Dec 1st, 2011
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  1. <ng4thraider> stephane56: your friend is in #linuxmint-chat
  2. <stephane56> erreur*
  3. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v batman_ by ChanServ
  4. <meunis> i have one more complicated question. My brother is using Win7 and he uses Open Office. He was writing some text in it about for 3 hours and accidentally he pressed no. Is there any way to get the text back?
  5. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v shane by ChanServ
  6. <ng4thraider> meunis: You don't have more siblings, DO YOU?
  7. <CiP> stephane56, Avale mes couilles grosse pute
  8. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v arturas by ChanServ
  9. <shane> how can i disable noveau drivers so i can install nvidia 290.10 I tried to blacklist but that doesn't work
  10. <meunis> i dont know what is siblings
  11. <shane> siblings.. brother sister etc
  12. <meunis> ok :D
  13. <CiP> C'est vraiment de ta faute!
  14. <meunis> no really
  15. <meunis> its true
  16. <CiP> =))
  17. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v tkw-one by ChanServ
  18. <meunis> is there anyone who can help me?
  19. <propman> linXea Roin CiP
  20. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v egor by ChanServ
  21. <shane> i just want to use up to date nvidia drivers
  22. <stephane56> lol
  23. <shane> why would i want 173 when we are at 290.. just sayin
  24. <stephane56> CiP: vas y montre tes couilles pour voir
  25. <dsf> open office has a periodic save feature that i believe is enabled by default. Perhaps the file was saved automatically using a default name
  26. <CiP> J'ai baisé ta mère. This is for you, special from Romania.
  27. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v miguel by ChanServ
  28. <stephane56> CiP: tu risques pas
  29. <CiP> Je vais faire ta mère dans la chambre.
  30. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v B13rG33k by ChanServ
  31. <CiP> La putain de ta race
  32. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v rooted by ChanServ
  33. <stephane56> je te laisse ds ton délire - apprends mieux a parler le francais
  34. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v rooted by ChanServ
  35. <CiP> Meurs, pute!
  36. <CiP> Mange de la merde
  37. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v christian by ChanServ
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  39. <CiP> Petite pute...
  40. <propman> stephane56: ignore him....he has already been kicked today and will be banned
  41. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v ilovelinux by ChanServ
  42. <propman> linXea Roin
  43. <CiP> ...
  44. <arturas> propman: they are blind.
  45. <CiP> stephane56, Va te faire enculer chez les Grecs...
  46. <CiP> =))
  47. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v imark by ChanServ
  48. <CiP> Yes, propman`re right...
  49. <CiP> Today is a bad day for science...
  50. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v revlater by ChanServ
  51. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v utoe by ChanServ
  52. <arturas> CiP: Get out of here.
  53. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v skynet-2000 by ChanServ
  54. <CiP> I will.
  55. <arturas> Move
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  57. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v dragon by ChanServ
  58. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v en by ChanServ
  59. <CiP> Yes...
  60. <CiP>
  61. <xyz> hi all, i have downloaded linux_mint iso, can I install without dvd/cd/usb ?
  62. <oOze> xyz, what install medium did you have in mind yourself ?
  63. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v peileppe by ChanServ
  64. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v hem by ChanServ
  65. <CiP> xyz, you can install it by telepathy...
  66. <xyz> hm, virtual cd-room ?
  67. <CiP> You can do some magic or something...
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  72. <oOze> xyz, you could do that but you will only be able to install mint4win use something like virtualclonedrive
  73. <-> mint is now known as Guest43182
  74. <oOze> xyz, but remember mint4win isn't the full experience of linux
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  80. <CiP> stephane56, maudite vache.
  81. <CiP> :))
  82. <oOze> linXea Roin clem Archangel please remove the fool above
  83. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v james by ChanServ
  84. <CiP> oOze, Va te faire foutre, enculé ...
  85. <CiP> Mm?
  86. <Fusin> hey, ou est la vache?
  87. <CiP> :))
  88. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v nobodyzx by ChanServ
  89. <james> Is Linux really not able to get a virus? If so why cant it?
  90. <Fusin> CiP: fait gaffe, y a des mecs qui comprends le francais ici
  91. <oOze> james, read
  92. <nobodyzx> Hello people!
  93. <CiP> I leave you. take care. :)
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  95. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v bestpig by ChanServ
  96. <oOze> CiP, please die painfully
  97. <nobodyzx> Someone knows how to choose the icons I wanna see in desktop in Mint 12? Like Recycle Bin, "My Computer", etc
  98. <xyz> thx, may be for you this question is ridiculous but I have reinstaled windows without any cd/dvd/usb
  99. <imark> james: it can but virus's are mostly written for windows, a windows virus would sit harmlessly doing nothing on a linux setup
  100. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v marco by ChanServ
  101. <CiP> Fusin, Nous avons observé
  102. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v mint by ChanServ
  103. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v sander by ChanServ
  104. <propman> xyz: ummm.......probably because you have a recovery partition on your harddrive
  105. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v rooted by ChanServ
  106. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v drks by ChanServ
  107. <-> mint is now known as Guest5897
  108. <imark> james: and if someone targets linux specifically you need root permissions to do anything outside your home folder anyway
  109. <CiP> Je ne supporte pas français
  110. <CiP> :))
  111. <oOze> xyz, that was probaly because there was a recovery partition present for windows from the factory install.
  112. <-> Guest5897 is now known as dreamer
  113. <james> Thank you! Very cool!
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  117. <oOze> james, yw
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  120. <owner1> im new to system but i cant seem to get my hp printer to print
  121. <CiP> oOze, mori en sai
  122. <oOze> owner1, what printer ?
  123. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v mint by ChanServ
  124. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v christian by ChanServ
  125. <oOze> owner1, type/model
  126. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v jrolland-ubuntu by ChanServ
  127. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v passstab by ChanServ
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  130. <confused> i have updated mint 10 to 12, and restoring my old software selection with mintbackup broke the login screen. any idea how to restore that ? (i suppose it has something to do with gdm, now there is the old loginscreen, and upon login it complainy about some ICEAuthority file and fails)
  131. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v stephane56 by ChanServ
  132. <owner1> hp deskjet 1051
  133. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v theo by ChanServ
  134. <-> CiP is now known as cip
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  136. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v X_tico by ChanServ
  137. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v mint by ChanServ
  138. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v christian by ChanServ
  139. <oOze> owner1, sure thats the model/type ? can't seem to find it on.
  140. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v lm by ChanServ
  141. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v paco by ChanServ
  142. <MestreLion> confused: are you using the same username and ID from previous install?
  143. <owner1> yes hp deskjet1051
  144. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v theo by ChanServ
  145. <oOze> owner1, oh wait its there. must have overlooked it.
  146. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v B13rG33k by ChanServ
  147. <oOze> oh no its a 1050 :/
  148. <propman> confused: maybe try sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm
  149. <confused> MestreLion: yes i am
  150. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v yasmina by ChanServ
  151. <confused> propman: ill try that, is lightdm the replacement of gdm ?
  152. <yasmina> warum funktioniert mein touchpad nicht mehr?
  153. <xyz> <oOze>,no recovery partition )it's was a cd room emulation
  154. <oOze> please enlighten me but isn't mintbackup software selection only to be used when installing the same version and not for upgrades ?
  155. <propman> yes
  156. <oOze> xyz, impossible. if the cdrom was emulated it had to be from a partition.
  157. <MestreLion> confused: usually problems with ICEConfigure are solved by making sure you are the owner of your /home/user folder, and it has 644 permitions (both file and dir)
  158. <confused> oOze: i thought otherwise because there is an upgrade guide that suggests using it (written by none less than clem)
  159. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v pdavis by ChanServ
  160. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v vincent by ChanServ
  161. <oOze> confused, thnx thats why wanted to know this. now i know :)
  162. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v mint by ChanServ
  163. <pdavis> question... I just upgraded to 12, and the x server wouldn't let me login, it was doing an autologin that I didn't have enabled pre upgrade... and its using directory encryption...
  164. <xyz> o0ze, )but it's possible, for example with norton ghost
  165. <-> mint is now known as Guest5242
  166. <xyz> in 2-5 minutes fresh install
  167. <pdavis> I had to manually edit the /etc/gdm/custom.cfg and add a false to auto login and reboot... seems autologin (which I didnt want) isn't compatible with home dir encryption...
  168. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v cavid by ChanServ
  169. <pdavis> any other way to get around that other than what I did?
  170. <xyz> and you'r iso is on HDD
  171. <theo> hallo
  172. <oOze> xyz, the norton ghost image still has to come from cd/dvd/partition or from a networkshare/bootp
  173. <xyz> o0ze, and can I install with it linux ?
  174. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v Steely by ChanServ
  175. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v gnock by ChanServ
  176. <MestreLion> pdavis: it is not compatible because login needs your credentials to decrypt your home... so if you autolong, you never give credentiaks
  177. <confused> MestreLion: i had 4 users on the system prior to upgrading, after the upgrade i created them again in the same order, doublechecking that they get the same IDs, i could also log in and out without porblems, until i restored the software selection :/ trying that lightdm reconfigure now
  178. <oOze> xyz, install no. you can image a install and image it to your pc. but more hassle then just simply installing it.
  179. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v northbrookjeff_web by ChanServ
  180. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v lars by ChanServ
  181. <pdavis> ok, so why did mint (or maybe ubuntu) turn on both without my request? or does linux mint 11 install do user home dir encryption by default? I was definitely logging in eveyr time in 11
  182. <northbrookjeff_web> how do I connect to my office domain
  183. <pdavis> basically I got to a state i didn't want without my request and it was messy to get back up
  184. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v gh by ChanServ
  185. <MestreLion> confused: make sure user home's are ownded by themselves and their group, and permission is 644 for the ehole dir and fies
  186. <xyz> o0ze, thx to you )
  187. <pdavis> anyway, its working now, just curious... another question, (I'm savvy linux user, but use servers and desktops on redhat/fedora so getting used to ubuntu/mint, used debian a long time ago)
  188. <gh> .
  189. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v owner1 by ChanServ
  190. <pdavis> I can't use gnome-shell right now because the ati drivers suck... is there a way to make them work? I had the same probelm with fedora 14 or 15 when they went to gnome shell... graphics are all wrong
  191. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v jim by ChanServ
  192. <oOze> pdavis, home folder encryption should have been a question during the install.
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  195. [ChanServ] Welcome to the official LinuxMint help channel. Rules: All languages are welcome. No swearing. No inappropriate (sexual/racist/warez/spam/flood) material. Feel free to ask questions here and use #linuxmint-chat for chatting.
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  199. <oOze> completely
  200. *** Mode #linuxmint-help +v vincent by ChanServ
  201. <xyz> o0ze, and lxde ?
  202. <pdavis> yes oOze I installed it, let me get that for you
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