The End of a Long Nightmare (Wtf, what is this? (2))

TheStarlette Feb 16th, 2020 74 Never
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  1. Sometimes, we have no choice but to face it all
  2. Running will only get us so far in the end
  3. That's precisely why I have to keep you cornered
  4. Because you are not going anywhere tonight
  6. I've been after you for many many years
  7. We've both killed so many people
  8. But yet, while I acknowledge my faults
  9. All you do is keep killing...
  11. Sorry, but I must settle this
  12. This is the night I take you into custody
  13. You're paying up for all the dead students
  14. And I'll make sure my shot will not miss
  16. Prepare yourself. You're under arrest.
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