack that does 360%+x damage
  87. Saint Kiana, supernatural, A rank
  88. Leader Skill  - Increase everyone's elemental damage by x% and decrease elemental damage taken by x%
  89. Passive Skill - When not on the field, every 10 seconds attack a random enemy, dealing xx lightening damage and causing weakness
  90.                 status decreasing their defense by x% for x seconds
  91.               - [Rank SSS] When a team member is about to faint, automatically tag-in and heal the team member's HP by x. Usable
  92.                 only once per mission
  93.               - [Rank S] When tagging in, remove all team member's abnormal status, and increase your def by x% for x sec
  94. Evade Skill: Lift the enemy up in the air and place them in a space-time lock for 4 seconds
  95.               - Space-time lock duration x, every 0.5 seconds deal x% ice damage
  96.               - After a perfect evade, heal party by x
  97.               - [Rank S] Can hold additional charge of evade skill, decrease cooldown by x sec
  98. Divergence Skill: tap-tap-hold. 3 spinning kick and a flying kick, knockback, doing 3*150%+200% damage.
  99.               - Tag-team - Targets floating enemy, dealing x% damage and stunning them for x sec
  100.               - QTE - tag-in on a paralyzed enemy. Deal 240%+x damage
  101.               - [Rank S] Increase critical rate on the final kick by x%
  102. Ultimate Skill: Battle maiden's blessing - increased damage, range, enters space-time delay for the duration
  103.                 20 EP to activate, consumes 10 EP per second.
  104.               - While active, heal party by x every 0.5 seconds (includes summons, clones)
  105.               - [Rank SS] At the time of activation, heal party by x
  106.               - [Rank SS] While active, increase team's movement speed by x% and attack speed by x%
  107. Normal attack: 4 hit combo, last hit does AoE damage
  108.               - When attacking, x% chance to cause weakness, decreasing enemy attack by x% for x sec
  109.               - During critical damage, x% chance to heal team by x
  111. Moonlight Kiana, bio, S rank
  112. Leader Skill  - Increase critical damage by x%. If all 3 members are bio type, increase all damage by x%
  113. Passive Skill - Increase physical and elemental damage dealt to stunned/paralyzed enemy by x%
  114. Evade Skill: Can activate space-time delay with normal evade, movement speed up while in space-time delay
  115.               - Normal evade activates space-time delay for x sec, perfect evade extends space-time delay duration by x sec
  116.               - [Rank SS] For each enemy affected by space-time delay, damage increased by x%, stacks up to x times
  117.               - [Rank SSS] Perfect evade charge +x, decrease CD by x sec
  118. Divergence Skill: tap-tap-tap-hold. Rotating attack, 160% AoE attack.
  119.               - Tag-team - perform divergence skill. Increase damage by x% to floating enemies (includes QTE)
  120.               - Can continue to rotate up to x times during divergence skill by tapping attack button
  121.               - Deal x% additional damage to nearby enemies, up to 4 times
  122. Ultimate Skill: Deal a total of 1900% damage in a large AoE. Costs 125 EP
  123.               - QTE - tag-in while enemy is afloat. Deal up to x%*50 damage
  124.               - During the last hit of ultimate skill, use up all of remaining EP to deal additional x damage per EP spent
  125.               - [Rank SS] After ultimate skill, enter space-time delay, lasts x sec
  126. Normal attack: 4 combo
  127.               - Deal additional x% AoE damage, damage decreases the further the enemy
  128.               - Enemies in melee range are dealt additional x% damage, and recover a little EP
  134. Raiden Mei
  135. Crimson Mei, bio, B rank
  136. Leader Skill  - When above 20 combo, increase physical damage by x%
  137. Passive Skill - When attacking shield-broken enemy, critical rate increase by x% and critical damage increase by x%
  138. Evade Skill: Space-time delay for 3 second with perfect evade, CD 15 sec
  139.               - When entering space-time delay with evade skill, press attack to deal additional x% damage, CD 2 sec
  140.               - [Rank S] When entering space-time delay with evade skill, attack speed +x%
  141.               - [Rank S] Evade skill CD reduced by x sec
  142. Divergence Skill: Rising circular slash, floats enemies, deals 200-400% damage
  143.               - QTE - tag-in while enemy is afloat. Performs circular slash+downward strike, doing 120%+x% damage
  144.               - Hold attack button anytime while doing normal attack do perform divergence skill
  145.               - [Rank SS] Press attack button while performing divergence skill to activate it again, at x% damage
  146. Ultimate Skill: Heavenly Slash, horizontal slash with a projectile, does up to 1150% damage, costs 50 EP
  147.               - Heavenly Slash deals additional x fire damage, up to 17 times
  148.               - [Rank SS] Increase max EP by 15 and EP cost by 20. Become enraged post-skill, all attacks become stronger for x sec
  149.               - [Rank SSS] While enraged, do additional x% damage
  150. Normal attack: 5 hit combo, last hit is AoE
  151.               - When combo is above 20, increase attack speed by x%
  152.               - [Rank A] Normal attacks have x% chance to bleed enemy, dealing x damage every 0.5 sec, lasts for x sec
  153.               - [Rank SSS] On the 5th attack, deal additional x fire damage for each combo, up to x combo.
  155. Assault Mei, bio, A rank
  156. Leader Skill  - While in battle, increase everyone's def by x%, and for bio units increase HP by x%
  157. Passive Skill - When attacking shield broken enemy, increase damage by x%
  158.               - [Rank S] Prevents combo break, usable once every x seconds, applies to everyone
  159.               - [Rank SS] When at max EP, distribute x% of the EP to the teammates
  160. Evade Skill: Enter space-time delay for 3 seconds
  161.               - Holding attack button after perfect evade activates divergence skill. Increased critical damage against
  162.                 floating enemies by x%
  163.               - Decrease cooldown by x seconds
  164.               - [Rank SSS] Space-time delay duration increased by x sec, increase movement speed by x% for the duration
  165. Divergence Skill: tap-hold. Continuous Slash
  166.               - Tag-team - Activate divergence skill. Against floating enemies, critical rate increased by x%
  167.               - Press the attack button to do additional slashes. Up to x times
  168.               - [Rank S] QTE - tag-in during space-time delay. Deal 150%+x% damage
  169. Ultimate Skill: Goddess Form. Increased attack and range, 20 EP to activate, costs 10 EP per second.
  170.               - While activated, give other teammates x EP every second
  171.               - While activated, critical damaged increased by x%
  172. Normal Attack: 5 hit combo
  173.               - Increase normal attack speed by x%
  174.               - While attacking, increase flinch resistance and decrease damage taken by x%
  175.               - [Rank SS] Increase EP gain during normal attack by x%
  177. Shadow Dancer Mei, mech, A rank
  178. Leader Skill  - When all team member's HP is above 80%, increase critical rate by x%
  179. Passive Skill - When attacking the enemy from behind/side, increase all damage by x%
  180.               - [Rank S] Increase physical and elemental damage by x% to stunned/paralyzed/space-delayed enemies
  181.               - [Ranks SSS] Increase max EP by x, increase ultimate skill EP cost by 10. Clone count becomes 3
  182. Evade skill: Perfect evade creates a clone with 25% attack strength, lasts for 5 sec, CD 10 sec.
  183.               - Press attack button after evade to do divergence skill with increased critical rate by x%, lasts 1.5 sec, CD x sec
  184.               - Clone's attack power is increased to x%, duration is increased to x%
  185.               - [Rank S] Hold additional charge of perfect evade, decrease CD by x sec
  186. Divergence Skill: Deal 180% damage and floats the enemy.
  187.               - Tag-team - deal 180% damage. If enemy is afloat, do additional x%*2 damage
  188.               - QTE - tag-in on a stunned enemy. Deal 220%+4*x% damage
  189.               - [Rank S] After performing divergence skill/tag-in attack, press attack button to do AoE x%*3 damage
  190. Ultimate Skill: Summon a clone with 50% HP, 100% att and crit, invulnerable to physical damage, HP decreases by 10% every sec
  191.               - When the clone disappears, it explodes dealing x times AoE damage and paralyze them for x sec
  192.               - Clones's HP is increased to x% HP, HP decreases by x% every sec
  193.               - [Rank SS] Increase clone count to 2, but inherits x% attack instead
  194. Normal Attack: 5 hit combo, last hit does AoE damage.
  195.               - Increase attack range, normal attack does x additional damage
  196.               - [Rank SS] Normal attack critical damage increases by x%
  198. Demon Mei, supernatural, S rank
  199. Leader Skill -  Starting team EP +x, if everyone is supernatural, then all damage up by x%. In open world, increase everyone's
  200.                 all damage by 10%, and the EP gain has 10 minute cooldown
  201. Passive Skill - Increase all damage by x% to frozen enemies and slowed enemies (not space-lag)
  202.               - [Rank SS] When attacked, x% chance to paralyze the enemy for x sec
  203. Evade Skill: Perfect evade paralyzes the attacker for 5 sec, CD 10 sec
  204.               - Perfect evade causes AoE lightning strikes around the attacker, doing x lightning dmg every 0.5 sec for x sec
  205.               - Increase perfect evade paralysis duration to x sec.
  206. Divergence Skill: 50%*4 lightning damage.
  207.               - Tag-team - Do an AoE x% lightning damage where you land
  208.               - Press attack button after perfect evade to do two divergence skill at x%*4 lightning damage
  209.               - [Rank SS] Can do additional divergence skill, at x%*4 lightning damage
  210. Ultimate Skill: Thunder Dragon's Roar. Become a lightning god and deal 1800% damage to all enemies
  211.               - QTE - tag-in while enemy is afloat. Deal x%*10 physical damage in a large area
  212.               - Combo count resets on the last hit of ultimate. On the last hit, deal x lightning damage per combo, up to x combo
  213.               - [Rank SSS] When the hit connects, paralyze all enemies, lasts x sec
  214. Normal Attack: 5 hit combo. Has 2.5% of paralyzing enemy for 1.5 sec
  215.               - During normal attack x% chance to deal x lightning damage
  216.               - Normal attacks have x% chance to electrify an enemy, making them take additional x% lightening damage, lasts x sec
  217.               - While combo count is greater than 30, increase attack speed by x%
  223. Yae Sakura
  224. Miko Sakura, bio, A rank
  225. Leader Skill  - When combo is greater than 20, increase everyone's physical damage by x%
  226. Passive Skill - When an enemy has 3 sakura counters, remove the counters and place a sakura seal, lasts 10 sec
  227.               - (Link) When attacking shield broken enemy, increase critical rate by x% and critical damage by x%
  228.               - [Rank SSS] For enemies that does not have a sakura seal, normal attacks do x% additional damage
  229.               - (Link) Decrease perfect evade CD by x sec
  230. Evade Skill: Perfect evade generates 3 slashes around you, each doing 10% damage. Each slash adds one sakura counter, CD 15 sec.
  231.               - [Rank SS] The slashes do additional x% damage
  232.               - (Link) After perfect evade, increase attack speed by x% for x sec
  233. Divergence Skill: Hold attack button to do a piercing slash that does 100% damage. If the enemy has a sakura seal, remove the seal
  234.                 and do 400% damage and float the enemy.
  235.               - (Link) QTE - tag-in while enemy is afloat. Send out 3 blade waves, each doing 50%+x% damage and one sakura counter
  236.               - Divergence skill on an enemy with sakura seal does 400%+x% damage instead
  237.               - [Rank S] When more than one enemy has a sakura seal, you can activate divergence again x times, up to the number of
  238.                 enemies with sakura seals
  239. Ultimate Skill: Scarlet Flame Hell. At activation, do 50% damage and place a sakura seal. After activation, normal attack changes
  240.                 to linear piercing attack that adds sakura counter per attack, lasts for 10 sec. Costs 100 EP to activate
  246. Bronya Zaychik
  247. Tank Bronya, supernatural, B rank
  248. Leader Skill  - Decrease everyone's ranged damage taken by x%
  249. Passive Skill - Increase physical damage by x% to stunned/paralyzed enemy
  250.               - [Rank S] Increase heavy artillery's normal/charged critical damage by x%
  251. Evade Skill: Temporary enter a different dimension to evade attack. Perfect evade enters space-time delay for 5 sec, CD 15 sec
  252.               - While in space-time delay, increase charge speed by %
  253.               - [Rank A] While in space-time delay and 1 second after it ends, increase damage done by cannon/missile weapons by x%
  254.               - [Rank SS] Decrease CD by x sec
  255. Special Skill: Tag-team - strike the ground, dealing 150% AoE damage
  256.               - Using tag-team on afloat enemies deals additional x% damage
  257.               - [Rank A] QTE - tag-in on a stunned enemy. Deal 100%+x dmg, causes float and space-time lock for 3 sec
  258. Ultimate Skill: Black hole, lasts 10 sec, invincible for the duration but can't move. Affected enemy's attack decreases by 50%. 50 EP
  259.               - Cause bleeding to enemies sucked in by the black hole, dealing x damage every 0.5 sec
  260.               - [Rank S] When the duration ends, the black hole explodes. x% chance to stun the enemy for x sec
  261.               - [Rank SSS] Increase ranged damage done to enemies in the black hole.
  262. Normal Attack: Charge attack, pattern depends on the weapon type (cannon, missile, laser)
  263.               - While charging, guard against a weak attack once. CD x sec, decrease damage by x%
  264.               - Normal/charged attack does x% more damage to burned enemies
  266. Shield Bronya, supernatural, A rank
  267. Leader Skill  - When combo count is greater than 30, increase crit rate by x%, supernatural members also increase crit damage by x%
  268. Passive Skill - Give everyone a barrier with x HP that absorbs physical damage. Barrier returns if not attacked for x sec
  269.               - When the barrier breaks, deal x lightning damage to nearby enemy and knocks them back
  270.               - [Rank S] The barrier gains x% of member's defense stat
  271. Evade Skill: Put up a shield. Perfect parry does counter attack and activates space-time delay for 5 sec, CD 15 sec
  272.               - Can parry projectiles. Shield attack causes burn, dealing x fire damage every 0.5 sec for x sec
  273.               - Shield can reflect projectile back to attacker at x% attack strength
  274.               - [Rank SS] After counterattacking, restore x EP to everyone
  275. Special Skill: Tag-in - a shield attack dealing 150% physical damage and knockback
  276.               - Tag-in skill does additional x physical damage
  277.               - QTE - tag-in during space-time delay. Do a shield attack with x% attack, stuns for x sec
  278. Ultimate Skill: Overload, attack with machine. 10 EP to activate, uses 10 EP per seconds to maintain, can deactivate.
  279.               - While activated, attacking a weakened enemy recovers everyone's HP by x
  280.               - When activating overload, lock weakened enemies in space-time delay for x sec and stays weakened for the duration
  281.               - [Rank SSS] While activated, killing an enemies recovers everyone's HP by x
  282. Normal Attack: Charge attack, pattern depends on weapon type
  283.               - When attacking without charging, cause weakness. Decrease enemy's defense by x% for x sec
  284.               - [Rank S] Increase charging speed by x%, decrease critical hit rate by x%
  286. Snow Bronya, bio, A rank
  287. Leader Skill  - Decrease perfect evade CD by x sec
  288. Passive Skill - Increase shield damage by x%
  289.               - [Rank S] When hit, x% chance to cause restraint, dealing x% additional physical damage for x sec
  290.               - [Rank SS] When attacking an enemy that's 5 meters away or more, increase critical damage by x%
  291. Evade Skill: Perfect evade freezes enemy for 3 sec, decrease surrounding enemies' movement speed by 50% for 7 sec, CD 15 sec
  292.               - Decrease attack speed by x% in addition to the movement speed debuff
  293.               - Extend the duration of movement speed debuff to x sec, debuff increases to x%  
  294.               - [Rank S] Decrease CD by x sec
  295. Special Skill: Tag-in - perform the evade skill
  296.               - After tagging in, increase movement speed by x% for x sec
  297.               - QTE - while enemy is afloat. Deal x AoE physical damage and freeze them for x sec
  298. Ultimate Skill: CHER. Freeze all enemies for 8 sec. Costs 75 EP
  299.               - Increase the duration of CHER by x sec. After activation, increase charging speed by x%, lasts 8 sec
  300.               - [Rank SS] Mark affected enemies, dealing additional x% physical damage
  301. Normal Attack: Charge attack, pattern depends on weapon type
  302.               - Attacking just as the charge level change increases critical rate by x%
  303.               - If attacked while charging, automatically evade the attack. CD x sec. Does not interrupt the charge
  304.               - [Rank SSS] When attacking just after charging to the third stage, increase critical damage by x%
  306. Dimension Bronya, mech, S rank
  307. Leader Skill  - Increase everyone's EP recovery rate by x%. If all 3 members are of mech type, increase all damage by x%
  308.               - [Rank SSS] If Kiana and Mei is in the team, increase self's critical damage by x%
  309. Passive Skill - [Rank SS] Inactive members recover x EP every 5 sec
  310. Evade Skill: Shield. Perfect parry causes counterattack and floats enemy, locking them in space-time delay for 4 sec, CD 15 sec
  311.               - Blocking frontal attack nullifies it and deal x% physical damage. CD x sec. If perfect parry, increase critical
  312.                 rate by x%, duration x sec
  313.               - While using the shield, increase movement speed by x%
  314.               - [Rank SS] While using the shield, decrease rear/non-directional attack by x%
  315. Special Skill: Tag-in - Knockback, deal 100% physical damage, and place space-time lock on enemies for 4 sec
  316.               - Increase damage done to space-time locked enemy by x%. Cause bleeding for enemies locked by the tag-in skill
  317.                 dealing x physical damage every 0.5 sec for the duration
  318.               - Increase tag-in skill area by x times, increase duration by x sec
  319.               - QTE - tag-in on a paralyzed enemy. Deal x*10 fire damage, float them and lock then in space-time.
  320. Ultimate Skill: Puts bunny under auto-pilot, costs 100 EP. Bunny is invincible for 10 sec, attracts enemies, no weapon overheating
  321.               - Bunny explodes at the end of autopilot, dealing x% AoE physical damage
  322.               - If EP is greater than 110, for each EP above 110, laser attacks while autopilot deals x% more damage, up to x EP
  323.               - [Rank SS] Extend autopilot duration to x sec
  324. Normal Attack: Charge attack, pattern depends on weapon type
  325.               - During normal and ultimate attack, laser deals x fire damage per tick. At charge level 3, double the fire damage
  326.               - [Rank SS] Laser type weapon overheat rate decreased by x%
  332. Murata Himeko
  333. Hurricane Himeko, bio, B rank
  334. Leader Skill  - Decrease melee damage taken by x%
  335. Passive Skill - Decrease elemental damage taken by x%
  336.               - [Rank S] Attacks have x% chance to stun enemies for 3 sec
  337.               - [Rank SS] When breaking enemy's shield, burn the enemy, dealing x fire damage every 0.5 sec for x sec
  338. Evade Skill: After perfect evade, increase movement speed by 40%, and enter space-time delay for 3 sec, CD 15 sec
  339.               - During space-time delay, increase charge speed by x%
  340.               - Decrease CD by x sec
  341. Special Skill: Press attack during dash to do 450% damage
  342.               - Tag-in - Do 300% damage and knockback
  343.               - QTE - tag-in on a paralyzed enemy. Create a whirlwind, doing 5*x%+x% damage and knockback
  344. Ultimate Skill: Hurricane. Do 7*80% damage and 400% damage, cause float and knockback, costs 50 EP
  345.               - For each rotation do additional x fire damage
  346.               - [Rank SSS] On the final hit, do additional x% damage and cause stun for x sec
  347. Normal Attack: Attacks have 2 charge levels
  348.               - While doing charge attacks, increase flinch resistance, and resist frontal stun/freeze/paralysis and guard 75%
  349.                 of damage, and the attacker becomes weakened, decreasing its attack by x% for 8 sec
  350.               - Critical attacks do additional x fire damage
  351.               - While charging, decrease physical damage taken by x%
  353. Battle Suit Himeko, mech, A rank
  354. Leader Skill  - Increase tag-team attack damage by x%
  355. Passive Skill - Decrease debuff duration by x%
  356.               - When attacking a shielded enemy, deal additional x lightening damage
  357.               - [Rank S] When attacking burned/bleeding enemy, increase all damage by x%
  358. Evade Skill: After perfect evade, increase movement speed by 40% for 3 sec, and become electrified for 5 seconds, increasing
  359.                 flinch resistance, CD 15 sec. Attacking an enemy while electrified causes an electric explosion, dealing 80% damage
  360.                 and causing paralysis for 3 seconds
  361.               - Decrease perfect evade cooldown by x sec
  362.               - [Rank SS] Increase the duration of perfect evade effect by x sec, deal additional x% lightening damage
  363. Special Skill: Charge skill. Long hold leads to a forward dash, release attack button do a 400% damage and float the enemy.
  364.                 Tapping the attack button during the dash does 500% damage
  365.               - Deal x lightning contact damage during the dash
  366.               - Tag-in - do a x% attack and cause floating
  367.               - [Rank S] QTE - tag-in during space-time delayed. Do x% damage and float the enemy, and deal x lightning damage and
  368.                 cause paralysis for 1.5 sec
  369. Ultimate Skill: Nexus mode. Increase attack, attack speed, and flinch resistance. Costs 20 EP to activate and uses 10 EP/sec.
  370.                 At the end of the duration, weakness is applied to self, decreasing attack by 50% for 10 sec
  371.               - While enraged, each attack sends out a projectile doing x% lightning damage
  372.               - [Rank S] At activation, deal x lightning damage to the surrounding enemies
  373.               - [Rank SS] Decrease the post-use weakness duration by x sec
  374. Normal Attack: 3 hit combo. Pressing the attack button just as the character lights up activates perfect combo. While doing
  375.                 perfect combo, increase flinch resistance and increase next attack's critical chance by 15%. When you activate
  376.                 perfect combo twice in a row, electrify the weapon for 10 seconds. Activate charge attack during this time period
  377.                 to do additional 3*200% circular lightning attack.
  378.               - Increase critical rate by x% when doing perfect combo and add x% lightning damage. Increase the charge attack
  379.                 lightning damage to x%
  380.               - Increase flinch resistance even further during perfect combo, and decrease all damage taken by x%. When the
  381.                 charge lightning attack connects, heal x EP
  382.               - [Rank SSS] When activating perfect combo on the third attack, increase flinch resistance, and the attack has x%
  383.                 chance to cause paralysis for x sec
  385. Victory Himeko, bio, A rank
  386. Leader Skill  - When the team member's HP is greater than 80%, increase physical damage by x%. Increase bio-type's def by x%
  387. Passive Skill - Increase critical damage done to frozen/paralyzed enemies by x&
  388.               - [Rank SS] While in reserve, increase everyone's flinch resistance and defense by x%, lasts x sec
  389. Evade Skill: After perfect evade, attack becomes first charge attack. Also place a circle that stuns enemies for 2 sec, CD 20 sec
  390.               - Decrease circle's CD by x sec
  391.               - [Rank S] Increase the duration of the circle by x sec
  392.               - [Rank SS] While the circle is in place, increase flinch resistance, and decrease all damage taken by x% for x sec
  393. Special Skill: During dash, press attack button to do 450% damage
  394.               - Tag-team - Send out a sword wave doing 250% damage
  395.               - [Rank S] QTE - tag-in on a frozen enemy. Do a horizontal slash that does x% damage
  396. Ultimate Skill: Advent of Sword Boundary. Enemies in boundary is placed on a strong space-time delay, lasts 8 sec. Explodes at the
  397.                 end of the duration, dealing 800% damage. Costs 125 EP
  398.               - Increase damage dealt to enemies in the boundary by x%
  399.               - [Rank S] For each enemy in the boundary, heal x HP every 0.5 sec to everyone, up to x enemies
  400.               - [Rank SSS] During the explosion, do additional x% damage
  401. Normal Attack: 3 hit combo, can charge during each attack. First charge attack does 160%+275%, second 200%+325%, third 280%+440%
  402.               - Increase charge attack critical rate by x%
  403.               - Increase flinch resistance during charge attack, and decrease physical damage taken by x%
  405. Bloody Himeko, supernatural, S rank
  406. Leader Skill  - Increase charge attack damage by x%. If the team consists of 3 different types, increase all damage by x%
  407. Passive Skill - When attacking burned enemies, deal additional x fire damage
  408.               - When HP is below 66%, reduce damage taken by x%, increase everyone's knock back resistance
  409.               - [Rank SSS] When HP is below 50%, elemental damage taken and abnormal effect duration decreased by x%,
  410.                 increase burn duration by x%
  411. Evade Skill: After a perfect evade, can immediately do a charged attack, and do 200% AoE fire damage centered at the attacker, CD 15s
  412.               - Perfect evade skill cool down decreased by x sec
  413.               - After perfect evade, create a ring of fire around you that deals x fire damage every 0.3 sec on contact, lasts x sec
  414.               - [Rank SS] Evade skill also causes burn, dealing x fire damage every 0.5 seconds, lasts for x seconds.
  415. Special Skill: Attack immediately after evade to perform a 200% attack, CD 5 sec. Dash attack does 400% damage
  416.               - Tag-team - Do a vertical slash dealing x%+50% damage
  417.               - When using evade-attack, x% chance to burn the target, dealing x fire damage every 0.5 sec, lasts 4 sec
  418.               - QTE - tag-in in on a stunned enemy. Do 250%+x% damage and x AoE fire damage
  419. Ultimate Skill: Fresh Blood Aspect. Costs 30 EP to activate, HP continues to decrease while activated and drains faster the longer
  420.                 it is activated.At activation, deal 200% fire damage and burn the enemy for 3 seconds. While activated, attacks do
  421.                 additional fire damage and can directly use charge attack. Also decrease damage taken by 40%, and become immune to
  422.                 stun, paralysis, and freeze.
  423.               - While activated, increase attack speed by x%, and movement speed by x%
  424.               - While doing vertical air slashes, press the attack button to do additional attacks up to x times at x% damage.
  425.               - [Rank SS] While activated, when HP is below 33%, increase critical rate by x% and fire damage by x%
  426. Normal Attack: 3 hit combo.  When fully charged, after the 3 regular attacks float the enemy and do 2 vertical air slashes.
  427.                 Increased knockback resistance while performing charge attack
  428.               - During the first hit of the charge attack, deal additional x fire damage
  429.               - [Rank SS] During charge attack (including during ultimate skill), when attacked, burn the attacker,
  430.                 dealing x fire damage every 0.5 sec, lasts 2 sec
  436. Theresa Apocalypse
  437. Covenant Theresa, supernatural, A rank
  438. Leader Skill  - Decrease most abnormal status duration by x%, increase supernatural type's elemental damage by x%
  439. Passive Skill - Start with x EP. In open world, CD of 10 minutes
  440.               - [Rank S] When cross is placed, self attack speed increased by x%
  441.               - [Rank SS] When combo count is above 50, for the next charge attack, add combo count*x lightning damage and cause
  442.                 knockback. Applies up to x combo, and combo count resets upon use.
  443. Evade Skill: Can evade twice in a row. At perfect evade, movement speed up 40% for 3 sec, space-time lag for 3 sec CD 15 sec
  444.               - Space-time lag duration extended by x sec
  445.               - CD decreased by x sec
  446.               - [Rank SSS] After entering space-time lag, the first cross weapon skill damage increased by x%
  447. Special Skill: Charge attack. Send a holy spear flying doing 135% physical damage up to 3 times
  448.               - Can charge anytime during normal attack. Each spear has x% chance to do x lightning damage and paralyze for 2 sec
  449.               - Tag-in - do the charge attack at x% physical damage
  450.               - [Rank S] QTE - tag-in on a frozen enemy. Send 3 spears at x% physical damage
  451. Ultimate Skill: Rain 25 spears at enemies each doing 75% physical damage, costs 75 EP
  452.               - Each spear has x% chance to apply weakness to enemy, decreasing its defense by x% and its interruption resistance
  453.               - Each spear does additional x lightning damage
  454. Normal Attack: 4 hit combo
  455.               - Each attack has x% chance to send a spear, doing additional x lightning damage, CD 3 sec
  456.               - [Rank S] The spear restrains the enemy for x sec
  457.               - [Rank S] When combo is greater than 30, each attack does additional x lightning damage.
  459. Sakura Theresa, supernatural, A rank
  460. Leader Skill  - Increase all damage to floating enemies by x%. If team consists of 3 different types, increase elemental damage by x%
  461. Passive Skill - When an enemy has at least 3 sakura counters, remove the counters and place a sakura seal, lasts for 10 sec
  462.               - Start with x EP. In open world, CD of 10 minutes
  463.               - [Rank S] When attacking frozen/paralyzed enemy, each hit does additional x fire damage
  464.               - [Rank SS] When the cross is placed, everyone's elemental damage increases by x% for x sec
  465. Evade Skill: Can evade twice in a row. Perfect evade generates 3 slashes around you, doing 10% physical damage per slash.
  466.                 Movement speed up by 40% for 3 sec. Each slash places one sakura counter on the enemy. Pressing the attack button
  467.                 shortly after the slashes activates fox fire, CD 15 sec
  468.               - Perfect evade slash does additional x% fire damage
  469.               - [Rank SS] Decrease CD by x sec. Each slash has x% chance to cause bleed, doing x damage every 0.5 sec for 3.5 sec
  470. Special Skill: Charge attack - Sakura fox fire. Can charge anytime during normal attack, release attack button to use. Can move
  471.                 around while charged, but charge will be lost after 4 seconds or when attacked. Fox fire deals 3*50% AoE fire damage
  472.                 on the target. Fox fire also converts sakura seal to fire sakura seal, which explodes after 1.2 sec dealing 300% fire
  473.                 damage and floats enemy.
  474.               - Tag-in - send out 2 flying daggers doing 3*x% physical damage and knockback
  475.               - Fire sakura seal explosion does x% fire damage instead
  476.               - [Rank S] QTE - tag-in on a paralyzed enemy. Use perfect evade skill at x% physical damage
  477. Ultimate Skill: Rampage of Scarlet Soul. 30 EP to activate, 8 EP consumed per sec. At activation, do 3 AoE slashes at 100% damage
  478.                 and each slash adds one sakura counter. Normal attacks become fire damage and can convert sakura seals to fire seals
  479.               - While enraged, fire damage increased by x%
  480.               - [Rank S] The 3rd and 5th attack adds x additional sakura counter and x% additional physical damage
  481.               - [Rank SSS] While enraged, damage received decrease by x%, debuff duration decrease by x%, and attack speed inc by x%
  482. Normal Attack: 5 attack combo. 3rd and 5th attack adds one sakura counter.
  483.               - Normal attacks have x% chance to burn enemy, doing x fire damage every 0.5 sec for 4 sec, CD 6 sec
  484.               - On the 3rd and 5th attack, do additional x fire damage
  485.               - [Rank S] Sakura seal applied by you lasts x sec instead
  487. Execution Theresa, mech, S rank
  488. Leader Skill  - While enraged, increase physical damage by x%. If team members are of different attribute, increase all damage by x%
  489. Passive Skill - Start with x EP. In open world, CD of 10 min
  490.               - When attacking a bleeding enemy, deal 3*x% physical AoE damage, CD x sec
  491.               - [Rank SS] When the cross is placed, reduce all damage taken for all team members by x% for x sec
  492. Evade Skill: Can evade twice in a row. After perfect evade, movement speed up 40% for 3 sec and send a flying axe dealing 200% damage
  493.                 and knockback, CD 15 sec
  494.               - Whenever evading, deal x% physical damage to surrounding enemies
  495.               - Decrease CD by x sec
  496.               - The axe causes bleeding, dealing x physical damage every 0.5 sec for x sec
  497. Special Skill: Charge attack - when fully charged, send 9 spears in a linear line from the ground, doing 100% damage and float
  498.               - Can charge anytime during normal attack. Spears have x% chance to cause bleeding, doing x dmg every 0.5 sec for 3 sec
  499.               - Tag-in - Do a 6 spear charge attack at x% physical damage
  500.               - QTE - tag-in during space-time delay. Do a 2 line 6 spear charge attack at x% physical damage
  501. Ultimate Skill: Execution mode. Cross fall directly on the enemy. Activation costs 20 EP and 10 EP/sec, need to have at least 100 EP
  502.               - At activation, do x% physical AoE attack, cause float and bleed, doing x physical damage every 0.5 sec for 4 sec
  503.               - [Rank SSS] Attacks have x% to cause bleeding, doing x physical damage every 0.5 sec for 5 sec.
  504. Normal Attack: 4 hit combo (total of 16 hits)
  505.               - When the 4th hit does critical damage, x% chance to stun enemy for x sec
  506.               - [Rank SS] Knockback resistance up during normal attack. When attacked, x% chance to reduce damage by x, knockback the
  507.                 attacker, and do x% damage
  508.               - When attacking shield broken enemy, physical damage increased by x%
  510. Recommended characters to farm first
  511. 芽衣-戦乙女・強襲 (
  512. Assault Mei, rank A, biologic, has very strong charge attack. Probably one of the highest DPS characters. Farmable on 1-25 hard and 3-15 hard. At level 25, Assault Mei gains a skill to do additional strikes with the charge attack by tapping the attack button during the animation. At S-rank, gains a skill to prevent combo break once every 60 seconds.
  514. キアナ-聖女祈祷 (
  515. Saint Kiana, rank A, supernatural, is an great support unit that has party heal skills and a useful evade skill. She really outshines in a 1vs1 battles and in endless abyss. She's also great as a purple unit and does a good job killing robots. Getting her to S-rank unlocks a skill that allows her to hold 2 charges of the evade skill, and also a skill to decrease evade skill cooldown, allowing you to hold an enemy in place almost indefinitely by dodging. Farm map at 2-5 hard and 1-15 nightmare.
  517. AP
  518. AP is the stamina for this game. When you level up, the AP does not charge to full but instead only gives you 10 AP. AP regenerates at 10/hr, and can recharge with crystals, (60 AP for 25 crystals for first 2 times, then 50 crystals, etc) and missions. Every day, you are given 30 extra AP during the Nippon lunch hours (12-2pm) and evening hours (8-10pm), for a total of 60 extra AP/day, collect them from your missions screen. Daily missions gives player experience points, exp items, gold, crystals and others and you should focus on completing these everyday to speed up player exp gain. Missions are random, but includes: pull gatcha (friend gatcha serves the purpose), level weapon/stigmata, use friend helpers, clear x number of stages, destroy boss shields, etc. AP may not be an issue early game, but it becomes a scarce resource later when you are trying to do fragment farming, event missions, and exorcism, among others. Set a priority on what you want to do, but generally, you should focus on character farm and dailies, then event maps and daily farm maps, and then anything else you want to do. Just be smart about it.
  520. Player level
  521. Player level is important, as player level is the cap for character levels (starting at level 15), base buildings, and also story stages, farming maps, exorcism, and others is gated by player level. All the more reason to complete dailies.
  523. Dailies
  524. Aside from the story maps, you also have access to daily material farming maps for items used for weapons/stigma/home base evolution and character/weapon/stigmata exp items which rotate every day. You have a limited number of entries per day, but you can use the Ai coins to get additional entries. Ai chan coin is given to you every day according to each daily map attempt you did not use up the previous day.
  526. Home Base
  527. Reactor: Center of base, each level up increases the energy cap, which is used up as you assign bonuses from other buildings. Because energy is limited compared to the bonuses you are allowed, it is important to level this building as much as you can.
  528. Refinery: Bottom left of the reactor. Produces gold and exp items. Assigning bonuses from this building include increasing gold cap, gold production rate, critical amount/rate, ability to produce exp items.
  529. Offers: Bottom right of the reactor, can send units on timed missions for for items, gold, and exp. If the mission offers exp, it requires same amount of AP to initiate, which is useful when trying to spend AP in a hurry. At higher levels, it will offer 4* evolution materials which is hard to obtain, so its a good idea to level this building up until you can get S rank offers. Offer list refreshes everyday. Assigning bonuses from this building include increasing number of missions available, increased difficulty for better rewards, and ability to do multiple missions at once.
  530. Airport: Top left of reactor, assigning bonuses from this building increases friend list cap and SP cap, and the ability to breakdown 3* weapons/stigmata and above for evolution materials. This is the only way to get one of the material needed to evolve 4* gatcha weapons, by breaking down 4* gatcha weapons.
  531. The rest of the buildings are for character specific buffs, with Kiana's becoming available first at player level 39, then Mei/Sakura, Bronya, Himeko, and Theresa. Assigning bonuses from these buildings increases the respective character's base stats: attack, defense, HP, EP, and critical rate.
  532. Each building has a level cap until you rank up the building, which requires evolution mats.
  534. Armada (guild)
  535. The blue room (center control room) shows information about the guild, current guild resources, etc
  536. The purple room (information center) shows you all the members in the armada as well as who is logged in and how much fund/popularity each guild member has gained for the week. Upgrading the information center increases the popularity cap of the guild, which is used to upgrade the guild. You gain popularity for the guild for each AP you spend in battle including open world, but excludes AP spent on offers.
  537. The gold room (negotiation center) is a place where you can ask for an item from other guild members. This requires gold and guild token to use and has a cooldown, and the member who fulfills the request gains gold, guild tokens, and guild fund. Upgrading the negotiation center increases the guild fund cap, which is used to upgrade the guild, level centers, and construct new centers.
  538. The green room (operations center) is a place where you exchange items for guild fund, guild tokens, and orange juice. Orange juice is needed to enter the matrix (see below). You can do these exchanges up to 8 times a day; its the best source to get guild fund so please try to do them as much as you can.
  539. The red room (garage) takes you to matrix. Entering the matrix requires one orange juice. Doing battles here will give you gold, guild tokens, and exploration points. Every time a member completes a floor, the 'exploration' rate goes up at the bottom left screen, and if this reaches 100%, the guild raid boss is unlocked. However, the boss is available to fight only during Jap dinner time (it should show you the local time when it unlocks), so its inconvenient for most of us. You can fight the boss for only 1 minute at a time, and each member has 5 attempts. The gauge progression is kept until the boss is unlocked, and it is reset to 0% the following day the raid boss opens. For all the members who participated on the raid boss, you get exploration points, guild funds, and guild tokens. The total exploration points are tallied at the end of the week, and if we meet the required amount each member is rewarded with guild funds and tokens. Guild token is used to exchange a variety of random good at the guild store (including orange juice); you can get there under supply or in the matrix menu.
  541. Endless Abyss
  542. Unlocks at player level 25 (?). It's available twice a week, each lasting for about 2 days per session. You are placed in a pool of 20 players and compete to get to higher floor than other players. At the end of the 2 day period, you get rewards (exchange shop tokens, gold, crystals) depending on how far you got compared to others. These battles does not cost any AP, so if you need your hack and slash fix this is the place for you. While in battle, your character's HP will slowly decrease, and when the HP falls to zero, you cannot use that character in the tower until her HP returns to full (takes around 6 hours). Your HP and EP is carried over from battle to battle, so use your EP wisely and don't pick up HP items too early. Saint Kiana does wonders here with her party heal abilities. If you are in the top tier, you move up on your pool rank for the next period, where the rewards are better but the battles become more difficult. If you are in the bottom tier, or have not cleared at least one floor, you move down a pool rank. These promotion/demotion window gets smaller as you move up the pool rank. There are total of 7 pool ranks. You will also get endless abyss specific items which will expire at the end of each session. Tokens dropped from here does not reset and can be used in the exchange shop for stigmata and offer hastening items. (The abyss is not exactly 'endless', the top floor is 33)
  544. Open World
  546. Detailed explanation coming soon(?). At first it might be overwhelming, but the map is actually quite simple. Its just a big circle, with temple to the northeast and town to the southwest area. You can open up the map to see the locations for the exorcism. Monsters with glowing rings around them will drop items when killed. You can interact with anything with a hand icon for items. Most if not all flowers will drop a health recovery item so use them smartly/as needed. Exploring during evening (your local time) is recommended as fire spirits will be available for harvest, which is needed to trade in for Sakura fragments and pretty much all good items in the shop. Exploration harvesting items reset every 2-3 days so you have some time to collect them all. You can access the shop by tapping the temple in the open world screen (not the actual temple in the open world).
  548. Affection
  549. Touch. Them. Everywhere. You can change the girl using the yellow button that appears when you touch the girl. Each costume has their own affection level, so you can enjoy getting kicked by Kiana all over again if you so choose. Girls stop kicking you out of the game after reaching 2 hearts. After you touch them a few times, they may glow in purple light that gives a random temporary boost (disappears when you close the game). You can raise affection by max of 1000 per day. Higher affection = better boosts. At times, the girls will give an affection mission (check the missions tab) to increase their heart. Until you finish the affection mission, you wont be able raise her affection. When you reach the maximal possible affection (4 heart + 16800 points), the character gets a background effect when she is on the bridge.
  550. Here is the 4 heart responses if you want the spoilers
  553. Tips
  554. QTE: A special form of tag attack. Refer to each character's skill window to see how to activate it. The character's portrait will pulsate when QTE is available; some mission objective ask you to use QTE.
  555. You can select an enemy to target by tapping on them.
  556. Shield: Elite enemies and bosses have a 'shield' bar under their HP. While the shield is active, they receive less damage, and cannot be lifted in the air, and has much higher knockback resistance. Breaking the shield will stagger the enemy, interrupting their attack and also putting them in a brief stunned state. They regain their shield shortly after.
  557. Learn enemy's attack patterns and get good at perfect evade. Also remember that perfect evade has a cooldown, and not all of them have space time lag.
  558. You can change the direction of the evade and attack with your direction button.
  559. To force invisible floating zombies to become visible you need to perform an attack with high knockback power. This includes all ultimates and Himeko's regular attacks. In other words just use a Himeko and destroy them.
  560. For timed missions, space-time lag also slows the countdown, but not the mission time counter (for objective purposes)
  561. Some enemy attacks don't allow evade skill to activate, these attacks have a orange glow rather than the usual purple glow.
  562. The orange sign near the character's feet indicate nearby enemy, blue indicate nearby exit/portal/objective.
  563. Item is picked up automatically at the end of the stage. However, if the stage makes you change locations, you will NOT pick up the items from the previous section of the stage. Make sure to collect them before you move on.
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