Press Release: IrishCoin To Launch On Saturday - May 17, 14

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  1. Press Release: IrishCoin To Launch On Saturday - May 17, 2014
  3. Friday - May 16, 2014  10:00 AM ET
  5. Tomorrow at Noon ET USA 5:00 PM Irish Time (GMT +1, BST) IrishCoin will launch to the global public. IrishCoin - Ireland's premier cryptocurrency, designed predominantly for the Irish tourist sector is due to launch Saturday May 10th. Irish tourisim is worth over €3Bn per year to the Irish economy and IrishCoin intends to utilize the promotional aspects of tourism, providing the coin as a discount token vehicle, a tourist organizational branding opportunity, and for the promotion of the Irish tourism industry among the Irish diaspora in the US, Ireland, and globally.
  7. Distribution of Irish coin will be directly through global organizations, companies and and ventures connected to the Irish tourism industry, and will start initially with take up from online Irish social networks like with over 12,000 US and Irish members eligible to download digital wallets with IrishCoin. Negotiations are already in place with numerous other global Irish networks and we will be publishing more in the coming days. IrishCoin will also be distributed to businesses as a discount token on purchases where IrishCoin is accepted.
  9. If you are a proprietor or lead of such an organization linked to the Irish tourism industry, or a related global or online organization serving the Irish diaspora as your intended audience or customers, we welcome you to contact IrishCoin to participate in Ireland's new digital currency revolution.
  11. Of course, anyone can own and use IrishCoin, and the currency will be available to purchase on online exchanges, and mining instructions will be released upon launch.
  13. Name: IrishCoin - Version 0.8.1 BETA
  14. Symbol: IRL
  15. Pre-Mine 4.5 Million IRL (Dedicated To Tourism Industry)
  16. Based on latest Litecoin/Maplecoin 0.8.1 source
  17. Using Scrypt Mining
  18. Block Target: 120 seconds
  19. Difficulty Re-Targets every 4 blocks based on last 90 blocks (Quick Difficulty Readjustment)
  20. Block reward: 100 IRL halving every 320000 blocks (about 18 months)
  21. Total coin mined: 64 million IRL
  22. 64 million coins will be mined in approx. first 7 years
  23. Transaction Confirmations Needed: 6
  25. Website -
  27. Twitter -
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