Emergency Stairs - 05

May 31st, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

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{Inner talk / thinking}


Scene Change / Flashback

Notable Characters:

Jang Hae-Jin (MC) Assistant Manager Married
Shin Bi (FMC) [N/A] Single
Yoo Sodam (FMC²) Intern Single
Jihyun Lee (Wife) Teacher Married
[N/A] (Chief) Head of the Department Married

(TN: The app's name is <Emergency Stairs>, but I will name it <Exit>.)

General Company:

English Hangul Pronunciation
Chairman 회장 hoejang
President 사장 sajang
Executive Director 전무 jeonmu
Director 이사 isa
Managing [an executive] Director 상무 sangmu
General Manager 부장 bujang
Chief [head] of a Section 과장 gwajang
Deputy (general) Manager 차장 chajang
Chief 계장 gyejang
Team Leader 팀장 timjang
Assistant Manager 대리 daeri
Employee 사원 sawon


English Hangul Pronunciation
Miss / Mr. / Mrs. ssi
Madam / Lady / Sir nim

(Source ----- Life in Korea)

Chapter - 05

TITLE DROP - Episode 5. Missed meeting

Café "Exit"

MC notices FMC entering in the Café.

MC: {It was really her.. Shinbi-ssi came to the cafe I told her about..}

She walks in the bar looking to the right and left searching for someone.

MC: {So Shinbi-ssi.. Please go..}

She finally spots him, he don't know how to hide from her.

FMC: Daeri-nim..?

He drops his cup on the floor, stands up and answers her with a weird expression

MC: Miss.. Shinbi-ssi.. I was about to finish my coffee and go back to work!

He turns his head away and walks toward the exit.

MC: Well.. then..

She smirks and calls him.

FMC: We have an appointment Jang HaeJin-nim.

He stops leaving right away.

FMC: I think you have something to tell me.. Do you think I would not mind if you left like this?

She smiles, he turns his flushed face toward her.

A bit later - Same place

Someone enter in the "Exit Café", it's FMC², she looks happy.

DVD Bang - Room 04

FMC and MC are seated beside each other on a bed.

MC: Shin, Shinbi-ssi.. Oh, I'm here with you but..
Yeah, I think it's a bit inappropriate that both of us are together in room like this..

She puts herself at ease not caring at all about MC's complain.

FMC: You've already paid for a movie, so why not enjoy it?
You followed me here by yourself, so what's wrong with you now?

MC is startled by the undeniable truth.

FMC: I've never met anyone from our company around here.
And us, we're in a 5 square meters room so I don't mind at all with if you want to move away or closer to me.

MC: Shinbi-sii, how can you know so much about this place..

She looks at her nails not paying attention to him.

FMC: It's obvious ~

She looks at him with teasing eyes.

FMC: I used to come here a lot with the chief in our early days.

MC: {Well, that means.. In other words..}
{Does that mean, you and him exchanged "benefits" here?}

Same Room - MC's imagination

MC imagines a scene with the chief and FMC in this room. The chief fucks FMC from behind doggy-style.

Chief: Shall we watch another movie?

FMC: No but next time let's pick a trilogy like "Lords of the Bracelets".

Back to reality

MC: {So you brought me here in order to do the same thing to me?}

He has a hard on thinking about this possibility.

MC: {Oh.. No.. I only wanted to check if it was her, did we not come here just to talk?}

He starts to panic and wants to explain himself about this situation.

MC: Shin, Shinbi-ssi. You know I just want to see you because I wanted to be sure of something.

FMC crosses her arms and places them under her chest supporting her ample breasts. She doesn't even take the time to look at him before answering.

FMC: What are you saying? You were the one asking me to go in quiet place with you.

She leans against the bed and opens her legs showing him her underwear.

FMC: Is there any quieter and secret place than here? Relax.

MC: {She, she's really a dangerous woman.. I need to stay calm and alert!}

He can't take anymore teasing and shouts at her.

MC: I'll be blunt! I joined <Exit> yesterday!

She smiles still looking at him.

FMC: Yeah, and?

MC: So uh..

He tells her all the story from the event in the subway to his meeting with her in the café.

MC: This is how it happened..

She looks at him silently remembering what happened in Chief's car.

FMC: That person was me.

MC: As expected..
Shinbi-ssi I'll come back home, I really appreciate what you've done for me..
But.. I don't think we can have the kind of relationship that you expect from me.

She moves closer to him on all fours.

FMC: Is it only me?
Anyway, there still are some unfinished matters between us, right?

MC: No, I can't do this kind of things with you..!

She unzips his pants.

FMC: I don't want you to keep a secret for free and be sorry later ~
I learned to beware of freebies, like mysteries.
(TN: This sentence is quite interesting, FMC's name and the word mystery are the same "신비는", so it's like, beware about something free but beware of me / mystery too)

She removes his trousers surprising him.

MC: Heeei ~ !

She points at his penis with one finger.

FMC: Already this big, you're so cute <3

MC: {No! I've to stop her!}

MC: Calm down.. We're fellow workers of the same company.. First of all, I've a wife.. I'm a married man..
In addition to that. This act would be a betrayal toward the chief!

She didn't care about what he's saying and had already removed his underpants.

FMC: Are you done talking?

MC: {Uh, it was taken off before I even realized it ~ !!}

MC: Stop it ~ !!

FMC: Oh ~ You already took it off, it would not be fair if I'm the only one to be dressed.

She begins to remove her dress.

FMC: Then.. How is it?

He is shocked by the scene happening in front of his eyes.

FMC: With this, is it fair enough?

He nods his head at her question.

MC: {She, she's the real deal.. I'm so weak minded.}

She moves closer to him.

FMC: So now..

He covers his voice / mouth with his left hand.

MC: Ho!

She jumps on his dick and begins to give him a BJ.

MC: {What can I do now ~ !!}

Café "Exit"

FMC² is drinking a coffee waiting for someone.

FMC²: Aren't you coming..?

To be continued...

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