Fourteen Points of CODE

Sep 24th, 2017
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  1. CODE is like hot sauce: your mileage may vary, and there’s enough pleasure in the pain to make the latex crowd break out in a cold sweat. Consider that my disclaimer as to bias, if any.
  3. Without further ado, I give you a point-by-point comparison between the New Halaima Code of Conduct and Umberto Eco’s fourteen characteristics of fascism.
  5. ONE: The cult of tradition. The Code does its level best to invoke a sort of militant medieval gravitas. Mining permits are dubbed ‘indulgences,’ James315 is the ‘Sovereign Protector of Halaima and Saviour of Highsec,’ and challengers must pass tests of valour, wisdom, and fortitude.
  7. TWO: The rejection of modern ‘depravity.’ The Code characterizes most highsec miners as conscienceless domestic abusers in need of order and structure.
  9. THREE: The cult of action for action’s sake. I’ve never heard a better description of suicide ganking and miner bumping.
  11. FOUR: Disagreement is treason. I quote: “Upon being suicide ganked, a miner should congratulate the ganker on his success. A "good fight" or "gf" in local is customary.”
  13. FIVE: An appeal against intruders. “Most EVE players view the highsec miners as a detestable, pestilential cancer.”
  15. SIX: An appeal to the frustrated middle class. I can’t really tie this one to CODE, in all honesty, because CODE makes a stupid amount of money. That said, they don’t actually create value, which I suppose is frustrating.
  17. SEVEN: Feeling besieged both within and without. See point the fifth.
  19. EIGHT: The enemy is both too strong and too weak. The detestable cancers also “want to mine ice, and since I alone decide whether or not they can, I command them. It's really that simple.”
  21. NINE: Life is permanent warfare. “It's true that anyone can claim control of anything. Outside of EVE, a government is considered legitimate if it has the enduring ability to send men with guns to kill or imprison other people. Upon this power hangs all the law.” And, likewise: “I will fight anyone at any time.” On a more practical level: “Remember, when you inflict damage on a player in highsec, it becomes a revolutionary act if it's done in the name of the New Order.”
  23. TEN: Contempt for the weak. “I will bump whomever I choose, whenever I choose. Your mining operations are entirely at my mercy.”
  25. ELEVEN: Everyone is educated to become a ‘hero’ and to lay down their life. “Prove you are not afraid to die by Concording a valuable ship, and do so in a manner that demonstrates integrity and honesty.”
  27. TWELVE: Machismo and weapons. The Code coopts ‘social justice’ language in a mocking way. For example: “New Order territory is a safe space for suicide gankers.” “Prejudice toward minorities is not permitted. For the sake of clarity, this cannot apply to all groups claiming minority status, but only discrete and insular minorities, which are defined as suicide gankers, Goons, and others who oppose highsec mining.” And I’m not going to get into the Catalyst as a phallic symbol, but…
  29. THIRTEEN: Presenting oneself as the voice of the people. “As Saviour of Highsec, I acted as proxy when electing myself Supreme Protector. Miners should respect the will exercised by the people when they made this choice.”
  31. FOURTEEN: Newspeak, or simplified language meant to stifle debate. “Goofus claims to be a disabled military veteran, or a single mother, or that mining is relaxing. Gallant admits that he has no good reason for mining in highsec.”
  33. Some of the above comparisons fit better than others. Even the weakest parallels, though, beg questions. How closely was Umberto Eco watching CODE when he wrote his fourteen points? How long did that notable writer play EVE before his untimely passing? And, in the interests of historiography, who bumped him into his mountain of salt?
  37. New Halaima Code of Conduct:
  38. Become an Agent:
  39. Ur-Fascism, Umberto Eco:
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