song hyebin (addiction nct dream applyfic)

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  1. 05-25-19 completed
  3. 『 they say it's all what you make it 』
  7. ▎ username: wonderaesthetic
  8. ▎ password: jeno! (who has been really rude these past weeks wtf)
  12. 『 maybe it's all in the making 』
  16. ▎ slot: barbie dreams
  17. ▎ backup slot: ganja burn
  19. ▎ love interest: jeno
  21. ▎ face claim: heejin (loona)
  22. ▎ backup fc: yena (izone)
  26. 『 love's always love, you can't fake it 』
  30. ▎ birthname: song hyebin
  31. ▎ other name: n/a
  32. ▎ nicknames:
  33.     ↳ binne - a name her closest friends will call her whenever she does something cute
  34.     ↳ hye - a name her parents barely call her, only for certain occasions, other than that her friends will commonly
  35.              call her by this
  37. ▎ birthdate: january 2th, 2001
  38. ▎ age: 18
  40. ▎ birthplace: incheon, south korea
  41. ▎ hometown: incheon, south korea
  43. ▎ ethnicity: korean
  44. ▎ nationality: korean
  46. ▎ height: 160 cm (5'3)
  47. ▎ weight: 47 kg (104 lbs)
  51. 『 so please don't try to deny me of it, no 』
  55. ▎ personality:
  56.     ↳ slightly outgoing, popular
  57.         hyebin isn't over-the-top outgoing, but she sure is good at talking to people, whether it be strangers or close
  58.         friends. she's extremely friendly and polite, which seems to attract everyone around her, and hyebin doesn't
  59.         mind that. everyone seems to like her, and she's fine with that.
  60.     ↳ optimistic, thoughtful
  61.         always hoping for the best, hyebin is a literal ball of optimism. even in the worst scenarios, where her friends
  62.         have given up, hyebin makes sure to find something to lighten the mood and give a little bit more hope. she's
  63.         also very conscious about other's people feelings, and always cares about another's person well-being.
  64.     ↳ hardworking
  65.         of course, with the pressure from her parents, hyebin was forced to work hard. she spends much of her time
  66.         studying, even if it doesn't show on her grades. besides that, her diligent nature shows, whether it's for a
  67.         project or just a simple task given to her.
  68.     ↳ reserved, secretive
  69.         hyebin really isn't one to tell her whole life story to a person she met a few days ago. in fact, even her
  70.         closest friends don't know much about her. to hyebin, her feelings and her problems aren't really important, and
  71.         there are a lot worst problems in the world, so what's the point in sharing feelings that doesn't really matter?
  72.     ↳ melancholy
  73.         sure, hyebin is extremely content with life, or so it seems. she's actually slowly starting to crumple under her   
  74.         parents' expectations, and the slight gleam in her eyes have diminished and has been replaced by something sad.
  75.         hyebin has started to constantly think about her parents, the loneliness in her house, and her life overall,
  76.         which always puts her in a sad mood (that she never shows).
  78. ▎ trivia:
  79.     ↳ she has prescription glasses but usually wears contacts for school
  80.     ↳ hyebin loves soft blankets
  81.     ↳ she has a fear of the dark, so she usually sleeps with a night light on
  82.     ↳ she's actually really good at volleyball but didn't join the school's team because of her parents
  83.     ↳ hyebin has faint freckles which she covers with makeup
  85. ▎ background:
  86.     ↳ hyebin was an only child and had semi-successful parents, her mother being a highly respected daughter and her
  87.        father working at a well-known bank. despite that, hyebin's childhood was far from perfect. she rarely saw her
  88.        parents around, and lived the same routine of waking up, going to school, going home, doing homework, then
  89.        sleeping. it was a cycle her parents had enforced onto her, saying that the only really thing she should focus on
  90.        was school. despite the constant studying, hyebin really wasn't gifted with natural smartness, so it was a
  91.        challenge to reach the high grades her parents desperately wanted. as she grew up, her interests such as joining
  92.        the school band or playing sports were instantly smother by her parents. who told her that she should work more on
  93.        her grades to become successful just like them in the future. as her teen years approached, hyebin had mastered
  94.        the art of blocking out her emotions. although the large house she lived in felt emptier day by day, and a small
  95.        amount of sadness followed her, she still tried her best to be happy, constantly smiling to herself in any
  96.        situation. at school, her optimistic nature, her constant cute smiles and laughs, and the growing wealth of her
  97.        parents had made her popular, which hyebin accepted as a small distraction from what was really going on at home.
  98.        although the whole school loved her and thought she was perfect, nobody really knew a lot about her. the
  99.        popularity was fun at the beginning of her high school years, but it eventually began to be boring, and hyebin
  100.        felt it hard to keep her smile going as her parents put even more pressure on her after she failed one of her
  101.        classes (it was not her fault though, everyone in that class pretty much failed as well).
  105. 『 you know my heart couldn't take it 』
  109. ▎ relationship status: single
  110. ▎ partner: n/a
  112. ▎ aesthetics:
  113.     ↳ peachy tones or light shades of blue
  114.     ↳ knitted sweaters/clothing
  115. ▎ playlist:
  116.     ↳ fake happy by paramore
  117.     ↳ rain by bts
  118. ▎ username: hye.songg
  122. 『 maybe it's all in the making 』
  126. ▎ anything else: nothing!
  127. ▎ requested scenes:
  128.     ↳ hyebin seeing one of her test grades not being as great as she would like and just feeling down for the rest of
  129.        the day
  130. ▎ message to me: (hey, it's jade!)
  131.     ↳ hello! hope i filled everything out correctly :3
  135. 『 love's always love, you can't fake it. 』
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