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Jan 18th, 2014
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  1. FAQ
  2. ------
  3. Q: What did I just download?
  4. A: The Puella Magi Madoka Magica movies are beautifully animated, but they also are very rushed, with many critical character development scenes cut out. By comparison, the TV series perfectly paced, and indeed, that pacing played a major role in winning the grand prize of the Japan Media Arts Award. But it has some very poor animation in some places. This puts the franchise in an awkward position where both versions have their faults. This project aims to correct this by taking the best of both worlds. The project aims to recreate the TV pacing by using frames from the movies. Not all TV frames exist in the movies, and not all movie frames are useable in the context of the TV series, but we tried to take as much as we could. In an effort to satisfy as many people as possible, we've included two different cuts.
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  6. Q: What's the difference between the two cuts?
  7. A: Each episode contains two cuts: A TV Cut and a Movie Cut. Both cuts are very similar, but there are usually a few differences. The TV Cut aims to use as much TV audio as possible, cutting out all of the new movie BGM tracks in favor of the original TV tracks. This cut is recommended for first-time viewers and is enabled by default. The Movie Cut also keeps most TV audio, but keeps some of the new movie BGM tracks. This cut is recommended for those who want to try something different than the original.
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  9. Q: How do I switch between cuts?
  10. A: You can change cuts (or in MKV parlance, "editions") via your MKV splitter filter's menu. In Media Player Classic, you can find your MKV splitter in the Play > Filters menu. From there, select either Edition 1 (TV) or Edition 2 (Movie). The final batch torrent will include a utility for changing the default cut, if you like the Movie Cut more.
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  12. Q: What are the exact differences for each episode?
  13. A: Usually, the only difference is the BGM for specific scenes. Sometimes, when the movie video cannot be synced to the TV BGM, we were forced to use the TV video as well. Here's the full episode breakdown:
  15. Episode 01 | * Opening Theme
  16. | * Gertrude's barrier (BGM only)
  17. |
  18. Episode 02 | * School roof scene (BGM and Video)
  19. |
  20. Episode 03 | * Mami vs Charlotte (BGM only)
  21. |
  22. Episode 04 | * Madoka and Homura walking scene (BGM and Video)
  23. |
  24. Episode 05 | * Sayaka/Kyouko battle (BGM only)
  25. |
  26. Episode 06 | * Soul Gem throwing scene (BGM only)
  27. | * Kyouko's transformation sequence
  28. |
  29. Episode 07 | [No differences]
  30. |
  31. Episode 08 | * Sayaka's transformation (BGM only)
  32. |
  33. Episode 09 | * Oktavia battle
  34. |
  35. Episode 10 | * Extended introduction
  36. | * "Static" between scenes
  37. |
  38. Episode 11 | [No differences]
  39. |
  40. Episode 12 | * Naked space hug scene (BGM and Video)
  41. | * Runic "credits"
  42. | * Movie credits with Hikari Furu
  43. ------
  44. Q: I found an error/typo/inconsistency!
  45. A: That's not a question, but post it the torrent comments on Nyaa or in our release threads on /a/ anyway. If it's major enough, we'll fix it in a re-release. Even if it's not major enough, we'd still like to know about it.
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